New kia soul - 2018 kia soul: price, specifications, sales

It has long been known: Kia is able to surprise the buyer with unexpected offers and non-standard approach to the design of the car. And the new 2018-2019 Kia Soul (photo below) will not be an exception.

Photo: New Kia Soul 2018

Photo: New Kia Soul 2018

But first, the traditional question of the 2018 Kia Sole's affiliation (photo below) to the new or already existing generation of the Soul line. Here everything is completely clear. The crossover, which can already be bought in the West, belongs to a new generation - the third in a row. It is interesting that in 2018, the beginning of which should, in the absence of force majeure, be the release date of the new Kia Soul in Russia, the decade of the line will be celebrated: the first generation (of course, not so fast and reliable) was born in 2008 and only five years later gave way to the second. Now it will be a thing of the past, and expansion to the Asian, European and, of course, Russian markets will be continued by third-generation crossovers.

No less noteworthy is that the Kia Soul is one of the few (if not the only) models of the South Korean manufacturer that has never been restyled. Some experts, however, consider as such the minimum modifications made by Koreans in 2011 and related mainly to the height of the placement of the elements of the front and side view: grille, headlights and stamping on the doors. But these changes had no effect on the overall concept of the car, adopted in 2008, therefore, restarting the work done by South Korean specialists cannot be called: it is rather a somewhat belated correction of its own missteps, which only the lazy did not point to during three previous years.

Will the 2018 Kia Soul be restyled (photo below)? Hopefully not; judging by the abundance of photographs available on the Web, the appearance of the new crossover, if not originally brought to perfection, is extremely close to this. Of course, some features of the "appearance" of the car make you rather think about what to admire, and this will also be described in more detail below; but in terms of proportions, the correctness of the forms and the integrity of the concept, the new Soul is a true masterpiece in the series of Kia products.

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