Do-it-yourself car cover pattern

Today we will tell how to sew covers for the car with your own hands. Patterns for this operation can also be prepared independently. After all, if the car is operated intensively, then sooner or later you will have to change the upholstery to a new one.

You can do this in the auto studio or buy ready-made covers in the store, but in the first case it will be expensive, and in the second there will be no individuality. Therefore, the most profitable option would be independent cutting and sewing.


  • 1 The choice of material for the car salon
  • 2 Preparation for surgery
  • 3 Sewing process
  • 4 Security

The choice of material for the car

Among the variety of fabrics in stores, you need to choose the most practical materials to use. Upholstery made of leather or its artificial substitutes have a large number of fans. It is easy to care for her, and her wear is not as intense. However, in the cold season, leather upholstery does not retain heat. It also does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature.

how at home to make a pattern of covers on the car with your own hands

A set of covers made by yourself

Neoprene has proven itself well. The material is completely artificial, resistant to intensive use, well-drawn, non-flammable.

Also, the cushion on the car seat can be sewed with the help of poly-cotton. This material combines the positive properties of polyester and organic cotton. Fabric perfectly tolerates washing in a typewriter, so caring for it is very simple.

When using velor, you can make inserts from other materials. This will emphasize the dignity of the fabric and give individuality covers or capes.

Popular are upholstery made of natural and artificial materials. Large selection of materials and colors will help to create any image for the interior of the car.

Preparation for surgery

Before you start sewing covers or cutting them out, you need to prepare the tools:

  • sewing machine;
  • set of obmetochny needles and pins;
  • cutting chalk or marker;
  • tailoring meter;
  • tailoring scissors and construction knife.
how to make a pattern of covers on the car with your own hands

Pattern on universal covers

Previously taken measurements from car seats. In order to transfer all the patterns on paper, you can use newspapers or album sheets, glued together with tape on one side. Some beginners use a large area of ​​oilcloth, however, it is not very convenient to work with it.

When transferring the size of the pattern, you need to remember to add 1-2 cm to the seams on all sides.

Sewing process

After the pattern of covers on the car is prepared with your own hands, it is necessary to proceed to the connection of the parts. When stitching, you can additionally strengthen the seam with a sturdy insert of leather or nylon tape. This will ensure durability and practicality of the covers.

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The main fabric should not be too soft. This can give a baggy look to the product. To shape, you can make the side inserts of a more rigid material, providing a more durable framework of the whole structure, as well as diluting the design with a new texture.

what should be the pattern of covers on the car with your own hands
Pattern on the bottom of the chair
how do the patterns cover the car with their own hands
Pattern in the front seat
what is a car seat cover with your own hands
Side and back sofa
how does the cape on the car seat do it yourself
Headrest Pattern

Ribbons, rubber bands or hooks are surely added to the finished products for good fixation. With their help, the covers do not slide off the seats.

When forming the pattern and stitching it together, it is required to observe the structural features of the back sofa. He can have an armrest in the middle. It is necessary to take care that the new covers do not reduce the convenience of the car and allow you to enjoy all the advantages of the design.

The rear passenger seat is often made divided into two parts for reclining and access to the trunk. Thus it is possible to carry long loads. New covers should take into account this feature of cars. When cutting and stitching you need to close the chair with new capes from all sides.


On foreign cars can be installed face airbags. In order not to reduce the level of protection of passengers and the driver, it is necessary to provide the stitches with weak threads at the exit points of the aerobugs. You can also leave neat, machined slots for this operation.