How to choose a car seat cushion

A sedentary lifestyle does not improve health. Because of it, blood circulation deteriorates, muscle tone decreases and spinal problems appear. All this can overtake the drivers, who are long behind the wheel. A good counter to these negative factors can serve as a massage cape for a car seat.

It is not always possible to use the services of a massage therapist, and this device turns on at any time. Also in the financial plan there is a positive: having paid once, you do not need to regularly spend money on sessions with a specialist.


  • 1 What are the types of capes
    • 1.1 Vibration lining
    • 1.2 Roller machines
  • 2 Positive effect of overlays
  • 3 Differences between capes
  • 4 Massage Capes Overview
    • 4.1 TL-2005Z-F
    • 4.2 Shiatsu Max
    • 4.3 Quattromed 4-S
  • 5 Contraindications

What are the types of capes

The two types of modern massage pads differ in their mode of action. In the first case, the vibration forces are used, and in the second - the rollers work. Each of these types has its advantages and weaknesses. Both options are connected via the cigarette lighter.

Vibration lining

Vibration massage cape on the car seat in contrast to the roller design is thinner. It has built-in compact electric motors that control the air bags. Thanks to its ripple, bags create vibratory movements. This is the relaxing and soothing effect of the massage with such an overlay.

how does a massage cape for a car seat

Using a massage cape in the car

The quality of the procedure depends on the number of electric motors., the more of them, the more pleasant and more effective the impact. There are models equipped with infrared heating. A convenient addition is the presence of several modes of operation and a remote control panel.

Roller machines

Massage cape for a car with rollers is more expensive, but it is believed that it is more effective vibration. The working elements in such a device are plastic rollers or based on ceramic materials. Most often, it is required when working with the paravertebral area.

what effect does a massage cape for a car

Working areas at the massage cape

Such devices can perform several massage movements. The most popular are kneading massage, pat, shiatsu, rolling. The cost of such capes can go up to a thousand dollars.

The positive effect of the overlays

The vibration pad is good when it is necessary to promote good blood circulation. She also helps relieve muscle tension and reduce fatigue from a monotonous pose. Warming up with it helps dissolve subcutaneous fat in small amounts.

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Roller massage car cape with heating has modes that, with long-term exposure, work the deep layers of muscles. Its power is higher, so it helps with osteochondrosis, pinching of nerves, as well as in cases when it is necessary to remove the accumulated physical pain.

what a heated car cape looks like

The effect of the massage cape

Differences between capes

To use capes in the car, the kit must have a special plug. You can also use an adapter (inverter) that helps to combine the difference in voltage.

The form capes can vary in width or height of the product, as well as in the presence or absence of a headrest, lateral supports, thickness.

As upholstery artificial fabric bases are used more often. However, in more expensive products there is a genuine leather upholstery. The design can be used wooden or plastic elements of support.

Production adjusted in almost all industrial countries from the Asian region, including China (RestArt, iRest, FitStudio), Taiwan (Takasima), Malaysia (OGAWA), to the European continent with German (Sanitas, Casada), French (Gezatone), English (Massage Paradise a) manufacturers. North America (US Medica) also offers its massage capes for consumers. There are on the market and domestic manufacturers (GT AUTO).

When choosing, you must be guided resulting effect. Also, it does not interfere with the presence of heating and a remote control for adjustment. There are capes with different work options in the massage areas. You can simultaneously include all zones or any one of them. The presence of the timer will allow not to be distracted by switching off and not to overload the device with intensive operation.

Overview of massage capes

Consider several options for these products from different price categories. Let's compare the functions used by them.


Car massager TL-2005Z-F from the German company ZENET costs about 2,200 rubles. The power consumption of the product is 20 watts. Exterior upholstery made of polyester. Ten work items are located along the vertical part.

how massage massage car cushion is heated

Cape TL-2005Z-F

The device is equipped with eight massage programs. For control included remote control is present. Vibration cape is equipped with infrared heating function, providing positive effect on blood flow and warming muscles. It is used to massage the body from the cervical vertebrae to the lower back and buttocks. Weight - 1.6 kg.

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Inside mounted 8 magnets, which take care of capillary circulation. They also increase immunity, and the magnetic field created by them strengthens strength and restores balance in the body.

Included is a timer that provides power disconnection after a specified period of time. It helps to completely relax and relieve tension in the body.

Shiatsu Max

The American company HoMedics offers to use its Shiatsu Max products, worth about 15,000 rubles. Designed capes Italian specialists. Roller massager compared to cheaper competitors increases the area of ​​massage by 80%.

where you can buy a massage cape for a car seat

Cape Shiatsu Max

The product reduces back pain during overstressing of muscles. Work is carried out from the collar area, then in the upper back, lower back and ends in the upper thighs.

The cape has a special Perfect fit function, thanks to which you can adjust the width of the massage rollers. The special clamps are installed, which allow to fix the product on a chair of any shape. In the presence of 4 programs for three different modes of intensity. The pad is equipped with a timer, consumes 40 watts and weighs 10 kg per pack.

Quattromed 4-S

The German cape from the company Casada costs about 60,000 rubles. The massager provides improved performance of the lymphatic system and blood circulation. The mechanics of S-Line almost completely repeats the natural shape of the spine. Due to this, the massage heads fit more closely to the back and neck, and can more effectively perform their work.

how much does a heated car cape cost

Cape Shiatsu Max

The device is equipped with a heated, adjustable timer and remote control. You can use kneading (shiatsu), roller massage and vibrating with warming up.

Feature of the product are jade rollers. They are installed instead of the standard plastic. Due to this replacement, the heating effect of the massage is enhanced. The back of the cape is equipped with rigid carbon inserts that help keep your back in the desired anatomical position.

The total package weight is 9 kg and the power consumption is 25 watts. The product can work from the cigarette lighter socket.


Not all fit these capes on the chair. There are several limitations in which the use of such devices is contraindicated:

  • chronic or ongoing skin diseases;
  • pregnancy;
  • can not be used for spinal injuries, especially during exacerbation of pain;
  • during inflammatory processes, such as kidney disease.
how the back cape on a car seat acts on the back

Massage cape in the car

In any case, before applying it is advisable to consult with a therapist and traumatologist.