Recovery of a vehicle registration certificate in case of

Experienced drivers have long developed the habit of carrying documents for a car and a driver's license in your pocket, and not to leave it all in the car. The loss of any of these documents will force the car owner to waste time, effort and money on their restoration. But if the theft nevertheless occurred, then you need to know how to restore the certificate of registration of the vehicle, and what actions you need to take to do this.


  • 1 Punishment for lack of documents
  • 2 Car owner’s actions in case of loss of a special equipment
  • 3 Required package of documents
  • 4 Unseen circumstances

Punishment for lack of documents

The stolen or lost STS will not allow the driver to use the vehicle. In addition to the theft need to change the document. when changing the name of the owner, change of residence or poor state of the documentin which there is no possibility to read the entered information.

The transport certificate contains such information:

  • vehicle body number;
  • make and model of the vehicle;
  • an identification number;
  • data from the registration plate;
  • working volume of the power plant.

what will the loss of the certificate of registration of the vehicle

The lack of a CTC while driving a car is a traffic violation. The Administrative Code of the Russian Federation imposes a penalty of 500 rubles for this. In rare cases, a warning is made.

Car owner’s actions in case of loss of a special equipment

Recovery of a vehicle registration certificate in some cases is allowed without a car. However, vigilant inspectors may request a reconciliation machine, for example, VIN numbers. In such a situation will need the help of traffic police.

A driver without these documents will be able to provide the vehicle for examination in the following ways: by a tow truck and with a traffic police certificate. It is issued in free form, with confirmation of the loss of the JTS.

You need to know that driving a car without a JTS is classified as a traffic violation.

what to do when I lost my vehicle registration certificate

Car delivery with a tow truck

Users who prefer virtual communication can be advised to use the site to pre-register for public services. On the portal, it is enough to register or log in to already registered users, and then through the “Search” window, find the “Recovery of vehicle registration” item. Convenience of service allows you to even choose the most comfortable time visiting traffic police.

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Visiting the traffic police department and solving this issue will take a minimum amount of time. Most drivers with a sufficient amount of documents spend 1-2 hours.

Required package of documents

If the driver has lost the certificate of registration of the vehicle, then you need to collect the remaining documents to restore the JTS. When registering with the traffic police statements about the loss of evidence experienced drivers do not recommend the use of the phrase "theft". In such a situation, the inspector is obliged by law to await the closure of the criminal case and the decision on it.

These bureaucratic procedures can be delayed for more than one month. At this time, the driver is left without a JTS or other supporting document. It is enough to point out that the loss of the certificate of registration of the vehicle occurred in unclear circumstances.

Speed ​​up the procedure will help fill out a statement about the loss of documents. The sample for its correct filling is on the page of the traffic police portal.

how to restore the certificate of registration of the vehicle

The application is attached such a package:

  • identity card (passport or military ID);
  • passport for the vehicle;
  • statement of loss of documents;
  • insurance OSAGO;
  • receipt of payment of state duty;
  • contract for the purchase of a car.

To pay the state duty necessary for issued in the Department of traffic police details. Then the driver fills out a new form for issuing a duplicate. The standard execution time is a working day, but practice shows that the procedure is rarely delayed for such a period.

You need to know that since 2015, the cost of state duty increased to 850 rubles.

The cost of payment does not depend on the region of residence of the car owner, it is one across the country.

Unseen circumstances

A relatively simple procedure for recovering a registration certificate for a vehicle may not be completed, and the driver will be refused by state authorities. The basis for this is a regulatory document. N 1001 MIA of 11/24/2008.

It contains an exhaustive list of cases to justify the refusal:

  • Incorrect information is present in the collected package;
  • a ban on registration is valid on the vehicle;
  • the car does not comply with safety regulations;
  • the data provided have obvious signs of forgery;
  • in the documents there is no information about the payment of the utilization fee.
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how to recover the vehicle registration certificate

To avoid such situations, you must provide only verified information about yourself and your car. If, in your opinion, the refusal is unreasonable, then demand a written refusal and make a written complaint on its basis. This document is written in the name of the head of the traffic police. If he is not followed by a positive reaction, then he should go to court for resolution of the conflict.