Jeep plans to return to the world market model wagoneer

Representatives of the brand Jeep, which is manufactured by the American company Chrysler, can not decide what to do with their popular model Wagoneer. This car enjoyed great success right up to the beginning of the last decade.

Jeep Wagoneer

The automaker believes that the return of these cars to the world market will have a positive impact on the brand's profit.

The company said that the Wagoneer will be able to compete with Range Rover, and even shift from the leadership position.

Recall that the Jeep Wagoneer - the first luxury 4 × 4, which was manufactured and sold with the help of numerous brands from 1963 to 1991. It was produced with various minor changes for 28 years. In 1992, the Wagoneer replaced the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Earlier, the Italians turned the Jeep into a special version in honor of Harley-Davidson.