Used porsche cayenne - pros and cons


In our country, just crazy about the "thoroughbred" SUVs. They are adored and among these favorites, probably the most popular - Porsche Cayenne. Indeed, today, in the secondary market of our country, as many as 750 used SUVs of this model are offered for sale. What is their charm and why are they so in demand? We will conduct a kind of test Porsche Cayenne and find out all its strengths and weaknesses.

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne

Примечательно то, что к подержанным Porsche Cayenne аппетит покупателей не настолько волчий, как к новым. Нет, их покупают, тем более что цена на них намного дешевле. Так, подержанный в меру Porsche Cayenne можно купить за 500 тыс. рублей и даже за еще меньшую цену. Почему же у этого внедорожника такая низкая ликвидность? Неужели он ненадежен и так сказать «ломуч»? Не будем торопиться и проанализируем все подробно.Читать далее о плюсах и минусах подержанного Porsche Cayenne-->

Expensive toy or tech car

Managers themselves claim that Porsche Cayenne is usually bought by wealthy clients. They do not drive for a long time and these SUVs practically fresh come into the secondary market. They are wealthy people ride enough, but then sell on the principle - the price does not stand. Get rid of the Porsche Cayenne as an expensive toy.

Porsche Cayenne Car: Side View

Porsche Cayenne Car: Side View

It is worth noting that this toy is very technological. Porsche Cayenne permanent four-wheel drive. There is a reduction gear and the center differential is blocked by electronics. Under standard driving conditions, torque is transmitted to the wheels at a ratio of 38 / front and 62 / rear. When the slip begins, for example, in the slush, torque is redistributed right up to the full application on one of the axes. In the Porsche Cayenne is a management system that is responsible for directional stability and does it quite successfully. The system drives the car and is able to brake the wheels automatically depending on driving conditions.

Version Porsche Cayenne Turbo was equipped with air suspension, automatically reducing clearance from 217 to 187 mm. This process occurs at a speed of more than 125 km / h, which is fully justified. High cars at high speed are in the habit of turning over, which cannot be said about the Porsche Cayenne, equipped with such a useful system. If the vehicle’s speed rises and becomes more than 210 km / h, the ground clearance is reduced by another 11 mm. If the road is completely bad, ground clearance can be increased manually up to 243 mm, thus ensuring safety from contact of the bottom with the ground. And even more - off-road clearance can be increased to 273 mm.

Amazingly made on the Porsche Cayenne and shock absorbers. They were originally set up for a change in ground clearance, and a special system was vigilantly watching them.


Produced Cayenne with petrol engines "sixes" to 3.2 liters with a capacity of 250 liters. with. and with the "eight" engines of 4.5 liters with different power. In addition, it also produced a turbocharged engine, whose power was as much as 521 liters. with.

Porsche Cayenne: вид сзади

Porsche Cayenne: вид сзади

6-speed manual transmissions and automatic transmissions interacted well with atmospheric aggregates, and only automata combined with turbocharging.

Today in the secondary market of Russia there are cars Porsche Cayenne, imported from the countries of the East or Europe. And the most profitable options for buying among them are those models that are sold by Russian dealers.

Studying a used Porsche Cayenne

In the process of purchasing a second-hand Porsche Kayen, attention must be paid to diagnostics. Why? It's simple. This car has been produced for more than 12 years, which a priori indicates that you can easily run into a completely “killed” version. Therefore, it is advisable to buy at dealerships, and not on the "autobazar". Although opinions on this issue may not converge.

We promised to put this car apart. So do. Let's start with the heart of any car - the engine. We note immediately that it is always reliable and has a large margin of safety, but not forever. Already after 100 thousand km of run, problems begin, mainly related to increased oil consumption, reaching as much as 1.5 liters per 1000 km. In addition, the "six" and "eight" are prone to overheating. To ensure the correct thermal mode of the engine, experts advise to constantly monitor the cleanliness of the radiator cooling. The culprit of overheating could be a faulty pump worth 15 thousand rubles. In addition, the engine can overheat and worn plastic pulley drive the same pump at a price of 9.9 thousand rubles.

Saloon car Porsche Cayenne

Saloon car Porsche Cayenne

On the Porsche Cayenne often crack cooling pipes. It is recommended to replace them with metal components, which will cost about 15 thousand rubles. A second-hand Porsche Cayenne seven-year-old and even a five-year-old will require the replacement of gaskets and engine seals cracking with time.

Sensitive Porsche Cayenne units and fuel quality Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% However, they are so demanding that even using additives, the negative impact of poor-quality fuel on the engine will not be possible to fix. The owner of a Porsche Kayen should always be ready for expensive maintenance and repair.

Test drive a Porsche Cayenne:

The boxes are also not a gift. On the automatic transmission after 100 thousand km of run, glands begin to leak. If some consider it a trifle, then we recall that replacing them at the dealer costs at least 30 thousand rubles. In general, automatic transmission is weak in terms of durability and change it to the Porsche Cayenne during the warranty period.

If the outboard bearing fails, it will have to be changed along with the cardan worth 70 thousand rubles. On a Porsche Kayena with a four-wheel drive version, the hand-outs are quickly stretched.

Able to give surprises and suspension, which begins to be depressed after the 100-thousandth car run. To sort out the front suspension from the repairman, you will have to say goodbye to 25 thousand rubles. As for the repair of "tricked" air suspension, it is much more expensive. The risk group also includes pneumatic struts, body position regulators and a compressor. Repair of these parts will cost a considerable amount.


What do we get? Is it profitable to buy a used Porsche Cayenne or is it better to pay attention to another SUV, even if it is not so thoroughbred, but less expensive to repair?

Porsche Cayenne has excellent driving and off-road qualities, a spacious and roomy interior, as well as a high brand image. In addition, the second-hand Porsche Cayenne boasts powerful and high-tech engines. They are reliable, but consume a lot of fuel.

In the Porsche Cayenne cabin, however old it may be, it is always comfortable to sit, because only high-quality materials were used in the decoration, practical and comfortable in German. Almost all versions of this SUV are well equipped.

Those who certainly decided to acquire this particular car, I would like to warn about the disadvantages of this "thoroughbred" SUV. In addition to increased consumption, expensive repairs and maintenance of the Porsche Cayenne also quickly loses in value. Sell ​​it without financial losses will not work. On the other hand, fans of this model are confident that the one who becomes the owner of a Porsche Kayen will never want to get rid of him.