Vaz 2110: a fresh look at old traditions

For the first time this car appeared on Russian roads in the already distant 1995. Then this sedan seemed something fundamentally new. In any case, in terms of automotive design. In this regard, it is strikingly different from, though popular, but fairly outdated "nine".

The appearance of the car VAZ 2110

Interestingly, the project appeared ten years before. The plans were only a deep modernization of the popular model VAZ 2108. However, there were so many changes that it turned out, in fact, another car.

In the new Russian car appeared such improvements that would be breakthrough in the eighties. But at the time of launch in mass production, they were no longer something special. Despite this, the car actively competed with foreign cars on the Russian market, right up to the moment it was seriously modernized again. As a result, we received the "Prior", which for some time was produced with the "ten" in parallel.

Even then, in the nineties, the car received quite a decent on-board computer and engine management system. This, and some other "chips" made the brainchild of VAZ quite expensive. Nevertheless, sales went well. The country, which only recently came to its senses from the crisis, gradually began to master the novelties of the domestic auto industry.

Body VAZ 2110

Pleasant was the fact that, unlike previous models, a fair part of the body is made of galvanized metal. Then, even after five years, the car does not turn into a rusty trough.

Some owners make all sorts of improvements. For example, not uncommon, when cooling system VAZ 2110 replaced by analogue with "Kalina".

In 2007, the release of the 10th model was discontinued, since AvtoVAZ decided to replace it in the model line with a more advanced Priora. Now produced in Ukraine under a license, called "Bogdan".

Handling, flotation, driving sensations

The four-door sedan from Togliatti was originally made as a complete alternative to the “Spartan” Lada and earlier models with the “fiat” type of body. Including the sensations of driving. The suspension has become more pleasant. You no longer felt the tailbone every feature of the native roads. More precisely - felt, but not so much.

VAZ 2110 car

Off-road characteristics of the new car, of course, not "Nivovskie", but on domestic roads and directions (because the roads just call them a sin) feels good. 170 mm ground clearance - obviously not for fans of lowered cars. It is usually enough to feel confident enough even in the fall. However, it all depends on the area. For in some places, only a diesel tracked tractor feels at ease.

Smooth ride on the top five. Here it is worth paying tribute to the designers and engineers. There are no strong vibrations and other unpleasant sensations while driving. If you want even more comfort, it will add installation of air conditioning on the VAZ 2110.

Owners of individual cars sometimes complain about directional stability, which, in their opinion, is less than that of the 99th model.

If you put the wheels 14 inches, then you begin to feel potholes on the road more rigidly. Handling while it does not get worse, which pleases. But the trouble is - you start to cling to the rear edge of the wheel arch. And this despite the fact that the 14-inch wheels are provided by the manufacturer initially.

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Photo of the car VAZ 2110

Very often you have to think about replacing the shock absorbers. However, this applies to the cars of the 1990s, where this trouble was common, and already at 20,000 smart drivers put the Torgmash instead of their relatives.

However, if the “ten” was well cared for, then after 200 thousand it would be very nice to feel. Here, as with any machine. This is not a "classic", like the 6th model. Riding on the 2110 is more comfortable at times. Of course, this is not a “Bavarian”, but the price category is completely different.


• 1.5. Engine 72 hp 105 Nm. Max. The speed is 165 km / h. Consumption from 5.5 liters. on the highway to 9 liters. in the town. Box - mechanics VAZ-2181, 5-speed. Up to a hundred accelerates in 14 seconds. • 1,5i. Gasoline engine, 79 hp, 116 Nm. Consumption from 5.3 liters. on the highway, up to 8.6 in the city. • 1.6. Gasoline engine, 80 hp 120 Nm. Acceleration to hundreds - 13.5 seconds. • 1,6i. More powerful engine. Power 89 hp 131 Nm Consumption from 6.3 (highway), to 10.1 in the city. • 1,5i. Power 92 HP 128 Nm. The maximum speed is 175 km / h, which is on average 10 km / h. Above standard. Consumption of 7.1 liters. on the highway, up to 9.5 liters. by the city.

Engine LADA 10

Available configuration "Standard", "Norma" and "Lux". If the first goes to the owner without any frills, then the “norm” is already equipped with such pleasant bonuses as power windows. True, only on the front doors. Rear seats with poddromdniki. The luxury version of the 10-ki received 14-inch alloy wheels, velor heated seats (front), fog lights, a spoiler and even an on-board computer.


Speaking of the TX "dozens", we will take the base model as an example, so as not to be confused and not to mislead you. So, we have a classic sedan - four-door for five seats.

Officially, this is a miracle of the domestic auto industry belongs to the class "C".

• The base model has a petrol engine 1.5, just 71 hp with a torque of 104 Nm. Engine carburetor, 2 valves per cylinder. • Front wheel drive car with five-speed mechanics. • MacPherson strut front suspension, rear - trailing arm. • Brakes - disc front and drum rear. • Speed ​​- 165 km / h. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 14 seconds. • Fuel consumption from 5.5 liters. up to 9.1 liters on 100 km. • Fuel tank - 43 liters. • Ground clearance - 165 mm.

Interior design of the car VAZ 2110

As you can see, there is nothing interesting in the “base”. Except, perhaps, prices. Even the first modification - 21101 is already much nicer in terms of power. Its release began in 1999 and took into account some of the wishes of motorists. Engine 1596 cc. cm. has a capacity of 80 horses.

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With adequate operation, a dozen and 101 models will serve faithfully for a long time. If you do not forget about timely service. Looking through the numerous test drives, after which some Asian cars would simply crumble into powder, you realize that the machine is really reliable. After 100 thousand the engine does not require a major overhaul, which is very, very good for VAZs. Interior and exterior

As for the cabin, there is really spacious and comfortable. If you did not fork out for basic equipment and you have beautiful velor chairs, then everything is very good. An adjustable steering column is also useful.

What immediately catches your eye is landing. Transplanting with "Samara" you will not notice the difference. But comparing with the classics, the changes are obvious. You can stretch your legs, which is much more convenient.

VAZ 2110 photo

The beautiful wheel rim looks very stylish, although for some drivers it seems too thin. But here to each his own.

The next thing to note is normal soft plastic front panel. It does not creak as terribly as in the old "Samara". A little surprised hefty buttons located on the side. But let's not forget that this is the design that they began to develop in the year 85, and the first sample came out in the 95th. At that time everything was very modern. We all understand that if it were not for the series of crises that began with the collapse of the Union and continued with depressing periodicity, now the VAZs would look completely different, both in the cabin and externally.

On many cars in 1997 they put on-board computer. It was just a cosmos, in comparison with some “seven”. What did he give to the driver? For example, indicators of fuel consumption, or the information that one of the doors is badly closed. For a family with a child, a driver driving a drunk company is a very useful addition.

Air conditioning on the VAZ 2110 can be supplied separately for an additional charge. It will cost inexpensive even now. Installation of air conditioning on the VAZ 2110

If you got a "luxury" dozen, then congratulations - it will not be the front powered windows.

As for the convenience of passengers, then there will be a place for the legs, it will be convenient. Is that a sofa with difficulty fit three. Is that if they are miniature ladies. But the trinity of your colleagues from work will feel less comfortable in a similar situation.

The trunk is comfortable and spacious. Volume of 480 liters. Literate cover design helps in those cases when you pack something heavy and bulky.

From the outside, the car looks quite modern even today. Although not devoid (according to critics) of certain shortcomings. They believe that "feed" adds a sense of heaviness. However, even they fall silent, looking at the excellent aerodynamic performance "dozens". In comparison with the 99th model, the difference is obvious.

Frontal resistance is just 0.347. As a result, on the highway we get fuel savings compared to any previous model.

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Comparing with the fiat designs of machines from the “penny” to the “seven”, the 2110 seems just a spaceship, both outside and in the cabin.

Especially in this regard, the “luxury” equipment pleased us, which, in addition to the differences described above, also had additional headlights on the bumper and another brake light located behind the rear window.

Lada 110

Prices and situation in the car market

Apart from the “Bogdan” produced by its neighbors, the Ukrainians, the concept “new” for the VAZ-2110 is simply not there. The latest car came off the assembly line in the already quite distant 2007. Given eight years of operation, you yourself understand everything. Well-groomed cars of these years of release, even now cost from 100 thousand rubles and above. "Ten" is not the first freshness can cost much cheaper - from 60 to 90 thousand of the same domestic money.

There are cars from which the owners of the dust particles blew away, or such that most of the time they stood in the garage, but received care. With ten years of experience, such cars can cost 120-160 thousand rubles.

Do not be surprised if you see a car produced in 1999, worth 85-90 thousand rubles. This phenomenon is common, not even depending on the region of sale.

In the first half of 2015, prices changed significantly several times. The highest rate was in January. From February to May, the recession began, and in June, prices rose again, although they were not able to reach even the March values. As for the market itself, the surge in sales in many cities occurred in March. Many expected that at the end of spring - the beginning of summer the price would drop even more, and they hurried to sell their cars. Someone had time, some did not.

Much depends on which engine is installed on the car. After all, on our roads you can even find "dozens" with Opel engines. The latter are indeed more reliable, but their installation is a complicated and expensive process. As a result, increases the cost of cars for sale.

The choice is yours. After all, each configuration VAZ - 2110 has its advantages and disadvantages. In general, this is a completely reliable car with a fairly modern design, even for 2015. In the luxury package you get maximum comfort for your money. Savings, in comparison, even with some budget foreign cars is obvious.

And the video that today I want to show you is more like a stone in the garden with more modern models VAZ 2114 and 2115, rather than listing the merits of VAZ 2110, but nevertheless it is worth looking unequivocally: