The off-road version of the hyundai tucson will be shown on

Заточенную для бездорожья версию Hyundai Tucson покажут на SEMA

The annual SEMA auto show, which will soon be held in Las Vegas, will show, among other things, the achievements of Korean tuning studios to the public new generation hyundai tucson. This parquet SUV was tuned specifically to overcome off-road tracks. And, I must say, ottyuningovali, as follows. The crossover segment is not intended for cross-country off-road racing, this obvious truth is, nevertheless, constantly being questioned by the reckless tuning-masters. As a rule, the result is sad: in smithereens, broken bumpers, crumpled bottoms and smoking axle couplings. But Korean tuning maniacs from Hyundai along with guys from the RPG (Rockstar Performance Garage) have modified  parker Tucson beyond recognition. The result was a harsh, brutal male off-roader, hoofing with impatience to break free and break any roadless track. Koreans admitted quite openly that they were originally going to pay Hyundai Tucson crossover in the roadless faith, only for the reason that nobody has ever succeeded in this and no one expected this from the SUV. And, it seems, they did not wait in vain.

In order to cope with their nontrivial task, the masters completely sorted out and strengthened the suspension of the SUV. Before strengthened adjustable racks King Shocks, and back - shock absorbers and springs from the same manufacturer with the characteristics of the upcoming loadings. KMC cast 32-inch aggressive tires on a seventeen-inch round casting. Under such a size, the enlarged wheel arches were cut out again in the Tushkan.

The four-cylinder petrol 1.6-liter turbo-unit under the hood of the “roadless Tushkan” develops the true power of 152 horses. The engine is paired with a two-linked seven-step “robot”.

Externally tuned tucson looks very impressive. The decisiveness of the form is achieved by modified bumpers and modified LED optics. Powerful acoustics Kicker, which is equipped with a salon, fully fits the image of an evil devourer of off-road tracks.

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In addition, the "roadless" SUV, at the showroom in Las Vegas will demonstrate another hot sports version Hyundai Tucson, under the hood of which they "prescribed" an iron beast for seven hundred horsepower.