New generation nissan juke japanese will be released in 2017

Новую генерацию Nissan Juke японцы выпустят в 2017 году New Generation Nissan Juke It will be assembled on a completely different platform and only in a year. This Japanese developers have officially announced. New chassis for Nissan Juke will become the famous CMF-B platform. On it, by the way, will move, except this parquet off-road car, and Renault Clio. Assembly new generation Nissan Juke will be produced at Sunderland’s plants. To re-equip production lines, the Japanese will need additional financial investments in the exchange of one hundred thousand euros. Investors have already been found. According to the testimony of the portal Auto Express, in the motor line of the new generation compact Nissan Juke crossover will be a three-cylinder 1.0-liter gasoline engine and another 1.6-liter turbo engine for 217 horsepower. Also under the hood new generation Nissan Juke The 1.5-pound engine will also operate on heavy fuel. Новую генерацию Nissan Juke японцы выпустят в 2017 году In Russia Nissan Juke sold in trim levels with engine capacity of 94, 117 and 190 horses. All motors under the hood Nissana Džukawere 1.6-liter. These engines were paired with a mechanical transmission or with a CVT. But due to the economic crisis in May 2016 Nissan Juke ceased to enter the Russian dealer network. Specifications disappeared from the manufacturer’s official website Nissan Jukesold earlier in our country. Until now, these compact crossovers still remain at some dealerships, you can still buy them. But will he come to Russia new generation Nissan Jukethis is another question. If the country's car market continues to sink at such a pace, the Japanese are unlikely to start supplying the new generation compact cross to Russian car dealers.

Новую генерацию Nissan Juke японцы выпустят в 2017 году In addition to the Nissan Juke, the sedan has also left the car market of our country Nissan Teana. Although its localization was high - he was going to St. Petersburg Nissan car plants, and therefore the price for it was more acceptable import. But what to do, if the cars are good, you want to buy, but there is no money? During the crisis, the car market in Russia has lost many beautiful cars.

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New Generation Nissan Juke will no longer have such a "rounded" design as its latest version. The crossover will get a more sporty look, a low fit. It will be created based on the conceptual version of the Nissan Gripz, which the Japanese showed the world last year.