Why does fuel consumption increase? causes and solutions

Every car owner sooner or later wonders why increased fuel consumption in a car? This is a fairly common problem and is often accompanied by some kind of malfunction. But before you identify the causes of increased fuel consumption, you need to know how to accurately determine whether the consumption of gasoline or diesel increased in general and by how much.

To determine the level of fuel consumption, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Fill a full tank.
  2. Reset odometer reading to "0".
  3. Drive along the highway at a speed of 90 km / h for as many kilometers as possible.
  4. Add gasoline to full tank.

Now you can calculate the fuel consumption by dividing the spent liters per mileage and multiply by 100 (gas mileage per 100 km).

For example, (6l / 90km) * 100 = 6.7l

It is considered quite normal and natural when the vehicle is more or less consuming gasoline or diesel, both when driving and at idle, as it strongly depends on the driving style and operating conditions of the car:

  • correct the work of electronic control systems.
  • For prevention, you should not overload the vehicle beyond the measure and often listen to the engine. Smooth and quiet driving, coasting and engine braking will increase the service life of the vehicle. And this is the key to proper fuel consumption.