The limousine version of the genesis g90 almost caught up in

Just a week ago, the Koreans presented the first premium model. sedan Genesis G90, and today it became known that Hyundai company is going to release a "limousine" version of this model, which will receive an elongated and much more luxurious body than from its closest relative. About serial sedan Genesis G90 (which in the domestic Korean car market is referred to as EQ900) we spoke quite recently when Koreans demonstrated this model to the whole world. As foreign online publications write, Limousine Genesis G90 will start selling before the summer of 2016. Usual sedan Genesis G90 stretched in length by 5 meters 25 mm, and his new brother limousine will be longer by almost forty centimeters. And this will not be an increment only due to the elongation of the stern and nose of the body, the length of the wheelbase of the car will increase accordingly. Have Standard Gennesis the base is 3 meters 16 centimeters. The imagination of fans of the Korean car industry suggests that the back seat of a limousine will be everything for a comfortable pastime of the owner, while the driver turns the steering wheel. They even say that there will be a massage chair for VIP-persons and a spacious bar for drinks. Competitor for Standard Gennesis Today stands the Mercedes-Benz S-class. After the appearance of an elongated "limousine" version, a direct rival Premium Genesis will be maybach. Although the length of it is 53 mm higher than the Korean.

Recall that under the hood at sedan Genesis G90A line of three petrol engines is presented: a 3.3-liter turbo six engine for 370 horses, and two atmospheric engines: a 3.8-liter and 5.0-liter for the corresponding 315 and 425 horses. The entire engine line works with an eight-speed automatic transmission. On the Russian car market sedan Genesis G90 will appear in the middle of next year. There is an opinion that роскошный Limousine Genesis G90 too, will soon come to our avtomonuvorisham. In five years, the Genesis range will consist of as many as six cars. The list will include a 7-seater crossover, sports coupe, and a compact crossover. Koreans are very fond of premium cars. On Genesis G90 For a couple of days, more than ten thousand pre-orders were typed.

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