New generation nexia-ravon will be brought to us in the

Price on Nexia R3

New generation Daewoo Nexiawhich will replace not only the appearance and technical stuffing, but also the brand, will appear with Russian car dealers next spring. Budget Uzbek "chetyrehdverka" will be sold under the brand Ravonwhich was officially presented in Moscow last fall. The Ravon brand was then replaced by the Uz-Daewoo that has already become familiar over the years to the Russian ear. Today, under this brand you can buy ex Dee jentra and "shorty" Deu Matiz, and in 2016, the Ravon model line will be added sedan Nexia R3, That's what it is Daewoo Nexia second generation. Many mass media have already written and published photos of the new car, by its appearance it is easy to understand what is hidden under the new name old chevrolet aveo, lineup 2008. We have not looked into the salon before the photos that appeared in open access yesterday. buy nexia r3 Sales Nepoxy newcomer will begin from the beginning of April 2016, but unlike, say, the cunning Japanese, who call the price for two days, or even on the day of the start of sales, the Uzbeks are more outspoken: price tag on Ravon Nexia R3 already known, and he announced officially, and not from the rumors of some numbers drawn. Start off Price on Nexia R3 there will be about 379 thousand wooden ones, and the most sophisticated equipment will empty the motorist's wallet for 529 kilo rubles. Under the hood, the new Nexia has a 1.5-liter 107-strong gasoline engine. Both manual and automatic gearboxes are available from transmissions. Price on Nexia R3 Basic equipment sedan Nexia R3 includes ABS, ESC, driver's airbag, ERA-GLONASS and audio system. The maximum collection is already offered with two airbags, air conditioning is available here, there are electrically driven and heated side mirrors. Price on Nexia R3 We already wrote that in 2016, the Uzbeks will restyling Gentry and Matiz and updated cars will also be delivered to our car dealers. In addition, in the new Ravon models we also recognize the Chevrolet Cobalt and Chevrolet Spark. The Uzbeks do not want to localize the assembly of their cars in Russia for the time being; they collect all the models on their own capacities.

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