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Selection of rubber for your car is a responsible choice, because driving safety, life and health of road users depend on it. The range of tire shops is becoming wider, and it is becoming more and more difficult for customers to navigate in this variety. But there are companies that for many years working in the global market have established themselves as manufacturers of the most high-quality and reliable tires.

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Reliable tire manufacturers

Каждая из них предлагает шины для различных дорожных и климатических условий, разных типов автомобилей и стилей вождения. Обычно водители выбирают именно между марками покрышек, лишь после этого рассматривая особенности конкретных моделей. Далее рассмотрим рейтинг производителей шин для легковых автомобилей, чью продукцию можно покупать спокойно, не боясь, что она подведёт или подвергнет вас риску на дороге.Читать далее о производителях надежных шин-->


continental car tires

Continental - a large innovative company

The most important thing that distinguishes the German company Continental, is stability, and in all its manifestations. Stable reliability, quality, continuous improvement, updating of models, use of innovations and scientific developments. The products are present in different price segments, but any tire models of this manufacturer have consistently recommended themselves well.

Continental Group is not only engaged in the production of automobile tires. This is a large innovative company that develops and manufactures components for the engineering industry, manufactures rubber and plastic products for high-tech industries. The company has its own scientific base, a staff of scientists and developers. The main reference points of research - improving safety and environmental friendliness. The advantage of the company is that it explores the problem of security from the depth, starting with the very technical equipment of the car and ending with the direct contact of the tire with the road.

The concern has participated in the development of technologies such as the anti-lock braking system, the system of course stability and emergency braking assistance, which are now used in most modern cars. One of the first began to produce tires specifically for electric and hybrid cars. Also, great attention is paid to ecology. This applies to both the tire production process and their use and disposal.

To improve environmental friendliness, the following areas of work have been created:

  1. Rational use of resources. Recycling rubber old tires for the production of new ones.
  2. The use of environmentally friendly materials.
  3. The development of new sources of materials for reducing harm to the environment. In particular, the commercial development of dandelion roots for the extraction of rubber is being actively developed. It is possible to grow them near the plants on the fields unsuitable for agricultural activity, at the same time transportation distances will decrease and there will be no need to cut down rubber trees.

But the main priority of the company is, of course, safety. Tires Continental by many estimates the best in the world market in all respects. At the same time, the company does not stop at what has been achieved and is constantly improving.


car tires michelin

Mishlen was founded more than 100 years ago and is represented in more than 170 countries of the world.

Following the German tire manufacturer, the rating is continued by another European, the French company Michelin. It was founded over 100 years ago and currently operates in the markets of more than 170 countries of the world. Production facilities are located in different regions and countries, including Russia. A special direction is the development of tires for trucks and agricultural vehicles.

From the very beginning of its history, Michelin has been actively engaged in technical research and innovation. They were the first to come up with air tires for passenger cars. Of the innovations of recent decades, the use of silica instead of carbon black can be called, which has led to an increase in durability, wear resistance and fuel economy. For special equipment was invented tire, which is not inflated with air, and is equipped with polymer spokes, which eliminates puncture and loss of functionality. Of the latest technological innovations, EverGrip technology is of great importance, which consists in the fact that as tires wear out, tire performance does not deteriorate and is equally safe throughout its service life.

Michelin produces tires for different types of cars, including hybrid and electric cars. Currently, work is underway on the fifth generation of eco-friendly tires to achieve even greater fuel economy and reduce environmental damage.

The company strives to make its production safer using solar panels and wind energy. All manufactured tires after recycling can be 100% recycled in various industries. Michelin also implements a program to restore the forest resources of rubber trees.

If we choose tires for safety and durability, Michelin is one of the best in the world. Particular attention is paid to the reliability of winter driving, speed characteristics and fuel efficiency. For example, the Smart Thorn technology was developed and used for winter tires. It consists in changing the properties of the material at the base of the spike, which changes the pressure on it and, accordingly, the degree of pressure on the web depending on the temperature. In warm weather, the base becomes soft, and the spike falls, thereby creating less noise and damage to the road, and improved handling and traction performance.


goodyear car tires

The world's largest tire manufacturer

Goodyear is the world's largest automotive rubber manufacturer. It was on these tires went to the world's first production car Ford. The company's history began more than 100 years ago and has always been accompanied by the development and introduction of new technologies. Among the goods produced are not only tires, but also various rubber products and polymers for mechanical engineering and other industries.

At present, the latest technologies and scientific achievements are used in the tires produced. This, for example, reinforced tires on which you can travel a decent distance even after a puncture. Patented technology of mutual engagement of tread blocks, which adds rigidity and stability to the tire. Noise absorbing foam is used to reduce the noise level. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% Activation of various tread zones, depending on road conditions, contributes to good monitoring and control characteristics. And as the tread wears out, new layers and grooves open up, which allows us to maintain high safety performance throughout the entire service life. These are just some of the features characteristic of Goodyear tires.

Like Michelin, the company produces tires for cars of various types and classes, including racing and off-road vehicles. Special attention is paid to the conceptual technologies of the cars of the future. For example, the so-called “Smart tire” was developed, which is equipped with sensors, and the tread is able to change its shape depending on the conditions. The tire is positioned for unmanned vehicles as part of the system of optimal automatic control.


car tires Pirelli

Pirelli was founded in 1872

Pirelli was founded in 1872 and currently has 19 factories around the world and operates in more than 160 countries. Particular attention is paid to sports tires. The company is currently the exclusive supplier of the Formula 1 Championship, participates in various investment projects and is actively developing new technologies to achieve the highest performance.

Pirelli products are premium tires for premium cars. But the range is very wide, so you can choose the right option on almost any car, as well as on motorcycles and trucks. They are also the best solution for sports cars.

On the territory of Russia, together with Russian companies, research is being conducted in the development of modern synthetic rubbers, carbon nanotubes and other materials in order to find out which composition will allow to achieve the best performance. The company participates in many investment projects and is committed to environmental friendliness of products and production.

Pirelli tires steadily occupy leading positions in various prestigious European and Russian tests. This applies not only in high-speed tires, but also winter and all-terrain tires.


nokian car tires

The representative of the rating from Finland

The Russian motorists are well acquainted with the Finnish tire manufacturer Nokia. She especially proved herself in the conditions of the Russian winter. The company was formed in 1898 from a rubber plant. The main focus is on winter tires. Nokia position themselves as the only company in the world that produces tires for harsh winter conditions.

Indeed, for the northern countries, where frequent rainfall, changeable weather, severe frosts, Nokia tires are the best choice. In the production uses a huge number of innovations designed to ensure reliability and safety of the expensive.

The unique technology of rubber studding allows you to achieve excellent handling on icy roads, including during acceleration, braking and maneuvering. At the same time the noise level is reduced and fuel efficiency is increased. At the same time, the tread structure allows for excellent handling of snow, slush and water removal, which is important in changeable weather and during heavy precipitation. There are models for a mild winter, focused on improving grip and handling in the wet.

In summer tires, too, the focus is on overcoming difficult road conditions, good handling and traction on wet pavement. Safety is guaranteed in early spring and in cold autumn weather. Particular attention is paid to noiselessness and environmental friendliness.


car tires Bridgestone

The company has been producing tires since 1931.

Bridgestone, the only Japanese company in the ranking, has been producing tires since 1931. And this is not only car tires, but also tires for motorcycles, airplanes, agricultural machines and special equipment of various industries. The company also manufactures various rubber products such as hoses, conveyor belts, car seats, insulation materials, golf and tennis products, bicycles and related products.

The company supplies products around the world, has production in different countries and its own testing sites. Together with Continental, they are developing and improving RunFlat technology that allows them to drive on a punctured tire for a long time.

Bridgestone is focused on achieving the highest quality of its products and the use of innovative technologies. A special direction of the company is the Potenza sports tire line, which was used on Formula 1 racing cars. Also, much attention is paid to the environmental performance of tires, reducing their noise levels and increasing fuel efficiency.

This is the best seven global tire manufacturers, on which models you need, first of all, to pay attention before choosing automobile tires. In the assortment of these brands there are models for any car for a variety of climatic conditions. But each company has its own characteristics. For example, Pirelli is more focused on high-speed premium cars. And Nokia is working on improving tires for difficult climatic conditions. There are large corporations, for example, Continental, with their own scientific base and involvement in a complex of industries related to the automotive industry. But for all the companies considered, tires are guaranteed to be of high quality, safe and, if properly selected and installed, they will not fail in difficult road conditions.