Removing dents on a car without painting their own hands

The joy of buying a new car may soon be slightly overshadowed by the possible appearance of small dents on the body. There are such problems as the fault of the driver who does not fit into the dimensions of the passage, and because of external factors, such as hail or a fallen branch from a tree.

Not always the damaged area needs paintwork, sometimes it is enough to carry out a small repair of dents without painting in order to restore the car’s original appearance. Carrying out such work requires not only certain skills, but also special equipment. It is quite simple to purchase it at the points of sale of car accessories.


  • 1 Features of repair
  • 2 Vacuum suction pads
  • 3 Glue fixtures
  • 4 PDR technology application

Features of repair

It is first necessary to assess the severity of the damage, because in some cases there is damage to the paintwork that needs to be repaired. Also, if possible, select a specific method of resuscitation of the metal surface. This is due to the availability of a suitable set of tools and economic feasibility of the selected works.

Gone are the days when it was necessary to restore the geometry of the body only with the repainting of the surface after all aligning operations. Modern technologies allow the removal of dents without painting their own hands at home without the involvement of specialists from car repair shops.

how to remove dents without painting their hands at home

There are methods that affect the surface of the metal, both inside and outside.

Internal work is carried out usually through technological openings. For this purpose, a set of rigid, but at the same time thin levers is used. They allow you to get to the place of damage. After work, this hole can be closed.

Elimination of dents on a car without painting their own hands can be carried out using adhesive applicators. This method requires the application outside the damaged area of ​​the body of the adhesive composition. After the substance has hardened, small dents are pulled out.

There are also ways in which non-standard equipment is used.not intended for this work, for example, magnets or building hair dryers. For such operations will require great skill and accuracy.

Vacuum suction pads

Work with vacuum apparatus, providing a dent in dents, is usually carried out with minor damage in depth. After the operation, there is no need for additional cleansing of glue or patching of technological holes.

what is the correction of dents without painting

Vacuum devices differ in the area of ​​impact. The most comfortable option for repairing a plane is considered to be one in which all the damage is hidden under the tool area.

Before starting work, it is enough to clean the work area from dust or possible contamination. A device with a connected pump is applied to the site of impact. Air exhaust is carried out using a manual or electric pump. When the fit is tight enough, the formation of a vacuum should be stopped, and lean back from the pump.

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how to make the removal of dents on the car without painting their own hands

The straightening process is accompanied by the characteristic sound of sheet bending. Upon completion of the operation, it is sufficient to open the installed valve to disconnect the device.

Glue fixtures

High-quality correction of dents without painting can be performed using the auxiliary set Pops-a-Dent. The cost, depending on the configuration is 6-8 dollars. The set must include the following elements:

  • glue gun, through which glue is heated to the desired state;
  • plastic C-shaped bridge-bracket with a hole for threaded devices;
  • container with hot melt glue;
  • several special suction cups.

what is the correction of dents without painting

The legs of the plastic clip at the points of contact with the surface of the car are coated with a polymer sponge. On the suckers, screwed through the yoke, there are "heels" of different diameters to handle various damage areas.

In order to repair the body without painting with Pops-a-Dent, degrease the deformed area and then wipe dry with a clean, dry cloth. Choose a screw with a patch fixed at one end, and quickly lubricate it with melted glue from a pistol.

We attach the plane of the device to the dent, and fix it in several small quarter-turn scrolls in different directions for better distribution of the glue.

You need to know that the glue must protrude from all sides around the nickle, leaning against the place of deformation and through technological holes in its sole.

The approximate cooling time is about 2-3 minutes, after which you can thread the bracket through the hole in the rocker arm. On the open threaded end of the screw is screwed nut-wing. With its help the force of alignment is regulated. The work should be carried out slowly and carefully.

how to repair dents without painting

After the metal returns to its original position, the entire fixture is left for 8-10 minutes in this state. Then begins the analysis with unscrewing the nut.

After removing the rocker arm, we warm up the point of contact of the nick with the glue by the building dryer at the minimum temperature, while at the time of disconnecting the glued device we rotate it half a turn to the left / right so that it is easier to lag behind the surface.

There is not always a need to purchase a complete set of Pops-a-Dent, for more accurate drivers to purchase a heating gun with glue bricks, and a long screw with a flat wide cap can act as a working tool.

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The rocker in this case is made independently with the help of improvised means, for example, wooden slats and a pair of pieces of soft rags. As a thrust nut, an ordinary threaded “lamb” with a wide washer is purchased. First, a layer of glue should be applied to the damaged area and to the cap, connecting them for fixing for 1-2 minutes.

After that, an additional layer of glue is applied on the back side of the cap in such a volume that, spreading, the mass is connected with the stiffening part. Further, the entire workflow will be exactly the same as with the more expensive set.

PDR technology application

The most modern, but at the same time more labor-intensive and costly, is the work on PRD technology (from the English. PaintlessDentRemoval), restoration without painting. For its reproduction you need a set of levers of different shapes, lengths and configurations.

how to start removing dents on a car without painting their own hands

The need for such work arises with significant damage to the car body. In some cases it is necessary to dismantle the skin sections.impeding access to the treated area.

The use of this method has become possible due to the use of more advanced car painting technologies by automakers. The paint-and-lacquer coating includes polymeric elements that provide it with greater strength and flexibility. This property allows the coating to remain whole even with significant damage, dents.

There are also contraindications for the PDR method. The list of prohibitions included such cases:

  • car age over 15 years;
  • obvious visible damage to the paint layer;
  • deep damage to body geometry;
  • poor quality of the paint layer;
  • in the event that before this, restoration work with a gross violation of technology was applied to this zone.

The most problematic areas for restoration are considered to be: roof racks, door sills, trunk edges.

how to perform the removal of dents on the car without painting their own hands

Work begins with the insertion through the technological opening of a suitable lever. With its scrolling around its axis, the surface is restored. The work is carried out with little effort and is quite long in time. With a professional approach, polymer wedges are used, providing an additional leverage for effort.

Before work, you can spend a little warming up of the deformation zone with the help of a building dryer.

This operation will remove the metal stresses that appear. Before using any specialized devices, it is imperative to familiarize yourself with the instructions for their use before working.

Recovery work can last from half an hour to several hours. In this way, you can restore the surface of aluminum, plastic, steel.