Serial release of the new tiguan will begin in 2016

Серийный выпуск new Tiguana начнется в 2016 году Already eight years as Volkswagen Tiguan crossover leaves the conveyor of the manufacturer without any significant changes. Conservatism in the automotive industry is a useful thing, but for the time being, adherence to the classics for several years gradually repels former admirers of the model, since the market is highly competitive, and any slowdown at the peak point is fraught with numerous overtaking. There are a lot of people who want to see Tiguan’s laurels, which is why the developers of the model decided to “reissue” it in a new design and configuration. Debut new Volkswagen Tiguan will be at the next September Frankfurt Motor Show, and will be in circulation only next year. SUV car lovers who have waited for the restyling of several models of various brands in the current year, for example, Mitsubishi Outlander, Nissan X-Trail and Honda CR-V, should definitely wait for the release. new Tiguanaso that from all this wealth of choice of SUVs to make the only one correct. Well, for even greater objectivity to suffer and to the publication of the updated crossover Toyota RAV4. Серийный выпуск new Tiguana начнется в 2016 году The VW Group developers let it slip that new tiguan will not have anyhow what, namely “sensational” look. What sense they put into this word is not yet clear. But let's hope that these are not just words thrown into the crowd to warm up her imagination shortly before the official presentation ceremony at the car show. We will not guess, it’s just not long to wait. Moreover, the paparazzi are not asleep, and there has not been a single case so that a few days before the official premiere of the car, his photo of decent quality would not appear on the Web.

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The modular platform MQB, successfully rolled on the "Golf" and "Passat", will become the basic basis for new Tiguana. But so far, and then the model can evolve in other directions. There are opinions that new tiguan, except for the five-seater version, will be extended by a couple of tens of centimeters to seven-seater size. This larger version will be supplied to Latin American countries and to the Middle Kingdom. But it is possible that not only in these countries, but also in the global car market, in this case, Land Rover Discovery and similar crossovers with a third row of passenger seats will have another competitor in the face of new Tiguana. Серийный выпуск new Tiguana начнется в 2016 году The motor part of the line the new Volkswagen Tiguan It will be represented by modern gasoline engines with a volume of 1.4, 1.8 and 2, liters. The diesel line will be filled with turbocharged engines TDI, of 1.6 and 2. liters. Most likely, there will be a hybrid version with a benzoelectric unit similar to, for example, the Passat GTE. Besides new Tiguana, the Germans are preparing him as a younger brother model Volkswagen Taigun, and as the older - five-meter Volkswagen CrossBlue.