Powerful tuning lada granta do it yourself

When choosing a car for a thorough tuning, many people turn their attention to the cars of the Russian manufacturer. This is due primarily to the fact that AvtoVAZ cars have a low cost. When tuning such cars, significant improvements can be made, both of the vehicle’s movement indicators and its appearance.

Tuning photo Lada Granta спорт

Ведь тюнинг автомобиля можно сравнить с другими творческими работами, и для мастера нужно «чистое полотно» для создания нового шедевра. Tuning Lada Granta может быть как основательный: установка всех новых агрегатов и полное изменение внешнего вида, так и частичный: улучшение установленного двигателя, подвески и других узлов.

If you make tuning Lada Grants thoroughly, then immediately determine that tuning Lada Grants with your own hands, in some cases, it will be almost impossible - the changes are so strong.

Tuning engine Lada Grant

When conducting engine tuning all indicators: power, torque and fuel consumption change. The main indicators that many turn their attention to are power and torque. It is also possible to change the type of fuel used, that is, to install a gas turbine.

Lada Granta engine tuning

Tuning the engine in the conditions if the car was bought from the cabin is not recommended. This is due to the fact that the first ten to twenty thousand kilometers of the engine is being run-in, a process takes place in the cylinder block, during which the mirror is stuffed on the cylinders, the rest of the parts are burned in.

It is also worth noting that when buying a car from the passenger compartment, a situation may arise in which, prior to the passage of the first 10,000 km warranty, a serious malfunction may appear that needs to be fixed in the cabin. After unauthorized intervention and change of the engine, the warranty on it is lost.

Tuning photo Lada Granta

Tuning Lada Granta фото

Tuning engine Lada Grant can be done without serious intervention in the design, and with the work that will bring drastic changes.

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Consider the work not involving major changes in the design of the engine Lada Grants.

By tuning the engine, which does not involve a major design change, include the following:

Installing an air filter of zero resistance

Installing an air filter of zero resistance – позволяет в большой степени обогатить топливо кислородом. Ведь чем лучше насыщена смесь кислородом, тем выше мощность, а эффект может быть на уровне 3-5% увлечения мощности от базового значения в зависимости от особенностей двигателя.

This option not only allows you to better enrich the mixture, but also to clean the incoming air. Such a filter should be serviced once every 2-3 thousand kilometers of the distance traveled, so when it becomes clogged the oxygen supply will be significantly reduced. Such tuning of the Lada Grant engine is best done along with chip tuning.

Tuning Lada Granta

Chip tuning engine Lada Granta

Chip tuning is one of the inexpensive ways to increase power and reduce fuel consumption. All work on the implementation of such tuning is to install a new firmware in the control control unit. Thanks to the new firmware, the engine will behave differently.

For different cars must use different programs. For sports cars, such changes are carried out manually, by fine tuning after conducting numerous tests. This method of chip-tuning of the engine is expensive, and the equipment for its implementation is not installed in every service station, which complicates this task.

Exhaust tuning

Exhaust tuning также может привести к повышению мощности двигателя. Для этого устанавливают прямоточный вариант исполнения глушителя, избавляются от катализатора и проводят замену выпускной стандартной системы на специальную полностью прямоточную систему выпуска.

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After all, the basic principle of the exhaust system is the following pattern: the fewer obstacles to gas, the greater the power. When creating a new exhaust system, the car gets a rich, sporty sound.

Lada Grant Interior Tuning

Tuning Salon Lada Granta

Tuning salon Lada Grants can be carried out without special monetary costs when choosing a conventional scheme. The cost of the work depends on the type of materials used, as well as the degree of change in the cabin. But in any case, the tuning of the cabin Grants will be cheaper than the tuning of the cabin of the VAZ 2109, because the nine are very old and you need to change a lot of things in it.

Lada Grant tuning salon photo

Tuning the cabin Lada Grant, the photo of which shows that the correct revision of the cabin may surprise many motorists, and is carried out both according to his own plan, and according to the projects already created.

tuning frets grant do it yourself

To achieve the best result, a similar work on changing the car must be approached comprehensively. Also, the suspension, chassis and all small elements should be subject to change and improvement, since it is in this case that you can create an almost perfect car with new features and a unique design.

But the video about Lada Grant Sport:

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