Ranking of the best japanese crossovers and suvs

Japanese SUVs combine two basic qualities: they have high reliability and reasonable price. The most popular cars produced for the domestic market, that is, with the right wheel. Such models are more reliable and better equipped. At the same time, they quickly lose in price, as manufacturers all the time stimulate the local population to buy a new car. This is the main reason for interest in the right-hand drive models on the secondary market in Russia, especially if they are Japanese jeeps.

Рейтинг лучших японских кроссоверов и внедорожников


  • The reasons for the popularity of Japanese jeeps in Russia
  • Reliable Japanese SUVs: pricing
  • Top 10 best Japanese SUVs
  •  How to choose a Japanese SUV

The reasons for the popularity of Japanese jeeps in Russia

Our compatriots appreciated the true quality and reliability, thanks to the many advantages of these vehicles.

  • In Russia, SUVs from Japan are very popular for exceptional endurance.
  • Auto excellent proven in operation not only in remote places, but also in urban environments. One of the main reasons for this choice is the condition of our roads and the large distances between settlements.
  • Japanese crossovers have a decent level of comfort and are adapted for use in harsh conditions.
  • They are well established during travel over long distances, both on rough terrain and on highways.
  • Cars assembled in Japan are superior to most models produced in other countries, in terms of equipment / cost.
  • Japanese right-hand drive off-road vehicles are presented by a wide model range and possess all necessary technical characteristics.

The best Japanese SUVs are represented by manufacturers such as: Toyota, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Honda, Suzuki, Nissan, etc.

Reliable Japanese SUVs: pricing

The cost of SUVs from Japan is significantly lower due to the right-hand steering wheel. This is the main reason for the formation of prices, but it has little effect on the quality of operation of the vehicle when driving on the left.

This is one of the most economical cars in its class. Equipment model depends on the choice of configuration, but even the base allows you to feel comfortable.

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Many models could enter the rating, be it small Japanese mini-jeeps or large SUVs. All cars produced in this country are ─ reliable vehicles with a high level of safety and comfort.

According to the reviews of the owners of Japanese crossovers 2016 ─ these are the best cars in all terrain and convenience, which have shown themselves well in off-road and urban conditions. 2017 promises to be no less interesting with new cars of Japanese manufacturers.

 How to choose a Japanese SUV

Japanese manufacturers are constantly improving the functionality of SUVs, competing with each other and in terms of the cost of production. As a result, the Russian buyer purchases left-handed jeeps much cheaper than European representatives of the same class.

How to choose a Japanese SUV

If you decide to purchase a new 2016-2017 model year or cheap used cars, pay attention to the Japanese SUVs, photos of which will help in the selection. Sophisticated design, powerful engine and maximum safety for passengers, including children, make representatives of the Land of the Rising Sun popular vehicles. You can choose a model with a monocoque or frame structure according to your financial possibilities.