New methods avtopodstav

"Dust in the eyes"

Lovers of easy money, as you know, do not sleep. Constantly there are new schemes of cheating motorists. We will sort out some of them. Imagine such a situation - you just drove away from the store (for example), drive through a little, when suddenly an unknown car catches up with you, the driver (passenger) of which asks you to stop.

New methods avtopodstav You, as a good citizen, stop thinking that something has happened. "Compassionate" people from another car show you on the oil spots on the wheel or on the smoke that comes from the exhaust pipe. These same comrades can even help you put out a fire, using your own fire extinguisher. Further, there may be several options for the development of history. Either you will be asked to return the money for the fire extinguisher, or while you will “save” your car, the attackers will steal all valuables from it. In addition, the "good" adviser may recommend to contact his car service, which is absolutely by chance very close. And as if by chance, a tow truck can arrive at the scene, which will take your serviceable car to an expensive and unnecessary "repair".

Новые методы автоподстав

The main thing is not to worry. Inspect the car carefully, after closing it. Even in the parking lot, a wheel or wing can be sprayed with oil from a syringe, and the exhaust pipe can be put in a “smoke hood”. Do not enter into long conversations with strangers. Call the police - it often repels detractors.

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Auto fighters tips

Near shopping centers there are usually a lot of cars and very few free parking spaces. Inexperienced car enthusiasts sometimes cannot find a place for their cars for a long time. And now, it seems that a place has been found, a person goes about his business, and when he returns, he discovers that another car is parked nearby. And it is parked so that it is almost impossible to leave.

Our hero is trying to carefully leave, and at this time there are "good helpers" who, actively gesturing, show where to turn the steering wheel. Because of these "professional advice" car grinds to a nearby car. Instantly, a furious owner of the “injured” car appears, and the familiar story begins: they demand to pay for the “damaged” car right on the spot.

New methods avtopodstav

Performance near the hypermarket

Such avtopodstava usually occurs in the evening at the parking of large shopping centers. The driver leaves the parking lot and sees in front of him 10-15 people, who animatedly communicate with each other. They practically occupy the passage between two rows of parked cars. Our hero tries to pass between them, asks them to part, the crowd obediently departs. The driver passes quietly, but then the "performance" begins.

The car is catching up, screaming from all sides that you have crushed a person. Appears and the victim, already without shoes and screaming in pain. But that's not all. The cries begin that you want to leave the place of the accident, you are told that there is a video of how you crushed a person. Then they will offer to buy off on the spot, without the police, or a car with “flashing lights” can drive up, people from whom will be offered to “get it right.” Very often, the driver gets nerves from such pressure - and he already wants to give money to the “victim”, if only this nightmare is over. In such "performances" there are usually a lot of people involved, therefore the driver with an expensive car is usually chosen as the victim.

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New methods avtopodstav


We have dismantled just a few new tricks avtopodstav on the roads. Unfortunately, there are a lot of them, and there are constantly new ways of cheating motorists. The only advice that is absolutely suitable for any situation is not to be nervous, to maintain composure and not to be afraid to call the police.