How to replace the engine mount

The appearance of any kind of bitch in the car should alert any driver. If, in addition to sounds, vibration is also added, then urgent diagnostics are required. You need to start with a visual inspection on the viewing pit.

Such vibrations can most often occur when the engine cushions (supports) are torn. Repair such a part is not subject, therefore, most likely, will need to replace the engine pillows.


  • 1 Where is the pillow in the car?
  • 2 Diagnosis of failure
  • 3 Preparatory work for the supports
  • 4 Replacing engine mounts
  • 5 Prevention

Where is the pillow in the car?

In the engine compartment, the main element is the cylinder block. All other parts are mounted, mounted around it. It itself is installed on special supports that help reduce vibration from the motor, and not to transfer its car body. Such supports are made using rubber, damping unnecessary vibrations. To those who do not know what an engine cushion is, we explain: these supports are the “cushions”.

how to cheaply replace engine mountings

Appearance of pillows

The bottom supports are made of a pair of steel sheets. Between them is flooded with rubber, which reduces vibration.

Upper cushions are made in the form of levers, and are equipped with silent blocks. Fastening to the car body is carried out on one side, and the other side is fixed on the cylinder block. This arrangement of supports is quite strong and inexpensive in execution.

Breakdown diagnostics

It is not always possible to immediately orient from which side there is a vibration in the car, because the reason may be in a poor-quality road surface or loose fasteners of some engine parts.

how to check the engine mountings

The difference between worn and new

One of the signs of a broken support may be a slight vibration when starting the engine.

But not all car owners attribute such a “sin” to engine pads.. It is believed that a cold engine can sometimes behave this way. Therefore, it is not uncommon for the driver to know about such a breakdown only after the engine mount has completely come off and a metal gnash appears. With this fault you can get to the nearest service station.

how to quickly check the engine mountings

Support defect

But you must comply with the speed limit to ensure safety while driving. It is advisable not to accelerate more than 60 km / h.

A common failure is tearing the rear or left cushion. Those who do not know how to check the engine mountings can be advised to use the inspection pit or overpass. Access to the inspection of these parts from the bottom is more convenient, as you can see them entirely and in the right angle.

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Preparatory work for the supports

To replace the need to choose a warm room, as the work will be carried out with rubberized elements. And they "unfriendly" behave at low temperatures. Replacement is preferably carried out on the viewing pit.

What is a cushion or engine mount

Replacing the rear cushion

It is necessary to disconnect the battery in order not to accidentally get a short circuit. Most often begin to inspect the left front side. This is due to the fact that it is subject to the greatest load, and access to it is not so difficult.

Ripped mount can be repaired. In the event of a break in the rubber block, only a complete replacement is required.

The issue price for passenger cars is 2000 rubles, and for oversized crossovers and SUVs - about 4000 rubles.

what is the engine pillow in the car

Branded product

The cost of such work at the station will cost from 300-500 rubles for the front or side, and seven hundred for the back. But you can save by replacing yourself.

Replacing engine mounts

For those who do not know how to replace the engine mountings, we will give a step-by-step algorithm. The first action will be removing all engine protections. It is necessary to support the motor with a jack. If the work is carried out on a viewing pit, then you can use a powerful wooden board as a lining. We need one that will sustain the mass of the engine after disconnecting it from all supports.

how to quickly replace the engine mount

Location of fasteners supports

We raise the maximum motor to unscrew the mount and remove the broken part. In its place we put a new one, and fasten it with fastening bolts. After that go to the rear support. Here is not so simple.

On the longitudinal axis of the car, it takes the strongest load.

Due to this, there is a deformation not only of the mating fasteners of the cushion and the body of the car, but also the bolts are bent. The motor must be raised. It is either hung on the glasses, or lifted with a jack from the bottom to ease the load on the fasteners.

If it is not possible to align the bolt, you can cut it with a grinder.

In some engines, structural elements of the exhaust system interfere. Such parts can be removed for better access to the support.

how in the garage to check the engine mountings

Motor support

You can remove the support from the seat using oil or WD-40. They are poured over the item, which rusted and not "breaks down." For proper installation of the rear cushion on the parts shows an arrow indicating the direction of movement of the car. On it you need to navigate.

When dismounting the right engine mount, problems often create a generator or air conditioner compressor that is not advisable to be removed.

This leads to depressurization of the cooling system. A replacement of freon will cost much more than working with pillows.

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Access to the right cushion in most cars can be provided by removing the right headlight and grille. Well, the problem with deformed fasteners here with the help of the grinder can not be solved. Around this place are elements of the car that are vulnerable to abrasive sparks.

how to replace the engine pads

Kit supports for the WHA

A long but safe way is to cut bent bolts with a hacksaw.

Freed from the old broken engine mount, you can put a new one on this place. The assembly procedure is the reverse of the disassembly order. When installing the grille back, you need to protect your hands from cuts.

To ensure safe operation when replacing the supports, it is necessary to fix the engine well. Alone, it rarely works. We have to use the help of partners.


As a preventive measure, it may be advisable to regularly check the effort to tighten mounting bolts on the pillows. To clean the rubber bases of the supports from oil and other contamination in order to avoid material destruction. Such care will extend the life of the parts.