Incorrect parking can be reported to the hotline.

О случаях неправильной парковки можно сообщать на горячую линию

In large cities, the problem of parking takes the size of a national disaster. Drivers park anywhere, violating all possible rules and restrictions, accusing the authorities that there are not enough parking places, but they need to leave their car somewhere. Drivers are not stopped by the danger that their improperly parked vehicle can cause people to die, as it interferes with the emergency ambulance and fire engines. Evacuation services have the full right when an incorrectly parked car is detected to transfer it to the penalty parking without waiting for the driver. They are doing it tirelessly, but violations continue. And what is more cunning, not only lack of parking spaces makes many drivers leave their vehicles in places prohibited by the DD Rules, but just too lazy to walk an extra hundred meters on foot along with the hope of a Russian "maybe." Perhaps, I’ll have time, maybe they won’t notice ... Now the “avtoьнnaya” probability starts to tend to zero, because in order to quickly identify and punish violators, in particular, the Moscow authorities suggest that residents themselves call the dedicated hotline and report offenses related to parking in prohibited places. This is not the first time that the authorities, on completely legitimate grounds, suggest that the population should join the struggle to educate illegitimate citizens with anonymous messages. In the people, such a practice is called “squealing”, being a snitch is a despised characteristic, but the officials are not confused by these moral nuances of the question.

This new hotline works around the clock, without weekends and holidays. To push, sorry report a parked in the wrong car, you need to dial the number 8 (495) 539-54-54, call the geographical coordinates, that is, the address where the law is violated. You can paint the appeal with other details, such as the make of car, its color, etc., but not necessarily. There is enough data on the location of the offender’s vehicle to look at the recording of surveillance cameras, and if they don’t appear at this address, then send to the address of the inspector who must verify the correctness of the received denunciation.

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If the message of vigilant citizens proves to be true, a tow truck will be called up with all the consequences. However, this hotline will not receive reports of all parking violations. Complaints will be considered only parking in the area of ​​the prohibition signwhich creates barriers to movement. Cases of parking, say, on the lawn or less than 10 meters from the facade of a residential building, which is also a violation of administrative regulations, SANPiN and fire safety rules, the service will leave on the conscience of traffic police inspectors and local precinct.

Prior to the introduction of the hotline, vigilant citizens complained about contact phones of the Moscow administrative road inspection, and these phones for such messages are not intended initially. On average, there were about thirty calls a week. Knock on violators of parking rules Muscovites will soon become even easier, as a mobile application will be released, allowing it to be done much faster than by calling the hotlines. The program will be available for download at the end of May this year.