Comparison of lada grant and kia rio: adult life


In our country, it is not accepted to buy a new car as the first vehicle - it is believed that a person must first pass an expensive test, and after receiving the necessary experience, change a wheel of a more serious car. The first is usually acquired "classics" AvtoVAZ or a foreign car at the age of 20-30 years. However, they are already followed by a period of maturation - and yesterday's newcomers are eyeing low-cost, but completely new cars - this category also includes the Lada Granta sedan. In addition, for a similar amount of money can be purchased and KIA Rio Russian assembly, if not to threaten the full equipment and the most powerful powertrain. What is better to choose a person who has already passed the stage of apprenticeship and is entering adulthood - Lada Grant or Kia Rio.

What to choose a domestic motorist: Lada Granta or Kia Rio?

What to choose a domestic motorist: Lada Granta or Kia Rio?

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What's in the box?

Immediately it is worth making a reservation that the Lada Granta is comparable to a Korean sedan only in the top-end configuration “Lux”. Still, its cost is much lower than that of the much poorer-equipped KIA Rio. In particular, it offers amenities such as:

  • High-quality multimedia system with a large screen, support for USB and SD.
  • Full power, including heated front seats.
  • Climate system with air conditioning.
  • Additional door seals and thresholds.
  • Central locking with alarm and trunk lid control.
Car model:KIA RioLada Granta
Producing country:Корея (Сборка — Russia)Russia
Body Type:SedanSedan
Number of places:55
Number of doors:44
Engine capacity, cubic cm:13961600
Power, l. c./about min .:107/630098/5800
Maximum speed, km / h:180169
Acceleration to 100 km / h, from:11,512
Type of drive:FrontFront
Fuel type:Petrol AI-95Petrol AI-95
Consumption per 100 km:In the city of 7.6 / Out of town 4.9In the city of 8.5 / Outside the city of 5.6
Length, mm:43704260
Width, mm:17001700
Height, mm:14701500
Clearance, mm:157160
Tire size:185/65 R15175/65 RAF 14
Curb weight, kg:11151100
Full weight, kg:15651575
Fuel tank capacity:4350

However, if you choose a cheaper Lada Granta, then it will lose all of the above, and will also be offered with unpainted bumpers, an integral rear seat backrest and even without ceiling handrails in the cabin!

If we talk about the KIA Rio, then in a comparable basic configuration, it is equipped with much poorer. There is no air conditioning in the KIA - it is included in the option package, which will add another 50 thousand rubles to the price, and of all the amenities in the cabin, there are only two airbags and a standard audio system with a satisfactory sound. Electric windows - only the front, but the rear seat on the KIA Rio in any form is folded in a ratio of 40:60.

Design and convenience


It is always possible to talk about the advantages in design only conditionally, because each person has his own taste preferences. However, looking at KIA Rio and Granta, you understand that these cars were created in different decades - if the Korean car looks quite fashionable, then Lada seems to be late with a presentation for 10-15 years. In its forms, Kalina is unambiguously guessed, whose appearance was slightly modernized with additional punching on the back and more expressive headlights. Nevertheless, the Lada Granta looks very friendly thanks to the wide “smile” of the bumper and the grille on the front part - it will seem attractive to many.

Lada Granta has an attractive appearance, traditional for the domestic manufacturer

Lada Granta has an attractive appearance, traditional for the domestic manufacturer

But KIA Rio compared with Lada already has the appearance of the aggressor. Looking at him, you immediately notice the understated streamlined silhouette without the “hump” of the cabin, like on the Granta - he brings associations not with a compact bomber, or with an alien aircraft. The impression is enhanced by the elongated and very wide headlights, as well as the low edge of the hood radiating from the grille. The only drawback of the KIA Rio, which is very striking, is the small ventilation grilles in the front fenders, which do not look appropriate in all body colors.

KIA Rio is often compared to an alien aircraft due to its appearance.

KIA Rio is often compared to an alien aircraft due to its appearance.

Comfortable salons

Sitting in the Lada Granta, you are surprised to notice that the gaps that always annoyed the owners of AvtoVAZ products have finally become smaller, and all the details are now stationary in place. This gives an additional advantage in the running trials of the Granta - there is a lot less knocks, squeaks and other unpleasant sounds. The center console with a modern audio system looks very stylish, and on the passenger side, the Lada even has a recess into which you can put paper or other small things necessary on the road. The Granta devices are fairly easy to read, but they are very faded and inconspicuous, and the fuel gauge is transferred to the on-board computer screen, which strongly reflects in bright sunlight.

In the Lada Granta salon, many mistakes were made that AvtoVAZ designers made in other models.

In the Lada Granta salon, many mistakes were made that AvtoVAZ designers made in other models.

Front seats Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Lada Granta is quite soft and comfortable, but when performing sharp maneuvers the driver begins to lean heavily to the side - there is a lack of more pronounced lateral support. Behind the legroom is plenty, but the foot of a large person will not crawl under the front seat - you will have to sit with your knees wide apart, which will worsen the overall capacity. The high roof, which somewhat spoils the appearance of the Lada Granta from the outside, has a significant advantage - you can not be afraid of hitting your head even on serious irregularities.

If we talk about who wins the convenience of the cabin - Kia Rio or Grant, here again you can not give a definite answer. Of course, the front panel style in the Korean car is higher by several levels at once - the center console is slightly hanging over the microclimate control unit, and the abundance of punching allows KIA Rio passengers to enjoy contemplating soft and tactile plastic for lack of other entertainment. Rio devices deserve a separate word - they are drowned in a sports way into three deep wells, which also prevent the occurrence of sun glare. That's just the KIA trip computer has a claim - its screen is small enough, and sometimes it takes a long time to read the required indicators.

Salon KIA Rio выполнен на более высоком уровне

Salon KIA Rio выполнен на более высоком уровне

The front seats in KIA Rio are molded much better than in Lada Granta - they have lateral support, and they hold riders tightly enough. Here are just used fabric quickly going to folds on the pillow - this contributes to its accelerated wear. And in the back in Rio - cramped, and such, which really can cause resentment. Although the KIA sofa is formally considered three-seater, only children can comfortably sit on it - adults will have to “hug” the front seats with their feet, and more than two large men in the back row will not fit. In addition, there is no stock in the KIA Rio and the height of the ceiling - you have to constantly monitor, so as not to hit his head.

Hit the road

Power control

In the configuration "Lux" engine Lada Granta has a performance equal to 90 horsepower - enough for a volume of 1.6 liters. However, the manufacturer already offers other versions of this unit - with a capacity of 105 liters. with. on the five-door version and 120 liters. with. in the configuration "Sport". The main advantage of the time-tested power knot is its tightness. After 2000 rpm, the motor responds very well to the movement of the gas pedal, but miracles do not happen - it is necessary to plan gear changes in advance in order to feel confident in the city traffic. The Lada Granta gearbox works quite well, however, on cars with high mileage, drivers start to get annoyed by extraneous sounds coming from it.

Test drive car Lada Granta:

The power unit KIA Rio also can not be called a model of convenience - first of all, because of the need to maintain high speed. To move around the city on the Rio at a normal pace, you have to unwind the engine to more than 3000 rpm, which immediately fills the interior with a muffled, however, annoying noise. The gearbox is designed for efficiency - thanks to this serious accelerations from the car can not be achieved, despite the greater passport power than the Lada Granta. In addition, during long-term active driving, the KIA Rio often shocks its owners with fuel consumption of 10–12 l / 100 km, while the Lada rarely shows a figure above 9.

For our roads

It is immediately noticeable that the designers of the Lada Granta are not on the Russian roads for the first time - the car fights quite well against major irregularities, without transmitting shocks and vibrations to the salon. In addition, its advantage is the absence of buildup on large waves of asphalt, which owners of previous Lada models have often complained about. However, you have to pay for everything - in the corners the car has enough rolls, and it shows a tendency to self-steer inside the arc. At high speeds, the steering wheel loses its usual weight and becomes very light - due to this, maneuvers have to be carried out with great caution, closely watching the other participants in the movement, even at a great distance.

Test drive car KIA Rio:

But the KIA Rio is truly a driver's car! He ideally keeps straight and always confidently performs maneuvers, providing the driver with clear feedback. But the suspension is too hard for our realities - it is better to slow down before passing through small irregularities so as not to shake the people sitting in the Rio cabin.

Summing up

In general, the impression of the Lada Granta remained extremely positive - the car is assembled much better than its predecessors. However, Granta didn’t lose a few of the advantages of the domestic auto industry - large roominess, unpretentiousness of the cabin and adaptation to bad roads. Looking at the KIA Rio, I want to call it a higher class car - only equipment at a comparable price is very poor. Of course, on the highway and in the city, the driver feels the Rio much better than the Lada Granta, but the car makes the passengers endure hitting a stiffer suspension. I would like to recommend him to those who rarely go beyond the boundaries of large cities, but Lada will become a faithful assistant in any circumstances.