Aston martin one 77 (aston martin one 77) is fast

Aston Martin One 77 - a car that was originally conceived as something extraordinary. This model is not by chance has a specific marking with two sevens. That is how many copies of this car came off the convoy of the British company. The model was so popular that all samples were bought back a year before the official release of the series. The price of Aston Martin One 77 was launched from a half million euros.

aston martin one 77

It was first presented to the public at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. Then this supercar got into all self-respecting car magazines.

The main designer of this project, Marek Reichman, put his soul into the car. Therefore, this exclusive Aston Martin came out at the same time continuing the traditional line of the company, and completely original.

In the design of the car were used carbon elements and aluminum for body parts. As a result, the car came out quite light, but durable and reliable. For this model, and used a new suspension. The suspension of the car is very modern. Engineers have assembled a rather interesting structure in which shock absorbers with Dynamic Suspension Spool Valve technology are used. It allows you to control the valves.

By the way, each sample of the Aston Martin Van 77 was customized personally for the buyer's requests.

Aston Martin One 77

The 750-hp engine was shifted to the front axle for proper weight distribution of a half-ton car. By the way, the dimensions of the Aston Martin One 77 and its mass do not prevent the supercar from accelerating to a hundred in 3.2 seconds. At the same time, the maximum possible speed of the British reaches 320 km / h. The 12-cylinder V-engine has a volume of 7.3 liters. This machine is not for lovers of small cars.

On this model, there is a six-speed robotic transmission, which Aston engineers have created directly for this series.

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All 77 Aston Martin cars were assembled at the plant in Gadon. 27 specialists took part in the work. According to estimates of company representatives, the assembly of the entire series took 2,700 man-hours.

Subsequently, a modification of the car Rice Tuning, in which the mass of the car, previously constituting more than one and a half tons, was reduced to 1001 kg, the volume of the tank was increased to 101 liters. (previously 98). Also, managed to get outstanding speed indicators. Acceleration to a hundred in 2.8s., And the maximum recorded speed in a straight line is 405 km. With such speeds, you can contend with any American car, for example.

Aston Martin One 77 Sizes

  • Weight 1630 kg
  • Wheelbase 2791 mm
  • Height is 1222 mm
  • Width 1999.5 mm
  • Length 4601 mm

Due to the small volume of cars produced, this model Aston Martin is not often seen on the streets of cities. Not so long ago it was reported that one of these beauties appeared in Kiev. And this car is on the list of the most expensive in the world.

But, in fact, the photo of the Kiev owner of a supercar, shot in the summer of 2013.

Aston Martin One 77

The creation of this masterpiece was made possible through cooperation with a number of companies. Twelve-cylinder "beast" under the hood created the famous company Cosworth.

sizes aston martin one 77

Now it is the most powerful car with an atmospheric engine in the world. Although the basic design of the engine is the same as that of DBS, the filling is almost completely replaced here.

When you look into the salon, you immediately remember - Aston Martin does not save on the interior. Everything here is traditionally high quality.

aston martin van 77

But this gorgeous white Aston Martin One 77 was bought only to enable Top Gear broadcasts to test drive. The owner of the car is an Arab businessman.

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And here's a video of how Aston Martin travels to Monaco: