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Many gas stations in Russia are not able to fully meet customer needs. Not all stations have what the modern car owner needs. Although the key criterion is high-quality fuel, the additional criteria were also taken into account when compiling the rating.

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Which gas stations get good feedback from car owners

Если вы размышляете о том, какие из заправок лучше в России, данный рейтинг поможет определиться.Читать далее о лучших АЗС России-->

Evaluation Criteria

Everyone decides for himself which gas station to service his car. But in order to objectively evaluate gas stations and find the most optimal fuel supplier, you need to rely on some criteria.

With their help, you can weed out a number of gas stations and refuel only in those places that are considered the best.

You should understand that the rating of gas stations for the quality of gasoline changes over time. Leaders of past years can significantly deteriorate, and once outsiders go to the first lines. So try to rely on the latest data on refills.

The best gas stations were selected according to the following criteria.

  1. The quality of gasoline. It is logical that you only need to refuel with high quality fuel. This criterion is floating, since a lot can depend on the specific delivery, compliance with the rules of storage and transportation of gasoline, diesel or gas. For example, a supplier can provide a gas station with quite good fuel, but the station staff themselves will violate good fuel if they violate the rules of storage and the lack of protection against debris entering the tanks. Or at the stage of production or transportation, the supplier will add impurities, additives, artificially increasing the octane number, but negatively affecting the quality characteristics.
  2. Service. If the driver has a choice, he will not go a second time to the gas station, where he got nasty, poorly served or did something that the car owner didn’t like very much. Therefore, the network should be attentive to personnel who work at gas stations. Opinion about the gas station is shaped by people largely based on how the workers talked to them, and what was the attitude. Won those gas stations, which carefully select employees, conduct training and closely monitor polite communication with customers.
  3. Additional services. Previously, it was possible to buy some water at gas stations. Modern gas stations have turned into full-fledged complexes, where they offer a number of additional goods and services. Many drivers prefer to drink coffee, relax in a cafe, use the bathroom while the car is refueled. Also useful services are tire fitting, tire inflation and washing. All this adds points to the gas station and makes it more functional.
  4. Prices. An important criterion for any car owner. Good fuel cannot be cheap, but excessive prices are not justified by quality. This mainly concerns those gas stations that offer supposedly improved types of fuel under bright names. Studies have shown that only a few of these super fuels really differ in characteristics and have the stated properties. Often exclusive types are simply supplemented with additives of the brand A92 or A95.
  5. GOST or TU. In rare cases, the fuel manufactured according to specifications exceeds the fuel that was created according to GOST standards. It is difficult to say unequivocally that it is better, but in most cases GOST should be preferred. Relevant information about the fuel you have the right to request at any gas station. They can not refuse. If refused, then there is reason to think about the quality of the proposed fuel.
  6. Promotions and bonuses. Some gas stations encourage drivers to return to them at the expense of promotions and lucrative offers, such as loyalty cards, raffles, etc. If this is combined with good fuel quality, then such an additional plus will benefit. If the gas station is simply trying to sell frankly low-grade fuel through raffles and promotions, then you should not refill your car. Even the leading petrol networks carry out such actions and provide favorable conditions to regular customers. This is an example of competent marketing.

As you can see, not only the quality of gasoline, diesel and gas plays a role when choosing the best filling networks in Russia.

The best gas stations

We cannot guarantee that every refueling from a whole network of petrol stations located throughout the country will correspond to the information presented. The rating took into account the overall assessment, consumer opinions and customer reviews.

Based on the analysis, it was possible to find out which gas stations in Russia can be considered the best and why. This data is only a recommendation and a result of network evaluation for the last year. Next year, the rating may change dramatically. Therefore, try to constantly monitor the quality of fuel and level of service. Alas, at any moment they can spoil.


Tatneft gas station of Russia

In fuel TATNEFT use a variety of additives that have a positive effect on the engine

Opens the list of the best gas stations widespread network of Tatneft.

The quality of the offered oil products is strictly controlled. The supplier of fuel at the gas station is the Moscow refinery plant.

The company does not hide the fact that the composition of the fuel contains special additives. But studies show the good effect of additives on engine performance. Many customers note that the regular use of this fuel has a positive effect on savings, consumption is reduced and the dynamics increase.

A good network that justifies its value. Plus, infrastructure is well developed, allowing customers to receive additional services.


Phaeton gas station of Russia

One of the oldest gas stations in Russia

One of the oldest networks of gas stations in Russia, which continues to grow rapidly and pleases consumers with the good quality of the fuel offered.

Some customers note that the quality characteristics of the fuel may vary, depending on the party. This is largely due to the fact that the network of gas stations has several suppliers. All of them promise high quality and tight control. In fact, sometimes fuel is actually somewhat worse than it was a couple of days ago. But the overall picture is positive.

The composition of gasoline and diesel fuel includes modern highly effective additives that positively affect the engine, its dynamics and economy. Especially the network fell in love with the residents of St. Petersburg. Although the company Phaeton is also represented in the Volgograd and Leningrad regions.

If the network expands, keeping the current level, it will be good news for car owners from other regions.

But it is precisely the inaccessibility for most Russians that leaves this network at the last positions in the ranking.


sibneft gas station of Russia

Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Свое место в рейтинге Sibneft заслужила профессионализмом и техническим оснащением

Being a Russian enterprise, the network began its existence in 1995. In a short time, gas stations have gained wide popularity. Largely due to the excellent quality of fuel, as well as a good additional service.

You should not count on a large number of additional services. Some gas stations as simply as possible. But the network has earned a place in the ranking with professionalism and technical equipment. This allows the company to use oil products mined from a greater depth than most competitors, which has a positive effect on the characteristics of the fuel produced.

Prime fuel, which appeared in 2013, is in special demand. Wide distribution throughout Russia and a decent level of quality at an affordable price allowed the network to enter the rating of the best gas stations in the country.


Russian gas station route

Many gas stations have shops and cozy cafes.

Offers services of its gas stations in the Moscow region. Plus, the network has partners in the regions, because they can also be considered as part of the overall network.

Правильно будет учитывать отзывы и репутацию московских заправок и АЗС в области. Мнения бывают разные, но большинство клиентов отмечает высокий уровень качества и отличное сервисное обслуживание. Many gas stations have shops and cozy cafes..

Здесь выдают топливные карты, которые действуют по самой сети Track, а также у партнёров. Всего их более 2 тысяч по всей территории России.


bp gas station of Russia

In Russia, these refills operate under license from Rosneft

British Petroleum is the world's largest producer and processor of oil and gas products. Their gas stations are represented all over the world, including Russia.

On the territory of the Russian Federation, these gas stations operate under a license owned by Rosneft. Quality does not suffer from this. On the contrary, purely in terms of fuel quality, BP holds one of the leading positions.

Plus, the network has a wide range of additional services that a driver can use while refueling a car.

They use branded additives to prevent premature engine wear, rid it of sediment and improve dynamics. With regular use of this fuel, gasoline savings increase, as consumer reviews indicate.


tnk azs rossii

Large Russian network of gas stations in Russia

A large Russian network of gas stations, which is located on a high position in our rating. One of the best quality fuel supplemented by good service and mostly professional staff. There are exceptions, but this is typical for any network.

About 35% of the fuel sold meets the Euro 5 environmental standards. The most popular are the A95 and its improved version of the Pulsar. High octane number and excellent additives allow the engine to work as efficiently as possible, using less fuel.

Такую высокую позицию сеть TNK заслужила оптимальным соотношением цены и качества. Плюс постоянные клиенты получают бонусы и скидки.


shell gas station of Russia

Shell is one of the best gas station chains in the world.

One of the best gas station chains in the world does not lose high positions in the Russian market. Environmentally friendly and highly efficient fuel fully corresponds to its value. It is made in strict accordance with GOST, and therefore suitable for all vehicles.

Not all gas stations have a developed infrastructure and a wide range of additional services. But if you are interested in purely the quality of gasoline or diesel, then in Shell you will not be disappointed. Many drivers note that after servicing on this network, they do not recognize any other petrol stations.


Gazpromneft gas station of Russia

All proposed fuel Gazpromneft meets the standards of Euro 4

Currently one of the best gas station chains in Russia. All proposed fuel meets Euro 4 standards.

This is one of those cases where the manufacture of fuel on TU exceeds GOST. The best option for owners of domestic and imported cars.

In addition to gasoline and diesel fuel, the gas station network offers gas. Plus, here you can get additional services, quality service. In rare cases, motorists noted not the most polite attitude of the staff. But this is rather an exception to the rule.


Lukoil gas station of Russia

Большинство автовладельцев признали, что именно Lukoil самая лучшая сеть АЗС на территории России

Most car owners have recognized that this network is the best in Russia. Fuel meets Euro 5 standards.

The company has won many awards as a supplier of the most environmentally friendly gasoline. A huge number of positive reviews and a wide base of loyal customers say a lot.

This is a gas station where you can fill up any car, starting from the old Lada and ending with a modern supercar. Excellent service, useful additional services and polite staff bring the network to the first place in our rating. Although prices are slightly higher than competitors, they can be justified by high-quality fuel and other key advantages.

If you have your own options for the best gas stations, be sure to write in the comments. It will be interesting to read your opinion and, perhaps, to discuss it.

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