Rating the best car in the c-class


The task is not simple, because the C-class is represented by one of the largest assortments of cars. To the C-class carry compact cars or small cars of the middle class. But it's fair to call them golf class today. The ancestor of the era became exactly Golf performed by Volkswagen. This car personifies the entire C-class. But not only Golf is worthy to enter our rating. Reliability, technical equipment, comfort will be one of the main selection criteria.

Рейтинг лучшего автомобиля в С-классе

В поисках надёжной, безопасной и качественной машины, которую хочет купить большой процент покупателей, нужно подойти к выбору грамотно. Просто купить первую попавшуюся легковушку было бы неправильно. Среди лучших удобных, безопасных и надёжных авто С-класса есть свои лидеры. Между ними вам и предстоит подбирать себе комфортабельный, хороший и соответствующий всем критериям автомобиль.Читать далее о лучших автомобилях С-класса-->

Leadership Candidates

Not all Golf, as the founder of the class, will be the best and most optimal option. Yes, the VW Golf family of cars can be safely put in the first place, since this is a reliable, beautiful, safe and comfortable car inside.

Our rating, or top, includes more than ten worthy candidates to become a source of pride and take a worthy place in your still empty garage.

According to the analysis of the market and not only, the following persons claim for the title of the best C-class car:

  • Volkswagen;
  • Skoda;
  • Honda;
  • Toyota;
  • Mitsubishi;
  • Ford;
  • Mazda;
  • Opel;
  • Chevrolet;
  • Hyundai;
  • That.

Which one to choose? Each of these famous automakers has its own representatives of the C-class. Someone has recently tried himself in this segment, and someone has long been offering wonderful in all respects golf class cars.

Meet the candidates

All presented cars deserve high marks. We recommend that you determine in advance the most important criteria for selection and rely on it, taking into account a number of other important factors.

If you value in cars reliability, comfort, a good and durable body, a comfortable interior and quite vigorous technical characteristics presented in the rating of the model, you will definitely be pleasantly pleased.


We could not start with the founder of a new era in the automotive industry.

Volkswagen Golf

It was with the appearance of the Golf car from the Volkswagen company that the world began to fully learn about a class like C

It’s not that the Golf is the best in all respects and that this car should be exclusively in the first place. But when buying this car, you get not just a good car, but a reliable, safe, modern and comfortable transport.

All competitors are equal on Golf, therefore VW has always the most important task not to make a new generation worse than the previous one and not to give in to opponents. Basically, they do it, but we will not take the merits of other companies.

Golf personifies the quality, safety and durability of the car. But she is expensive, when compared with a number of our other candidates. VW offers poor equipment in the basic configuration and almost all have to pay extra. It is sometimes better to buy in the secondary market. It all depends on your budget.


One of the main competitors for the Golf in the face of the Focus model from Ford. Release of the car began in 1999. New models cost from 800 thousand rubles, which is not so much.

Ford Focus

Ford Focus

The focus in the early 2010s was not the best for them, but the release of the new generation in the style of Aston Martin returned everything to its place.

Reliable car, comfortable inside, quite richly equipped already with the basic configuration. In some respects, it surpasses the main competitors, although not by much. Here, economical engines, functional interior and just a great build. It is not surprising that Focus is in high demand in the Russian market not only among new, but especially used cars.


Another car, of which a lot in Russia. The history of the model is rich and has almost 30 years.

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Corolla

The new generation in the Russian Federation costs from 950 thousand rubles and almost to 1.5 million. We have this model is on the second strong place in popularity among Toyota, second only to the executive sedan Camry.

The new generation has received corporate design, which allowed to seriously get away from the principles of the exterior of the predecessors. But at the same time Corolla remained not only beautiful in appearance, but also reliable, safe, modern and functional.

Some are confused by the excessive visual similarity of all representatives of the Japanese auto giant. Yes, Corolla, Avensis and Camry are really similar to each other and sometimes they can only be distinguished by the size of the body. But now many companies are doing this. Does this make the Corolla less attractive among the C-Class cars? Absolutely not. This is a worthy option for your money. Yes, and in the secondary market there are a lot of good cars, even previous generations.


One of the regulars of various ratings - a representative of the company Skoda. Octavia Model Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru is positioned as a more affordable version of VW. But gradually Skoda becomes more expensive, the equipment is richer, and its departure from the relationship with VW is more and more noticeable.

Skoda Octavia

Skoda Octavia

Skoda aims to get away from associations with the German auto giant. It looks right and interesting. The new generation looks great. This is a car that in its appearance can easily compete with top representatives not only of the C-class, but also of the senior classes.

Behind the beautiful exterior there is a comfortable cabin, rich equipment, a spacious trunk (one of the best in its class), a scattering of electronics, powerful, but at the same time economical engines. An important advantage of Skoda is their relatively budget service. Yes, this is not Lada service in Russia, but the Czech sedan will not require serious financial expenses.


The car of Japanese origin, which exists since 1972. Although then it was a subcompact subcompact car, which won the trust of the public and the tendency of buyers to accessibility and agility.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic

In 2000, Civic moved to class C, increased in size and plays a major role in its segment on the world stage. Civic takes the top position among all Honda cars, plus it sells well in the Russian market.

For this car relevant concepts such as agility, sportiness, comfort and safety. Machines are made really high quality, equipped with excellent engines, demonstrate high ratings on crash tests. Many awards, the love of the public Civic receives for a reason. Yes, the car is not the most affordable to maintain, in itself costs a lot, but for a young buyer looks like one of the most attractive options in the C-class.


Another car of the C-class, which is more focused on the younger generation of drivers. This is especially true for the new generation of model X.

Mitsubishi Lancer

Mitsubishi Lancer

Lancer X looks stylish, modern and youth. Not to say that previous generations are worse. The predecessors have a rich history, they are beyond competition from the true connoisseurs of the primeval Lancer. But with the advent of version X, the car has become more modern, interesting, and clever at the expense of electronics, restrained in some respects.

This is a car that will suit equally for calm measured driving through the city and real adrenaline on the track. No wonder they are used for tuning, creating racing cars, etc.

At the same time, Lancer models are not so expensive, it is easy to find spare parts for them. The cars are pretty low, but for the city this is not a problem.


The representative of the company Opel, which managed to get out of a difficult situation at the time and breathe new life into their cars.

Opel Astra

Astra is once one of the most popular representatives of the C-class

Gradually, the demand has decreased, but this does not take away the objective merits of the car.

The model has changed many generations, the last of which came out in 2015. A small restyling, hatchback, sedan and station wagon output somewhat expanded the potential audience. Astra looks very nice, got a new platform, rich equipment, good economical engines. For your money the car gives you a decent level of comfort, excellent safety performance and just a pleasant driving experience.


One of the most budget C-class cars that offers a rather interesting set of qualities. The machine is quite durable, reliable and safe. This can be indirectly confirmed by the fact that Taxi has used Lacetti from Chevrolet. There are trying to take cars that deliver a minimum of problems.

Chevrolet Lacetti

Chevrolet Lacetti

So far, nothing new from Chevrolet, we do not see. It is not known whether the company is going to do something. Without updates, the car is gradually losing publicity, ceasing to be relevant for buyers of new cars from the salon.

But in the secondary market demand is impressive. The machine is affordable, but at the same time budget-friendly, quite dynamic, outwardly attractive, comfortable inside. In the C-class, the Lacetti is represented by a station wagon, hatchback and sedan, which allows you to choose the best body for each category of customers. At least for comfort and accessibility deserves to enter the top.

Mazda 3

A car that does not need a special presentation. It is difficult to somehow describe the appearance of the Mazda 3, because it is just amazing. Yes, there is a skeptic for every car, but you cannot deny the incredibly successful exterior of this car.

Mazda 3

Mazda 3

With all due respect to the predecessor, it does not go to any comparison with the new generation. But we are talking exclusively about appearance. Inside, everything has also changed, but it is important to consider other factors.

Mazda 3 offers a comfortable interior, two body options (sedan and hatchback), good engines, economical fuel consumption. Some complain of poor visibility from the driver's seat because of small windows, but in practice everything can be considered without any problems. This does not affect safety.

The body is beautiful, but reliable, well made. With a complete set of the manufacturer is also not greedy. It is understandable, because from the start for a new generation of asking from 1.1 million rubles.


VW Jetta

Volkswagen has another class C representative, although not as popular as the Golf.

Jetta is positioned as a more affordable car, although it costs from 900 thousand rubles. With Golf they have little in common, because the exterior, the salon was made separately, and not in the general style.

Pleasantly pleased with the fans of economical driving are the available engines, which give out from 90 to 150 horsepower in the new generation, but consume quite a bit of fuel.



Good, comfortable inside, safe and modern sedan class C from Hyundai

The new generation came out recently, although the model has existed since 1997. The car turned out frankly beautiful, interesting and attractive for those who are looking for a simple, inexpensive, economical and safe car for the family. Elantra fully meets these criteria.

Although the price is not so small. From the salon you can pick up a car for at least 900 thousand rubles.


Decent car from Korea. Kia has recently been pleased with its innovations, although their global design looks a bit strange. But for each car there is a fan and admirer.

KIA Cerato

KIA Cerato

Cerato has no problems with sales. The car is interesting, well-assembled, fairly richly equipped. Older generations look decent on the secondary market, but the new generation, as it should be, has noticeably surpassed them.

New engines for 130 and 150 horsepower, quite economical consumption, spacious interior, good modern filling make Cerato a worthy candidate to be in this rating in your garage.

As you can see, there are really many options among the C-class. The best we tried to collect here. Yes, there are cars from other companies representing this segment. Therefore, be sure to write in the comments, who else would you add to our rating, and also why this or that car is worthy to lead it. It will be very interesting to know your opinion.