Rating of chinese crossovers


After a sharp jump in the exchange rate of the dollar, many global automakers began to buy less any models in Russia. But the Chinese companies, on the contrary, it is time to conquer the market. Cars from China and before that enjoyed particular popularity in our country. And after the crisis, the Chinese began to actively introduce new models to our market, especially the crossovers.

Рейтинг китайских кроссоверов

The best Chinese crossovers win in price compared to competitors, and the quality and reliability of many brands have already been tested by respectable time spent on Russian roads

Наш рейтинг китайских кроссоверов включает как обновлённые модели известных брендов, так и совершенно новые, появившиеся в нашей стране в 2017 году. Все кроссоверы доступны в официальных дилерских центрах производителей, соответственно, обеспечены их гарантией и сервисом.Читать далее о лучших китайских кроссоверах-->

Chery Tiggo 3 NEW

Chery Tiggo 3 NEW

The top representative of the brand is the Chinese crossover Tiggo 5, but our rating was focused on Tiggo 3 for its proven 10-year history, reliability and good performance in terms of quality

In 2017, the model has undergone updates, they touched both the exterior design and the interior.

The price for Tiggo 3 starts from 817 thousand rubles. The crossover is made in a sporty style, with chrome-plated elements, 17-inch aluminum alloy wheels, LED running lights. There is a good selection of body colors. Salon can be fabric or combined with artificial leather.

The technical characteristics of the car is very average. The 1.6-liter engine with a power of 126 hp, the gearbox is either manual or CVT - on the most expensive model from 900 thousand rubles

Not bad for a crossover, the ground clearance of 190 mm, work on 92 gasoline, reinforced suspension position the crossover as designed specifically for Russian roads. The Tiggo has a 5-year warranty or 150 thousand kilometers.

It is noteworthy that there are a large number of functions to ensure comfort and safety. The basic configuration includes fog lights, electric and heated mirrors, sound alarm and immobilizer, help about starting on the rise, ABS, cruise control, adjustable driver's seat in 6 directions, on-board computer, front and rear windows, heated front seats, radio with 4 speakers, air conditioning. In the luxury configuration added design elements, more advanced multimedia system, climate control.

In general, the Tiggo 3 is a good choice if you want to buy a proven brand with proven reliability.

l I rice X60

Another well-known Chinese automaker on the Russian market is Lifan. Its X60 is currently the top crossover in its lineup. Also received a recent update, the design added dynamic lines.

l I rice X60

Compared to Tiggo, it is more rounded in appearance.

Headlights with increased visibility, and rear LED lights for greater visibility in poor visibility.

But the cost starts from just 560 thousand rubles. The X60 has a spacious interior and trunk, high-strength body and reinforced doors. The salon is decorated with elements of sporty style, the touchscreen display allows you to control the multimedia system. Also, the crossover has a comfortable dashboard and ergonomic seats, improved noise insulation.

It is worth noting a rather low landing, the ground clearance is 179 mm. The trunk volume is smaller than that of the Tiggo 3, but you can also fold the rear row of seats. The engine runs on 95 petrol, the volume of 1.8 liters., Power 128 hp A decent turning radius of 10.8 m. Like the previous representative of the ranking of the best Chinese crossovers, is a front-wheel drive, with a manual or CVT.

Even the immobilizer is not included in the basic cheapest package, there is no audio preparation, air conditioning, fog lights, in general, decent bundling starts from 800 thousand rubles. They already have crankcase protection, heated exterior mirrors, driver's seat height adjustment, heated seats, multimedia system, parking sensors.

Geely Emgrand X7

Geely Emgrand X7

Among the reliable models of crossovers that choose Russian buyers, include Geely

This representative of the rating does not pursue a wide range, offering only 3 models of cars, one of them is the Emgrand X7 crossover. But he has several options for the engine and automatic transmission, which is an advantage, since the variator, and especially Chinese, does not inspire confidence in everyone.

Externally, the Emgrand X7 is very angular, the back of the body resembles Japanese and Korean cars. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru. The salon is also quite compact, but a good trunk for 580 liters. Ground clearance 171 mm. The engine runs on 95 gasoline, you can choose the volume of 1.8 liters, 2 liters and 2.4 liters. The latter is installed in the model with a gun. Engine power can be 125, 140 or 148 hp respectively.

The cost of the basic model starts from 800 thousand rubles. There is no parking sensors, air conditioning installed instead of climate control, only 2 speakers in the speaker system (but at least it is with playing CD and MP3), mechanical adjustment of the driver's seat in 6 directions instead of electric. In general, if you are driving on the mechanics, then you can safely take the two most simple configuration, they have enough functions. Luxury maximum version costs 986,000 rubles.

Zotye T600

The rating continues a rather new for Russia, the Chinese brand Zotye with its T600 crossover, which, to put it mildly, looks very much like the German Volkswagen Tiguan. This is not surprising, in the past Zotye produced components for European cars, which apparently led to the idea to borrow a little from former partners and design. In 2017, the T600 received a completely new modification.

Zotye T600

It is very popular in the Chinese market and has every chance of winning the Russian

First of all, it is an attractive and solid appearance. Ergonomic cabin with a high seating position and ample space for passengers, good visibility.

Engine 1.5 liters for options with mechanics and 2-liter for the machine, power 149 hp and 177 hp respectively. Ground clearance 185 mm. If the option with the mechanics costs from 900 thousand rubles, then for a more powerful engine and automatic will have to lay out already 1.2 million.

In the cheapest configuration there are no front side airbags, xenon headlights and headlight washers, fog lights, rain sensor, heated mirrors and front seats, electric driver seat adjustment, parking sensors, climate control (instead of air conditioning), a simpler audio system without Bluetooth is installed and with four speakers instead of six. But the main difference is, of course, technical, in the engine and gearbox.

Haval H6

Haval H6

Powerful crossover known for its good quality and reliability of the brand Haval

The company specializes in crossovers and SUVs, constantly updating their models. The H6 crossover can be bought at a price of 1.1 million rubles. Available only with a mechanical box in diesel or petrol version with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, depending on the modification. Engine power 150 hp The crossover has an impressive amount of luggage, more than 800 liters. And if you fold the rear row of seats, you get 1216 liters of free space.

Externally, the crossover looks very stylish: with a wide grille, smooth shapes, mirrors with turn signal repeaters. The interior is spacious with comfortable seating. This is probably the best of the large and powerful all-wheel drive Chinese crossovers. Moreover, it is time tested.

In the basic configuration, the design is simpler, the lights are not xenon, there is no electric adjustment of passenger seats, automatic dimming of the rear-view mirror, there is no rear-view camera and camera of dead zones. In the top configuration there is even an air purification system with ionization. All versions have fog lights, electric sunroof, shark fin antenna, keyless engine access and starting system, cruise control, climate control and many other useful features. The car is extremely comfortable, beautiful and reliable.

Brilliance V5

The Chinese corporation with a solid history is gradually conquering the car market. Its top model, the V5 crossover, is sold in Russia for as low as 756 thousand rubles.

Brilliance V5

The design of the car is very much like the model of the BMW brand, the grille is very similar, the back of the body is almost indistinguishable

In a compact crossover, the trunk is 430 liters, which can be increased to 1254 liters by folding the back row of seats.

All trim levels have a 1.6-liter gasoline engine with 110 hp capacity, 175 mm ground clearance, 5-speed manual or automatic transmission. Available in two versions for the mechanics and automatic. In the minimum configuration there is no fog lights, electric sunroof, keyless entry system, rear wiper and simpler audio system.

But unlike other Chinese models, the steering wheel with electric power. Also worth noting is the tilt steering adjustment, heated mirrors and front seats, air conditioning. In general, the model is very simple, without outstanding characteristics, but it is beautiful in appearance and with a democratic price. Maximum grade will cost slightly less than 830 thousand rubles.

If you choose which of the Chinese manufacturers of crossovers is the best, you should not expect incredible quality and reliability guarantee for decades. But they meet all modern ideas about high-tech cars, especially in terms of saturation with electronics and passenger comfort functions. As for the technical part, it is still significantly behind. In some models, the engine is not very powerful, some do not have an automatic machine. And sometimes the choice is generally based on appearance. In any case, the market of Chinese crossovers is developing dynamically and crowding many competitors, and manufacturers improve quality, guarantee long-term reliability and offer high-quality service. All this gives reason to take seriously and take into account the Chinese model when choosing a crossover.