The best suvs for hunting and fishing

Every real hunter or avid fisherman knows how important a car is for such a hobby. Indeed, the quality and endurance of the vehicle in the wilderness can depend not just on comfort or mood, but on the life of the driver and passengers. Therefore, the best off-road vehicles for hunting and fishing in the world is a whole line of jeeps from different manufacturers, specially tailored to the requirements of this kind of occupation.

The car industry is constantly happy fans of outdoor activities, introducing the new best SUVs for fishing and hunting, as well as just for high-quality off-road driving.

Large selection is good, but what is the best SUV for these purposes?


  • SUV for fishing and hunting: selection criteria
  • Top 10: the best jeeps for hunting and fishing 2016-2017: rating with photos

SUV for fishing and hunting: selection criteria

If you are going to buy an SUV for hunting or fishing, Jeep Club recommends that you carefully consider:

  • the conditions under which the vehicle will be used;
  • whether it is supposed that the jeep will drive not only on hunting grounds, but also in the city;
  • comfort level;
  • the dimensions of the SUV and the size of the cabin;
  • the presence or absence of the hatch in the roof;
  • What is the best price?

As a rule, the newbie first of all writes to the forms of experienced hunters or fishermen, where the community cheers a lot, asking “what kind of SUV is the best for hunting or fishing. Because he is met with a real flurry of questions, “for what kind of fishing, winter or summer?”, “Hunting in what area? what time of year? ”and so on and so forth.

Another version of the SUV for outdoor activities. Of course, the Mitsubishi Pajero does not have permanent all-wheel drive, but if you are not going to arrange an extreme-class race, the all-wheel drive plug will be enough.

Mitsubishi Pajero

The SUV has a short wheelbase, which allows it to cope with mid-level off-road. Hunters especially emphasize a comfortable and functional interior, as well as a large glass area.


The best SUV for fishing and hunting is a loose concept. Each driver has his own requirements, and hunting in the forest is different from hunting in an open field.

In any case, the top 10 best jeeps for outdoor activities - this rating is approximate. And definitely it will grow over time.