Making a duplicate number on the machine

Несколько лет назад потеря номеров со своего транспортного средства для автовладельцев оказывалась головной болью. Необходимо было отправляться в ближайшее отделение ГИБДД, заполнять множество бланков и подвергаться всевозможным бюрократическим процедурам. Теперь практически каждый собственник легковушки знает, where to make a duplicate of state numbers on cars. Выполнение процедуры возможно даже в дистанционном режиме.


  • 1 Difference between replacement and duplication.
  • 2 Where to go
  • 3 The main actions of the car owner in case of theft
  • 4 How much is a duplicate number on the car

The difference between replacing and duplicating

Основным правовым документом, решающим вопрос с номерами автомобиля, является Приказ 605 по МВД, датированный 7 августа 2013 г. Он определяет, что при утере либо механическом повреждении допускается making duplicate state license plates самим собственник ТС.

It is important to know that the car owner has the right to re-register the car in which the replacement of the vehicle is carried out, instead of producing duplicate numbers.

However, it is worth considering that this is a more costly procedure in all senses, which will be not only more expensive, but the result will be later. In the process of production of twins, there is no need to contact law enforcement agencies in any way: either through the websites of state services or the traffic police, or personally with a visit to the department.

where to make a duplicate of state numbers on cars

The main reasons for having to turn to specialists for the necessary attribute of each legal car are the following options:

  • physical damage to the surface (dents, chips, tears, etc.);
  • the presence of large foci of corrosion, making it difficult to read information (often present on older machines);
  • self-loss (often happens on bumpy roads with a weak fixation of the bar);
  • theft (a common version of fraud for cars from other regions or countries, which offer a refund for money).

Do not confuse the concept of replacement and making a duplicate number on the machine, as these are two different concepts. In the first case, the machine is re-registered with changes to the documents. In the second case, the driver receives only an extra pair of copies.

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making duplicate state license plates

If a theft occurs, we recommend not to make a duplicate, but to re-register. Often, a thief can set your attributes on a car that is intended to commit crimes. As a result, unwanted efforts will appear. It is also worth knowing that driving a car with false signs is punishable under the Administrative Violations Code of paragraph 4 of Article 12.2. up to six months of deprivation of rights. In a more serious case, law enforcement officers may accuse the car owner of deliberately falsifying documents, which is a criminal offense and “pulls” 80 thousand fine or two years in prison.

Where to go

Legal registration of license plates in our country can only be done by organizations accredited by the relevant authorities. Duplicate car numbers citizens can order in almost every major village. Previously it is important to check that the company has chosen the appropriate permit.

Organization of production is available only to legal entities or individual entrepreneurs. It is worth considering that according to GOST R 50577-93 dies with numbers are equipped with several degrees of protection. It will be possible to check whether a particular contractor is the owner of the certificate from the Ministry of Internal Affairs through the traffic police website. On the search page https: //begd.rf/ you need to specify the desired region, then select the manufacturer you like from the drop-down list.

where to make a duplicate of state numbers on cars in Moscow

The operation takes a minimum of time. In order to place an order for a duplicate license plates, it is enough to demonstrate the certificate of registration of the car. It is not necessary to bring with you the damaged / intact dies that have become unusable or otherwise damaged.

The main actions of the car owner in case of theft

First of all, the owner is obliged to go to the traffic police and notify them in writing with a statement about the loss. This will prevent future troubles from occurring if the theft was carried out for the purpose of further use of the slats.

The driver should then get a new number on the vehicle, not a duplicate. A law enforcement officer is obliged to enter the old data into the search base. The owner of the car to continue the procedure of re-registration must provide this package of documents:

  • registration certificate of the car and its certificate;
  • car insurance;
  • own passport;
  • if necessary, a notarized power of attorney when the procedure is performed not by the owner;
  • police confirmation of the theft.
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For legal entities, additional documents may be leasing agreements, powers of attorney from the organization. The duty of the police officer on duty is to register the incident in the relevant journal, and then a criminal case will be initiated within 10 days.

In the traffic police after the provision of documents is a visual reconciliation without examination of documents and VIN-code. Car owner pays state duty. Changes are made to the following documents:

  • issued a new certificate for the car;
  • adjustments are made to the data sheet;
  • then you need to go to the insurance company to make changes to the CTP or CASCO policy.

How much is a duplicate number on the car

The price of their services is determined by each manufacturer individually. It is worth considering that the amount may vary depending on the region of the country. For Muscovites a couple of numbers will cost 1.4–2 thousand rubles. Accordingly, it will cost 700–1300 rubles. Many organizations offer to receive such a product even without a personal visit, and the result of the work is sent to the customer by courier or Russian Post.

When the car owner decides to carry out the operation through the traffic police, he will pay a state fee, which is the same throughout the country:

  • license plates - 2850 rubles;
  • motorcycle - 1850 rubles.

If there is a chance not to steal, but to lose the planks, then it is necessary to first announce the incident. And only after that go for the registration of duplicates.