Koreans began russian sales of the new generation kia

Корейцы начали российские продажи новопоколенного Kia Sportage

The new generation of Korean crossovers is equipped with three engines and the same number of different types of transmissions. Sales started yesterday. Buy новопоколенный Киа Спортаж in any salon authorized by the Korean car brand Russian dealers.

The first in the engine lineup of the crossover was the two-liter petrol aspirated for a hundred and fifty horses. The second is the same volume 185-strong diesel. The third engine in the line is a 1.6-liter gasoline unit, enhanced by turbocharging and delivering 177 horses at its peak.

For a two-liter gasoline engine and a diesel engine, six-speed mechanics or a six-range automatic are available as transmissions, and the turbo engine can only be equipped with a seven-range robotic transmission with two clutches. The crossover can be both front-wheel and all-wheel drive in any configuration. Price tags on the new generation Kia Sportage limited 1190 and 2100 thousand rubles.

Корейцы начали российские продажи новопоколенного Kia Sportage

Today you can get a fifty-thousandth discount in the framework of the Trade-in program.

New Generation Kia Sportage even in the basic configuration is well equipped. There are front and side airbags, anti-lock system, assistants to start uphill and downhill with a strong gradient. There is a stabilization system, in the automatic mode internal pressure is controlled, on the machine the choice of a driving mode suitable for specific road conditions is offered. Well, where do without air conditioning.

Корейцы начали российские продажи новопоколенного Kia Sportage

More advanced builds Sports They are equipped with so-called "Warm Options" - packages, within which the necessary structural elements of the car are heated - from the steering wheel and mirrors to passenger and driver's seats. The latter has a complete set of electrical adjustments to alleviate the position of the lumbar spine of the driver. There is parking sensors - front and rear sensors, cruise control, navigator, rear view camera, of course, dual-zone climate control, LEDs in a circle, panoramic roof with electric drive hatch, etc.

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The coolest equipment has an emergency braking system integrated into the management, which will work without driver participation in particularly difficult cases. The crossover can recognize pedestrians, road signs and independently held in a lane. There is an interactive monitoring of blind zones, parking, smart trunk, you can recharge the smartphone remotely without connecting wires anywhere.

Корейцы начали российские продажи новопоколенного Kia Sportage

There are in the lineup новопоколенного Sports and the sports version, officially called Kia Sportage GT-Line. It differs from the standard version of the external, more aggressive look and various "decorations", typical of sports cars, for example, aluminum pedals.

Since the beginning of the year, Kia has initiated sales of the second new car in our market. The new generation was also the first in March, the fourth generation in a row, sedan Kia Optima.