Volkswagen announced the price tag for the new tiguan

Volkswagen озвучил ценник на новопоколенный Tiguan Officially Volkswagen Tiguan second generation It was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show, four months ago. But only now the Germans decided to voice the prices for the new SUV and announced the start of accepting applications for it. It will be sold only in European countries. Although the Germans vaguely mentioned that the possibility Russian assembly of the new generation Tiguan and subsequent implementation in our country they will be carefully studied.

So far, the Germans offer a compact crossover in three trim levels, and the minimum Tiguan price starts from thirty thousand euros. At today's rate it is about 2,600,000 rubles. It is interesting that as with ours and Vesta, the Germans have no sales at the start basic version of the crossover. They promise it a little later, but its price tag is already known: about 26 thousand euros, at the rate of 2 million 200 thousand wooden. Volkswagen озвучил ценник на новопоколенный Tiguan Today, in the "European" version of the Tiguan, under the hood, two engines are available. This is a two-liter 180-horsepower gasoline engine (TSI) of the same volume, but a 1.5-hour diesel (TDI). The gasoline engine works only with an automatic DSG transmission, the diesel engine is completed with both automatic and mechanical, at the customer’s choice. The new generation crossover is also optionally available in all-wheel drive. The initial equipment, for which the Germans are asking for 26 kiloevro, will be equipped with a 1.4-liter petrol engine for 125 horsepower. Volkswagen озвучил ценник на новопоколенный Tiguan An impressive list of electronic "body kit" new generation Volkswagen Tiguan contains a distance monitoring system equipped with the ability to brake urgently, a system for recognizing road signs and pedestrians, etc. The assistants monitor traffic within the strip, monitor the traffic situation and can activate emergency braking. The driver will be informed about the presence of traffic jams, accidents, parking spaces on the way. Volkswagen озвучил ценник на новопоколенный Tiguan As already mentioned, while the Germans began only accepting orders, and the first real sale, most likely, will occur closer to spring. When the novelty arrives in Russia and whether it arrives at all is not known. And the current version Volkswagen Tiguan our dealers are available at a price of one million two hundred thousand, that is, two times cheaper than new items. Tiguan first generation has under the hood of 1.4 and 2.0-liter gasoline engines for 122 - 211 horsepower, depending on the "firmware".

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Previously there was information that the Germans are studying the issue of the production of a new model in their Russian factories. It seems that due to the progressing crisis this is unlikely.