Seven materials for upholstery cars - choose the best


From the interior of the car very much depends on the comfort of being in the car. After all, it is important not only to get from point A to point B, but also how to get there. And the quality of the interior, in turn, very much depends on the quality of the material for plating. Here we will talk about it today.

Vehicle interior

Good trim emphasizes car owner status

Types of interior trim

In the car service, providing services for waist interior, usually offer customers three options:

  • Base.
  • The middle class.
  • Premium class.

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Basic level trim cabin

The basic level involves the use of the following materials - artificial fabric and autocarpet

the cloth

It is a dense and durable material made of synthetic fibers. It has a different texture, color and pattern. It can be used for waist car seats, door panels, car roof.

Cloth covers


  • availability;
  • the ability to arrange the salon in different styles due to the wide variety of fabrics offered.


  • light contamination;
  • quick wear

Both lead to the fact that the upholstery rather quickly loses its festive look.


Dense artificial material resembling a lint-free carpet (Carpet from the Armenian language translates as “carpet”). It is used for the waist of the door panels and the roof, sometimes for the dashboard and the steering wheel.



  • easily wraps around complex surfaces;
  • после зажигания не предусматривает;
  • it does not form mold, even in high humidity conditions.


  • does not have a large number of colors and externally does not make such an impression, like leather or alcantara.

Middle class cabin trim

This class involves the use of the following materials: vinyl, velor and leatherette.


Этот материал для обшивки салона выпускается в виде плёнки или кожи. Первая используется для декорирования пластиковых деталей. Vinylовая кожа применяется для перетяжки кресел, дверных панелей, приборной доски, крыши. Имеет огромное количество цветовых решений и текстуры. Если вы используете виниловую плёнку, то, благодаря простоте использования, освежить салон можно без обращения в автосервис — аккуратно делаете выкройку и просто прикладываете к нужной поверхности (плёнки выпускаются с клеевой основой).

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  • long service life without loss of appearance;
  • high strength and protective functions (prevents scratches on the plastic).
  • resistance to various chemicals.


  • when exposed to high temperatures (with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight) tends to become sticky;
  • over time can crack.

True, these shortcomings relate to cheap vinyl. To avoid such troubles, we recommend using the products of the following brands: "3M", "Hexis" and "KPMF".


Buy only automotive varieties! Normal velor does not fit! Used for upholstery of seats, door panels, roof, dashboard. It is well combined with other upholstery materials, in particular, skin.

Veloursовые кресла


  • thanks to a soft, fluffy surface, pleasant to the touch;
  • very warm, which is a big plus in the absence of heated seats.


  • with prolonged or intensive use, it quickly begins to "grow bald", so now velor is mainly used for decorating parts that rarely come into contact with a person.

Artificial leather or leatherette

Excellent material for interior trim, outwardly indistinguishable from genuine leather. Moreover, it can be more beautiful than its more eminent colleague due to the greater number of colors and texture options. Used for upholstering any surfaces.

Artificial leather armchairs


  • beautiful appearance at low (compared to genuine leather) cost;
  • good elasticity, thanks to which it is possible to cover even a complex surface.


  • significantly less durability compared to skin (to avoid cracking requires constant special maintenance).
  • inferior to genuine leather in tactile sensations.

Premium trim cabin

This class involves the use of natural leather or Alcantara.

Genuine Leather

It is considered the best material for interior trim of the car. Important note - it is necessary to use only automotive skin, which is covered with a special polymer film on top, to protect against abrasions and cracking. For car seats, it is better to take a car perforated leather. It provides good ventilation and eliminates a significant drawback of natural leather - fogging. The most durable and high quality is considered to be English leather. But it is also the most expensive.

Leather interior


  • magnificent magnificent view;
  • good thermal insulation.


  • high price of both the material itself and the work on the weave.


Modern artificial material, which is a non-woven ultra microfiber. In popularity, only slightly inferior to natural leather (as in price). In appearance and tactile sensations reminiscent of suede. Due to the expensive appearance and a large number of color options, Alcantara provides a luxurious interior for every taste.

Alcantara в салоне


  • great appearance;
  • pleasant tactile sensations;
  • high wear resistance;
  • zero flammability (it is almost impossible to leave a cigarette hole on it - for those who like to smoke a great option);


  • less durability than skin;
  • high price.

In conclusion, we would like to say that, by combining various materials for interior trimming, which we talked about above, can help to get a beautiful, expensive-looking interior and, at the same time, save compared to, for example, only genuine leather.

We hope that this article will help you to correctly determine the necessary upholstery materials for your car.