Middle class cars

Widely popular in our country and abroad, C-class cars, a list of which is regularly updated with new models. According to the European classification, such cars are called golf class cars. Due to its size and technical characteristics, it will be very comfortable to move on such a transport on the country roads and along the streets of any settlement.


  • 1 The history of the appearance of auto categories
  • 2 Parameters of the automotive C-segment
  • 3 List of popular models
    • 3.1 Volkswagen Golf
    • 3.2 Ford Focus
    • 3.3 Hyundai Alentra
    • 3.4 Honda Civic
    • 3.5 Toyota Corolla
    • 3.6 Mitsubishi Lancer
    • 3.7 Mazda 3
    • 3.8 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The history of the auto category

C-class cars appeared on the roads at the beginning of the second half of the last century. In those days, the average European middle class was faced with a dilemma: you can buy an affordable small compact size car or give preference to a large family car that has too large dimensions for everyday use and requires considerable funds for operation. Both options were lost in the performance of everyday tasks relating to trips to the store or to work.

One of the industry leaders who felt the trends of fashion has become popular at that time brand:

  • Nash Motors;
  • Hunson;
  • Willys.

where to look for middle class cars

They offered consumers an intermediate version of the product, fitting in the parameters between the average at that time cars and compact cars. With a slight delay, the successful trend was supported by other market participants, including such European and Asian brands:

  • Renault;
  • SAAB;
  • Toyota and so on.

In the seventies, in addition to the classic sedan type body, German engineers from Volkswagen presented the first in this class hatchback. It turned out to be the future trendsetter Golf. A similar decision was fixed among the other manufacturers, that the whole C-class was called by the name of this car - Golf-class. A few years later, cars in a similar format from other well-known brands, including the Italian FIAT and Lancia, the German Opel, the French Citroen and Peugeot, became available to customers in car dealerships.

In the nineties, manufacturers brought their category “C” to the parameters that the middle class cars possess. Automobile giants began to focus on the production of such cars in large numbers, and Golf in the third generation was on the pedestal of the best-selling cars on the continent.

It is important to know that many concerns seek to maintain a leading position in the sale of the C-class.

An example of success is also considered to be the Ford Focus model, which has won hearts since the end of the last millennium. Many Asian car brands successfully export their C-class products to various countries, including the Russian Federation.

Parameters of the automotive C-segment

The letter “C” in the classification of cars is European, American and Russian gradations, which means approximately the same structural and technical characteristics. Such transport stands out from the competition with its high versatility and compactness.

Also C-class cars are noticeably larger than representatives of micro and small-sized A and B cars.. At the same time, "tseshki" have a lower price tag than more overall and representative "D" -classes. It is accepted to include cars in the class with the following functionality:

  • the dimensions of the body in length and width fluctuate close to the values ​​of 4.3 and 1.8 m, respectively;
  • the body can be both a sedan, and the versatile person or a hatchback;
  • there is enough space in the cabin for a five of us;
  • In the spacious luggage compartment fits a few medium-sized suitcases.

As a rule, under the hood of such cars hides a four-cylinder engine with a working volume of 1.5–1.8 liters on average. Power characteristics are limited to 150–160 l. with. The car with the mark C-class is a car with an automatic or mechanical transmission of 5-6 steps. Inside, the car is trimmed with high-quality materials and has a medium-sized package of popular options.

List of popular models

Among the middle class cars there are cars developed by European and Asian companies. In recent years, a lot of attention has been paid to the segment by domestic auto companies due to the continued demand. In general, every third sold new car belongs to this group.

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Volkswagen Golf

The model appeared in the mid-70s and laid the foundations of style. Since then, it is one of the most important in the company's line. Today, the seventh generation of the popular passenger car available. Annual sales reach a million copies.

The model in 2017 received a prize as "Car of the Year." Golf is a five-star holder of the maximum degree of safety according to the European classification. In the 7th variation of the car has an improved DSG front-wheel drive transmission with two clutches and a seven-step “robot”. The main advantages of the car are balanced proportions and calm design.

where to buy middle class cars

Buyers choose the “European” with a power unit from 1.0 to 1.5 liters and a capacity of 85–105 liters. with. Also available are two-liter diesel engines and a half hundred "stallions". The base model will cost 1.43 million rubles in 2018. Top option is worth 1.65 million rubles.

Ford Focus

Under this logo there is a whole list of cars in a different guise. Ford Motor Company offers both sedans and hatchbacks with station wagons. The career of this boar class has started since the 90s. Dealers without problems around the world give up to 700 thousand units per year. In 2011, the brand was recognized by EURO NCAP as the best in car safety among mass-produced cars.

What is the price tag of a middle class car?

The current fourth generation was presented in the spring of 2018 in Beijing. Attractive design and comfortable price tag proved to be in demand among young people. In addition, the C-class auto received a list of progressive fillings. With its dimensions of 4.378x1.825 m, the car fits perfectly into the class parameters.

Inside the Focus is quite comfortable for five adults. The engine compartment hides from the one-liter EcoBoost with a turbocharger and the possibility of forcing up to 125 liters. with. up to a two-liter EcoBlue diesel engine on 4 cylinders with a Common Rail injection system providing 150 liters. with. Transmission 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic with a total price of 1.4 million rubles for the base and the cost of 2.2 million rubles for the TOP version.

Hyundai Allantra

In 2018, car enthusiasts have access to middle-class cars from the popular Asian brand in the 6th generation. The laconic appearance of the bestseller from Korean manufacturers is complemented by a rich filling. Acceptable driving characteristics get along with comfortable interior equipment.

what are the C-class cars

The three-volume car has high rewards for safety features. Every year about 800 thousand cars with a nameplate from the Elantra find their owner. The dimensions of the Hyundai - 4570x1800 mm. Clearance of 150 mm is enough for most urban roads.

High-quality trim corresponds to a relatively small price. Somewhat uncomfortable to be tall passengers in the back seat. Motors of the middle class car comply with the Euro-5 environmental standard On cars put engines 1.6 and 2.0 liters with parameters 128 and 150 liters. with. The gearbox is mounted on 6 steps in the "mechanics" and "automatic". The base of the car will cost 900 thousand rubles, and the progressive version costs 1,155 million rubles.

Honda Civic

The first copies of this family left the Japanese conveyors almost half a century ago. Available compact car was to taste not only at home, but also in other countries. Now available is the 10th generation of an elegant Japanese car of the middle class. About 600 thousand pieces of Civic are sold in the world annually. The car is presented in the image of a sedan, coupe with two doors and in the form of a five-door hatchback.

what are the C-class cars in Russia

With its parameters of 4.43 x 1.80 m, the “Asian” does not go beyond the scope of the golf class. Stylish appearance combined with excellent reliability, safety and equipment.

The torque is provided by a 1.5-liter turbocharged Earth Dreams VTEC Turbo engine with direct injection capable of generating up to 174 “horses”. The sports forced version will add 8 “horses” to the herd. Variations of power plants are a 128-liter one-liter motor. with. and a 1.6-liter 120-horsepower diesel i-DTEC. Transmission with front-wheel drive - 6MKPP or stepless CVT.

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Toyota Corolla

The model can hardly be attributed to the list of classic C-class cars. She clearly stands out as a favorite among classmates. Conquering the world's auto dealers is now engaged in the Corolla with the E170 body in the form of an 11th generation auto. The upgraded four-door has a rather futuristic look, aided by the concept of Under Priority, in which emphasis is given to the lower part, sportiness and aggressiveness.

Japanese beauty meets the standards with its 4.62 x 1.78 m. The clearance also goes to the side of sportiness with its 15 cm. The quality materials of the salon are combined with practicality and durability. Enough space for passengers and baggage.

C-class car list

Specifications are supported by 1.3 liter petrol engines (99 hp.), 1.6 l. (99 hp.) And a 140 hp aluminum block of 1.8 l. (122 hp.) In the timing of the Dual VVT. -i The transmission includes six-speed mechanics and a Multidrive S variator.

Mitsubishi Lancer

The model is the most popular in the history of the brand. Japanese cars are available for purchase as a five-door hatchback or a sedan with four doors. The brand is sold in 120 countries of the world, which indicates its high popularity. The tenth generation still corresponds to the size of the segment - 4.5x1.81 m. A relatively small ground clearance of 140 mm makes reference to the sporting style.

The interior can not be called ascetic. The interior arrangement is in harmony with the outside decoration. On the chairs used high-quality Alcantara or leather. Thanks to the MIVEC gas distribution system, a turbocharged supercharger and a two-liter gasoline engine, a return of 295 horses is ensured.

what the C-class cars look like

As an optimal tandem, a six-speed TC-SST “robot” on two clutch discs or for amateurs - a 5-band “mechanics” is applied to the powerful power plant. With the Lancer automatic transmission, it reaches up to hundreds in 6.3 seconds, and spends almost 1 s less on manual transmissions.

Mazda 3

For the company Mazda Motor Corporation, their “troika” is actually a wet-nurse and face of the brand. More than a third of all cars come out of the gates of the factory with such a label. The third generation continues the glorious traditions of the brand, millions of copies of which are distributed throughout the world.

how much are C-class cars

One of the popular configurations is a three-volume chetyrehdevernik. Designers focused on the charge of electronics, which is evidence of the presence of the G-Vectoring Control system. External geometry falls under the Eski classification - 4585x1795 mm.

The power unit may include one of the atmospheric "fours": 1.6 or 1.5 liters with 104 and 120 "stallions", respectively. Models are aggregated by six-speed "automatic". The front wheel drive car is endowed with a body made using SKYACTIV technology. Depending on the configuration, the price of the car will be 1.16 or 1.34 million rubles.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The elite mid-size cars are let out by the well-known German concern. More than 400 thousand customers in the world vote with their own funds for this brand. In the Russian context, the four-door sedan is the most popular, although in other countries there are lovers of the “cushioned” wagon two-door coupe or soft-top convertibles.

what are the coolest C-class cars

Another brand restyling was presented in the spring of 2018. The updates concerned not only the internal space, but also the technical stuffing. A squat car with a slight ground clearance of 130 mm falls within the scope of its class with dimensions of 4686x1810 mm.

Motors are put from the M264 family on 1.5 and 2.0 liters petrol, plus a two-liter turbocharged diesel in the line. The first two give out 184 and 258 liters. with., and the second - 194 "stallion." Transmission automatic at 9 speeds type 9G-Tronic. Price, depending on the configuration, is 2.32–2.52 million rubles.