How to challenge the fine from the automatic camera fixing

Most drivers who received the “letter of happiness” are not in a hurry to figure out their traffic violation and, as a rule, they always pay the fine. But in our time there are still motorists who do not doubt their rightness and literacy, and boldly defend their rights.

Is it possible to argue with the testimony of the road camera?

The first and most important case is when the question arises whether it is worth challenging a fine. Probably easier to pay 300-500 rubles and not to indulge in all serious. The procedure for challenging a fine is quite a tedious and long time. It may take more than one month of proceedings, of course, you will spend a lot of time and possibly money. Probably all this is not worth it. But if you are one hundred percent sure that you are right, and in the “letter of happiness,” for example, a speed of 268 km / h was recorded, then in this case you just need to “sound the alarm”.

Of course, in most cases, when a fine of five thousand rubles comes, you can argue here. But you need to know that in most cases the camera will be right. Government agencies that are responsible for the work of cameras photo fixings. Pretty carefully check its proper installation, and make sure that the readings were accurate.

Still, if there is any doubt about his wrongdoing, the law determines ten days to protest the fine. But we must remember that no court will believe in words like “the camera is lying” or “I have witnesses.” The court needs factual evidence. A judge may take into consideration similar cases, i.e. if similar cases are under his consideration precisely on the camera that recorded your violation. Also a good proof in court will be shooting from your DVR, which displays the speed of movement, the date and time of your trip on the display.

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There is still an opportunity to conduct a technical examination of the DVR (if you need to know your speed), but this may not work, and you will have to pay for the expertise.

In the process of appealing a fine, you can also request documents on checking the device fixing traffic violations. It may be that the authorities monitoring the correct operation of the camera missed its extreme maintenance checks. In this case, you can refer to the inaccuracy of the testimony and boldly appeal the fine.

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