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Two crossovers from across the ocean - the Acura RDX and the Cadillac SRX are like titans go into battle. For Acura, the RDX is a debut, for the Cadillac the SRX is a new attempt. Both cars enter the market of our country at an unfavorable time, when it is impossible to dream of sales growth. Everyone is concerned - to keep the previous level! And in such a situation for dealers, the problem is to manage to convey to potential buyers information that the Acura is not just a new brand, but a premium brand of Honda company known in Russia, and Cadillac is a serious classic car that is not needed to advertise. This article presents a comparative review of two premium crossovers.

Comparing Acura RDX and Cadilac SRX

Comparing Acura RDX and Cadilac SRX

About Cadillac, indeed, in our country everyone knows! In the US, he is overpopulated and the reason is not only the patriotism of the Yankees. The car was always going to quality, regardless of the model, but for some reason we were greeted with coolness. On the other hand, this American crossover leads in sales among the Cadillacs, but still it is impossible to call the sales of 800 units per year (2013) positive.

Dealers and businessmen have their own rules, laws and sayings. One of them concerns the unfavorable market and situations where it smells like risk: “when the others are running, hold on, clutching your teeth like a bulldog and when everything calms down, take off and count profits”. Like this! And there is another one: “fall with gray hair”.

Все это не зря написано. Оба автомобиля нацелены на борьбу и успех, как и прирожденные янки. Они готовы ко всему и хорошенько подготовились – полный привод, отзывчивая коробка передач, превосходная мощность, внешность, которую невозможно забыть, одним словом, каждый кроссовер стоит больше двух миллионов. Так что же это? Автомобили-истребители или переоцененные воздухоплаватели? Попробуем выяснить.Читать далее о сравнении кроссоверов Acura RDX и Cadilac SRX-->

Easy acquaintance

Let's start with the well-known Cadillac. The prototype for Cadillac SRX was the concept of “Provocation”, shown six years ago. Created serial crossover on the basis of "GM-Theta Premium". Three years later, the crossover became the best-selling Cadillac model in the United States, and in 2013 experienced a complete upgrade.

Cadillac SRX car

Cadillac SRX car

The crossover is available today with gasoline engines of 3.0 and 3.6 liters, with a capacity of 249 l / s and 318 l / s, respectively.

Equipped with a Cadillac SRX 6-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. The crossover in 3 trim levels is on sale: basic, top 1ST and top 1SL. The price of the basic version ranges from 2 - 2.5 million rubles.

The Acura RDX crossover was first unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show in 2005. A year later, the model was already on sale and was so loved by an American that in 2012 they released the second generation of crossovers.

Acura RDX Car

Acura RDX Car

Today, the Acura is available with a 3.5-liter gasoline engine with a capacity of 273 l / s.

He endowed, like the Cadillac, 6-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive. For sale crossover in two trim levels - basic and techno. The cost of the basic version of 2.199 million rubles.

Curb / gross weight, kg:1761/22602015/2520
Acceleration time 0-100 km / h, with:7,98,1
Maximum speed, km / h:210220
Fuel consumption, l / 100 km:14/7,6/1015,1/8,2/10,8
Engine capacity, cm3:34713564
Power, l / s:273318
Tire size:235/60R18235/55R20

Test comparison: the gambling fighter of kilometers and phlegmatic aristocrat

The six-cylinder power unit of the Acura immediately responds to the accelerator pedal, snapping deliciously. This is a real predator, which is ready to add at any speed. In just 7.4 seconds, the crossover accelerates to 100 km / h, and these indicators, oddly enough, are half a second faster than the data recorded in the passport. Excellent engine and transmission. It interacts like an old couple of pilots of an airplane, understanding each other from half a word. The automatic crossover implicitly responds to the management, fully dependent on the steering wheel petals. Even after the shift to an overdrive was deliberately inhibited, there were no problems with the box. On the contrary, everything is charming, you enjoy the sound of the engine and the weighty stock of thrust of the crossover, and you understand that on such a “horse” you can at least go anywhere - dear!

It is noteworthy that there is no need to sort out the stage itself, even in the “drive” mode, the gearbox functions in an ideal way from the very beginning of the start: you confidently break down in the city under a traffic light, not being afraid to sleep through the green light.

Acura RDX Car: вид сбоку

Acura RDX Car: вид сбоку

There were no complaints and brakes Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, to which even get used is not necessary. The force applied to the crossover brake pedal is the same as in a passenger car. And this is despite the fact that the car weighs almost two tons and a capacity of 273 l / s. Despite this, the brake system stops it reliably.

Finally, the steering wheel is the crown of driver's happiness, wrapped in leather and pleases with excellent feedback. Acura, in a word, left only good impressions. This is a real kilometer fighter, moreover, an excitable one, with which you forget about such a component as the rough plastic of the cabin.

Test drive the car Acura RDX:

Now about Cadillac. This is a completely different car, elegant and striking furniture and interior comfort. A real aristocrat who knows his own worth and is always stylish. The glitter inside, comfort in everything is the first thing that catches the eye of a person who is just getting acquainted with the Cadillac SRX. Even on the cylinder block installed a special panel noise insulation. But first things first.

Cadillac SRX car: вид сбоку

Cadillac SRX car: вид сбоку

Push the gas pedal all the way and accelerate to a hundred in 8.4 seconds. Slower than Acura, but only for a second. Although it could be otherwise. The fact is that most of the engine power energy (318 l / s) disappears somewhere in the niches of a not too agile 6-speed box. But the Cadillac SRX is in no hurry, and that childishness that was seen in Acura, this crossover does not show. On the other hand, when driving, you get the impression that you are driving a huge balloon, because the steering wheel of a crossover aristocrat is so light.

Virtually all elements of Cadillac are Americanized, that is, everything is done under the optimal convenience of the person. For example, pedals, equipped with electric adjustment, allow the undersized driver to adjust them for themselves. Conveniently? There are no words, but this, alas, does not save from too tight a brake pedal (it is not clear why they did it this way). This is very inconvenient and even dangerous: you drive yourself and, fearing to drive in the rear of the car in front of you, you try to brake sharply. You press with the effort on the brake pedal until it stops, the crossover gets a stake, but for some reason after some thought. Apparently, the Americans did not think everything over and their Cadillac, before slowing down, assesses the situation. In short, the muscles of the foot certainly get tired, if a couple of times on the road to do so. This fact forced to measure the stopping distance at the site, and what?

Test drive car Cadillac SRX:

Already on the third intensive braking, however, at high speed, the pads overheated and pulled into the cabin with the smell of burning pads. Of course, to stop at a speed of 100 km / h the two-ton crossover is not a joke, but nevertheless the slowdown should be much more effective (as on the Acura), but the effort on the pedal to be at least two times less.

We give Cadillac SRX and our feet a little rest and go over to the salon Acura. Agree, and the name of some fabulous - Acura. The feeling of magic euphoria continues until you pay attention to all sorts of systems with which a crossover is crammed, I must say no less than Cadillac itself. Everything is done on glory, it is impossible to find fault with this, but the crossover obviously lacks a bright wrap. So, interior plastic, which, according to the latest design canons, should be black, for some reason, gray in the crossover and obviously looks somehow faded. Understanding that not everything is clean here, you pay attention to the display on the center console, and oh really ?! Yes, it is too small, and its graphics resemble the order of the forgotten game of airplanes on the Dandy prefix that was popular in the 90s.

Acura RDX car interior

Acura RDX car interior

On the other hand, the functionality of the Cadillac crossover driver's workplace is very convenient, simple and straightforward. The buttons here are large, and even a baby can figure out the twists, adjustments of sound and temperature. A good set elektroregulirovok pleased driver's seat of the crossover. Although the lateral support is kind of thin, which does not fit in with the gambling fighter of kilometers. Not enough and the height of the seat back, the benefit is that the lumbar support has a large range of adjustments.

Cadillac SRX car interior

Cadillac SRX car interior

Fits freely in the Acura crossover, not only in front, but also in the back (when compared with the Cadillac). Although the back of the back sofa is not adjustable, but it is much more comfortable than the front seats.

Cadillac crossover rides, as if catching breath, and carries with it like a strong wind. In the cabin you feel the beauty of the wealth of the sleek America. Everything smells natural leather, plastic is pliable and pleasant to the touch. Sit nicer than the Acura crossover. Especially it concerns a back which has the correct design, and for hips the sliding support is provided. But the back sofa is too soft, but with an adjustable backrest. In addition, for the rear passengers there is a separate climate control unit, and for children, oh joy will be built into the backs of the front seats of the crossover monitors.

Three-level seat ventilation, a large panoramic roof, the ability to recognize the movement of the hands of an 8-inch touch screen, immediately giving out information, the ability to flip navigation maps with two fingers, like on a regular smartphone - in the Cadillac crossover cabin you feel like in a good science fiction movie, where everything is arranged according to maximum is convenient for a person. If there is such a thing as “smart home”, then in this case it would be more appropriate to say “smart salon”. Beauty! Shine! Convenience! Everything is top notch in this crossover.

As for electronics, here the Americans are a bit too smart even. Everywhere only one touch control on the central panel, from which obviously jars. You feel not at ease, though, if you remember the location of the pseudo-buttons on the screen, not everything is so bad.

Both of the tested crossovers have no locks or downshifts. Manufacturers even stinted on the protection of the motor compartment. On the other hand, in the American market all this is useless, and crossovers are aimed, first of all, to become the property of the Yankees, and only then a citizen of another nationality.

Off-road test

Small, sharpened for driving on asphalt, the moves of the crossover suspension force people to drive around rough terrain, but still, for the sake of the test, they had to risk it.

They chose a non-fearless impassability, but a completely acceptable road along a country road, from which the Acura became clearly not comfortable. Having shown amazing smoothness on asphalt, on a primer, the crossover pretty much twitched us.

Acura RDX Car: Rear View

Acura RDX Car: Rear View

Nothing better showed Cadillac, which already on the first pit snatched the ground with the front bumper. I was shaking like in a tank, and once again it became clear that the aristocrat’s suspension was much tougher. To bend the rear wishbones of the crossover will have to sweat. In Aura, the suspension is softer, which gives some advantage on the comb, but still it is better to avoid off-road, especially when going on a journey, after a hearty lunch.

Cadillac SRX car: вид сзади

Cadillac SRX car: вид сзади

To say that Acura folds before pits and potholes, too, is impossible. It's still a crossover with a decent 210 mm ground clearance. But still there is a risk of biting the belly or damaging the suspension, although short overhangs of the body imply the passage of holes effortlessly. Cautiously during the test, you often stop looking at the display of the crossover. Here is a picture from the rear view camera. The quality is just super - everything is visible, in full view, because the scale easily increases. In addition, they were impressed by the capabilities of the camera, which can shoot under the bottom of the rear bumper, which is very useful when maneuvering.


The engine of the Acura crossover is one of the best in the class. Representing the ideal of elasticity and the utmost possibility, he attracts with his energy. And the box is necessary. Smooth ride is excellent, mainly on asphalt.


We even managed to create a visual portrait of a potential buyer of the Acura crossover. It will be a young, successful businessman with some sort of special, internal drive. The choleric nature of such a businessman does not allow him to quietly sit still. He always rushes into battle, and in the “saddle” of Acura he only has a place.

Cadillac crossover can choose a balanced top manager. After a hard day’s work, he will want to get to his home without fuss and unnecessary hassle.

In short, although the two American crossovers have a lot in common, they differ in character. With its luxury Cadillac was surprisingly practical. And this, as we know, is often more important for a modern buyer than dynamic characteristics. But what the Russian market will show, over which black clouds have gathered, is still unclear.