Orders for the new volkswagen passat are already being taken

Заказы на new Volkswagen Passat уже принимаются

The new generation of Volkswagen Passat will begin to sell in our dealer networks of this German brand in September of this year. Pre-order for a novelty, implying certain discounts on the ordered car, has already been announced, and applications are accepted by official dealers. Already known and complete sets in which new Volkswagen Passat will be sold in Russia, as well as price tags put up by dealers. Buyers, eager to German quality, will be able to choose according to their pocket from the three available modifications. This is Trendline with a price of one million two hundred and seventy thousand, Comfortline at a price of one and a half million and a modification of Highline, which will cost buyers from a million six hundred and eighty thousand rubles. Until September, it remains to wait just six weeks. Заказы на new Volkswagen Passat уже принимаются Initial equipment Trendline It has a multifunctional steering wheel, sixteen-inch alloy-metal wheels, a touch-sensitive audio display, LED taillights. In a car of this level, there is a system that controls the psychophysical state of the driver, so that in the event of a critical level of fatigue, stop the car, mirrors, front-row seats, windshields and washers have a heating function. Six airbags, air conditioning, internal tire pressure sensors, electronic security systems that automatically monitor the traffic situation while driving. In addition, the extremely useful technological "stuffing" car has an improved and enhanced suspension for traditional Russian roads. Заказы на new Volkswagen Passat уже принимаются Options Comfortline contains automatically adjustable fog, favorable "weather" in the cabin is provided with three-zone climate control. The car is equipped with LED optics, sensors, parking sensors, three-spoke steering wheel, leather-trimmed, has the function of heating.

The most sophisticated equipment, Highline, has LED lights with automatic high beam on-off, the car is equipped with an interactive dashboard, by the way, liquid crystal. There is keyless access to the salon, rear-view cameras, audio-navigation system and other technological bells and whistles. Заказы на new Volkswagen Passat уже принимаются Adapted for the Russian buyer Volkswagen Passat new generation, has under the hood 1,4-liter gasoline engines for 125 and 150 horses. There is a more productive unit, 1.8-liter for 180 horses. The weakest engine of this line is paired with a six-speed manual gearbox. Other engines will only work with the seven-band DSG robot.