The right choice of dvr in the car


General information

The total number of cars involved in road traffic is increasing every day. A rare driver perceives the car as a means of luxury, most perceive them as a means for movement or for work. And, as it is known, the more cars on the road, the more dangerous the process of driving itself becomes, as a result of which the likelihood of a traffic accident increases. Many drivers use a DVR to ensure their safety.

Often there are situations in which you have to prove your case, even if it is obvious. And today, when the business of avtopozavshchiki and fraudsters, pedestrians put on stream, the use of such gadgets is very important. Even without fraudsters there is a lot of controversial situations and additional proof of innocence will never be superfluous.

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Which brand to choose

However, today the market is so crowded with all sorts of gadgets with different price characteristics that it is very difficult to understand which one is better to choose. Most drivers want a great device for relatively little money.

Most devices are made in China, despite the manufacturer and some additional fillings. The most popular brands of automotive cameras are Prestige (Prestigio), Mystery (Mystery), Supra (Supra), Globex (Globex), Rhythmic (Ritmix) and many others. Each of them has its own individual characteristics, as well as pros and cons. The main criteria for choosing the right model are: picture resolution and video recording format, device viewing angle, battery capacity, speed and recording modes.

Novatek Digital Video Recorder

Image resolution and video recording format

Modern video recorders are digital recording devices that have high resolution images. Even budget options have a resolution of HD, 1280 * 720, and most of all Full HD, 1920 * 1080. With such parameters, the picture is quite clear, you can see some small details of the image. However, today there are also formats such as Super Full HD, the resolution of which is 2304 * 1296. And if the main criterion for fans of road adventures is precisely this indicator, then it is worth paying a little more, but to buy a really worthwhile thing and enjoy it.

There is another important criterion for selecting gadgets - the format of the recorded video. Most car cameras record everything happening in the MJPEG format, slightly less frequently MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG, and the latest DVRs of the latest models have the H.264 video recording format. The latter has several advantages over older formats, this is especially noticeable in the quality of the image and its size. Files * .Н.264 are much smaller, much higher level of picture clarity and color gamut. But all recorders with the H.264 recording format have one nuance - the cost of such devices significantly exceeds the cost of similar devices with a different recording quality.

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Modes and data writing speed

The human eye can see less than 24 frames per second. Therefore, this value should be minimal when choosing a recording speed, although with such indicators there are practically no devices. The average recording speed of modern devices is about 60–70 frames per second. But there are better models, the recording speed of which reaches 120 frames per second. This is justified, because in critical situations, very often everything is measured in seconds.

The very same budget model is considered to be devices with a recording frequency of about thirty frames per second. And the higher this figure, the higher the cost of the device itself. But in this case, when the frame rate indicator rushes up, the resolution, most often, decreases.

Another important detail when choosing equipment is the type of recording. It can be both continuous and cyclic. In the case of a continuous type of recording, it starts at the moment the car starts moving and continues either until the ignition is turned off or until the end of the free space on the information carrier.

In the case of a cyclic type of video recording is fixed interval, from three to fifteen minutes. When the free space on the information carrier is finished, the recording begins anew over the existing clips with their subsequent rubbing. In view of all these nuances, experts recommend setting the maximum recording time, that is, if the maximum interval for shooting is 15 minutes, it is better to choose this time, but if it is 5, it is desirable to choose five.

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Device viewing angle

Another important criterion in choosing any car camera Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% is its viewing angle. Its value must be indicated in the device specifications, whether this angle is indicated vertically or horizontally. In any case, in a winning situation, the device remains, the angle of which is greater in the end.

It is best to use DVRs with a viewing angle of from one hundred to one hundred and forty degrees. A device with similar parameters perfectly captures almost everything that happens before the hood with the capture of additional space on different sides of the vehicle.

Some important features

The parameters of the screen, the capacity of the battery, the quality of the screen matrix - all these parameters should also be considered when choosing a good device. The screen size may not play a particularly important role, since if necessary, the video can be viewed on a computer, but the battery capacity matters. Often, drivers leave the car camera on even while the car is parked. Also, increased battery capacity will help in cases of using the recorder outside the cabin, like a camera or video camera.

At first glance, such a parameter as mounting the device may not be important, but the camera can be placed not only on the windshield, but also on the rear-view mirror, dashboard and even a torpedo.

For installation on glass used very popular mounting in the form of a sucker with a bracket. This mount is made in such a way that at any moment you can change the shooting direction of the camera in seconds.

Additional functions of DVRs

Some devices are equipped with additional features that make such devices universal. The most popular features in digital channel video recorders are:

  • GPS receiver, with which you can determine the location of the car or the DVR itself, if it was removed from the car. The receiver can be useful if there is a navigator function on the DVR, and also with its help you can save the last route;
  • G-sensor, which reflects the image on the device parallel to the human eye. The G-sensor also actively reacts to any possible extraneous pushes;
  • Sound recording function. This option can be useful to find out what happened in the cabin at the time before the accident or for any other occasion;
  • Night mode - can be very useful during night trips;
  • The function of turning on the device and start recording when the engine starts
  • Support for memory cards is aimed at increasing the disk space for recording the situation on the road. Most devices use microSD and SD memory cards.

Useless DVR options

Very often, manufacturers equip car cameras with a variety of additional options and functions. One of these is the possibility of using the DVR as a camera. Some developers even provide a separate button for this, which is not always convenient and compact. Another dubious solution is to equip some devices with HDMI outputs. They are not always practical, and you can view the necessary video files using USB cables.

Let's sum up

Selecting a digital car DVR is a responsible procedure for any car owner. It is better to pay once for a quality product, rather than suffer with a poor-quality device and stay at the right moment without video recording. Do not forget that the main parameters when choosing a device for recording are the viewing angle, quality and resolution of the picture, as well as the recording speed. For decent equipment it is not a pity to pay an extra penny and use it with pleasure.