The best springs on the wha


When the back of the car begins to sink strongly, it is necessary to replace the suspension springs. "Fatigue" of this part creates a lot of inconvenience:

  • ground clearance of the car is reduced, because of which the muffler and the rear end bump the bumps on the roads, cling to the asphalt;
  • there is rubber rubbing in the arches of the rear wheels;
  • shock absorbers wear out more, causing damage to other parts of the suspension and the body;
  • the machine is tilted to one side (usually due to the breaking of the coils);
  • shakes the car, and often sharply.

Springs for car

From the quality of the springs depend on the smoothness, its softness, as well as handling characteristics.

Читать далее о лучших пружинах для ВАЗ-->Замена этой детали необходима, когда владельцы авто желают перевозить большей тяжести груз, некоторые таким способом увеличивают скоростные характеристики машины. Обычно срок эксплуатации пружин составляет 5–10 лет. Однако на российском бездорожье они довольно быстро «устают», сокращая срок своего качественного функционирования до 3 лет.

In addition, the springs are constantly hit by small stones, the surface is damaged, moisture gets there and, naturally, corrosion begins. Therefore it is better to replace them regularly. For example, at the VAZ 2107 they are recommended to be changed every 30 thousand kilometers.

Car breakage

Properties of suspension springs

When the torsions on the vehicles were replaced with springs, the handling improved, the suspension became easier to maintain. Springs maintain ground clearance of the car, reducing vibrations and shocks while the vehicle is moving.

To ride was comfortable, you need to choose the right parts. If the specifications are unsuitable, then the positive properties of the suspension will be reduced to zero. Therefore it is important to consider the following parameters:

  • diameter - its increase affects stiffness;
  • the number of turns - with an increase in stiffness decreases;
  • the form.

Often, car owners tend to install more rigid parts in the suspension. This contributes to an increase in the sensitivity of the steering wheel to driver control, but traction deteriorates.

Fans of sports driving style believe that, on the contrary, it is better to put parts with reduced rigidity. However, such a suspension can create problems on country roads.

Let's take a closer look at which springs are better to install at the WHA.

Variation of spring stiffness

Compliance with the marking spring model

When installing the springs on the suspension VAZ, it is desirable to monitor their compliance.

  • 2101 install on rear wheel drive sedans.
  • 21012 tougher, made from a rod of larger diameter. It is placed on a VAZ with left-hand steering, with special equipment, when a front suspension with increased energy consumption is needed.
  • 2102 are put on VAZ-2102 station wagons, 21014. They have increased length by 21 mm compared to 2101, therefore they are put on sedans only when they often have to drive on country roads so as not to hurt the bumps - when installing 2102, the ground clearance under bodywork. To increase the capacity they can not be used, because with them inevitably premature destruction of the body.
  • 2108 put on all front-wheel drive models, except for modifications with a 16-valve engine and "Oka". By the way, the markets often deceive owners of sedans VAZ-21099, offering to buy scarce "99 springs." In fact, there are the usual "eighths", and the "99s", in general, does not exist.
  • 2110 European put on the rear suspension VAZ 21102-21104, 2112, 2114, on the front and rear suspension 21122 and 21124. The European version is created for cars intended for export. The road clearance here is made less by 20 mm, the spring compliance is reduced, in order to increase their stability at high speed when making turns. The patency of cars on the roads, dirt roads at the same time significantly deteriorates.
  • 2111 are placed on the rear suspension VAZ 2111 and 2113.
  • 2112 are placed on the front suspension VAZ 21103, 2112, 21113.
  • 2121 is used on all-wheel drive models, except for "Oka".

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Selection depending on the manufacturer

Often when drivers break parts, they try to buy original, factory replacement ones, not wanting to experiment. However, there is a worthy choice from other manufacturers, whose products are sometimes no worse than the original ones.


There is a wide range for different brands of cars, as well as parts are made of any configuration according to customer’s drawings.

Sirius springs for cars


The quality is satisfactory, but, according to some motorists, after 2 years they begin to sink, losing their rigidity. In total under this brand springs about 500 types are made on any brands of cars, there are standard, reinforced and lowered springs. Backlash kits with increased ground clearance are also offered.

FOBOS springs


Good quality for little money. Hardness over time lose, but do not squander. As a budget option is quite good.

Springs company Tehnoressor


Very durable, without sagging. They have a stiffness adjustment right on the car, performed by a special lamb under the hood.

Springs company horses


Quality, very durable, almost do not "grow old" - do not subside, do not lose rigidity. When turning there is no roll. But they are more expensive than horses, one and a half times. \

Springs from Eibach


Products of the SS20 brand are subject to mandatory testing on test benches, after which they are selected in pairs with similar characteristics. Such verification provides, according to the manufacturer, 100 percent product quality. Large assortment allows you to choose the desired characteristics depending on the style of driving and operating conditions. There are 3 options:

  • hot winding standard height with linear compression characteristic;
  • cold winding standard height with linear and progressive compression characteristics;
  • cold winding understated, with progressive compression characteristics.

SS20 Springs for cars


Alternative original springs from Kilen differ in maximum quality. The service life, according to manufacturers, is twice the work of the original products from the WHA.

Springs company Kilen


Excellent springs made of special alloys, coated to increase the service life of epoxy coating.

Пружины фирмы Asy

Installation Tips

  1. Can I install parts of different classes?

Remember that the spring on the suspension should be put one class. Suppose you installed A-class parts on the front suspension, which means that you also need to put class “A” on the back.

If a similar class is not available for the rear suspension, in exceptional cases a class “B” is placed on the rear suspension.

If the B-class springs are installed on the front suspension, then you cannot put it on the rear A class.

On the left and right side of the same axle, install the suspension of the same class.

Selection of stiffness class

  1. Which springs are better to put on the VAZ 2107?

Before changing parts, make sure you really need it. You can check in the following way: when you stand at the front of the VAZ 2107, swing the body down. If it quickly rises to its original position, the replacement of the springs is not needed, they are in good condition. If the body does not rise, continues to swing, then a replacement is necessary. In the same way, you can check the rear suspension VAZ 2107.

To improve the aerodynamics of the VAZ 2107, to improve the sensitivity of the steering wheel, it is recommended to put more rigid springs than the original ones. You can buy designed for the VAZ 2104, cut one turn. Be sure to change the VAZ 2107 two at the same time, otherwise the car on the roads will lose stability.

It is not recommended to install reinforced rubber gaskets on the 2107, because spring punching will occur.

  1. Will the VAZ 2107 fit the springs from the Niva?

If you want to make a sports tuning on the VAZ-2107, the suspension is made more rigid, it improves the quality of handling, without reducing the level of comfort.

The rear springs are stiffer than the front. Factory too soft, and the car quickly loses controllability, the bottom is scratched on the road surface. Increasing the stiffness of the suspension, it is recommended to put on the VAZ 2107 springs from Niva.

  1. Which springs are better to put on the VAZ 2110?

At the VAZ 2110, the front spring often breaks down due to poor-quality roads, so it needs to be replaced. And you can do it yourself, without contacting the service center. It remains only to find out that it is better to choose from the range offered by 2110.

At the front suspension of the VAZ-2110 with standard equipment, they put 2108 springs on the rear suspension - 2110. In the absence of original parts, motorists are advised to install the SS20 highway, the car goes smoothly and is stable when turning.

  1. Which springs are better to put on Priora?

If the spring has slipped on the Priore, it is recommended to install new original ones from VAZ. Choose only a class depending on the purpose of your tuning. Class "A" is more rigid. In the absence of the original, in the opinion of motorists, it is better to put a kit with understating the Eibach Pro-Kit (-30 mm).

  1. Which springs are better to put on the VAZ 2114?

The suspension of the VAZ 2114 is quite strong, and the need to replace parts arises quite rarely. Therefore, not all car owners of cars 2114 know that it is better to choose from the wide range offered in the markets.

Sometimes springs from 2112 are put on the VAZ 2114, they are a little tougher, they are designed for more car weight, therefore 2112 will be raised a little - by 2–3 cm, which means you can increase the permeability in this way. If, on the contrary, there is a desire to understate the car, it is recommended to buy Eibach, with the front -5, and the rear -7, so that the car does not bully.

Replacing springs for cars

So, the choice of springs on the VAZ is wide enough, the main thing is to choose the right characteristics of rigidity according to the load on the car and the operating conditions. On forums and blogs you will find a variety of tips. Of course, it is better to first consult with specialists. The rejection of the original parts in favor of other manufacturers may be dictated by the desire to improve the driving performance of the car, but be sure to compare the cost of tuning and the result obtained.