Car battery rating

To start the car, it must be started. For this, a high voltage current is required, which the TC generator cannot produce. To obtain a spark battery is used. He is able to systematically accumulate energy and give it to the generator, after which the car begins to move, and the battery recharges.

But not all batteries are equally good. In frost, it is not uncommon for a battery to emit 2-3 weak shocks and cease to show signs of life. Therefore, the relevance of the question of which battery is better for a car is not questioned. The review of popular models below describes the different types of batteries and presents the best based on user feedback.


  • Factors affecting the choice of battery
  • Types of batteries
  • Lead Acid Battery Rating
    • Tyumen Battery
    • ACTECH 6ST-64
    • 55 A3 ("The Beast")
  • Best AGM-batteries
    • Varta Silver Dynamic AGM
    • Varta Blue Dynamic AGM
    • Tudor AGM
    • Banner Running Bull
  • Top gel batteries
    • Optima Yellow Top 55 Ah
    • Moll AGM Start-Stop 70R 760A
  • Useful tips

Factors affecting the choice of battery

The durability and stability of the device is determined by several characteristics. Below they are discussed in detail.

  1. Battery capacity.

The key criterion to be guided. Capacity indicates the amount of energy that a device can accumulate and store. Measured in ampere hours (A * h). The value of the indicator depends on the engine size.

  • Varta is a good battery for cars operated mainly in the city.
  • Battery - an important element of the car. Its low quality is a prerequisite for permanent failures in equipment operation and starting the machine in extreme conditions. The considered material gives an exhaustive answer to the question of which battery is better for a car, and helps vehicle owners to make the right choice.