Toyota slightly lifted the curtain over the new camry sedan

Toyota немного приподняла занавес над новым седаном Camry The first official teaser images Тойоты Camry 2018 model year published in the media, including on the Internet with the filing managers of the Japanese auto brand. For a long time, the gentlemen of the Japanese were sharing their bodies: before the official presentation of the new generation four-door Camry It was only a month and a half away, after all, the demonstration of the perfection of the new sedan will be in January 2017 at the International Detroit Auto Show. TNGA Modular Platform will be the basis of the new car generation, this abbreviation translates as “new global Toyota architecture” Thus, the 2018 Toyota Camry will become a platform with Toyota Prius  and the brand new Toyota C-HR compact cross, which have already clearly demonstrated the benefits of this “cart” to the world community.

Toyota немного приподняла занавес над новым седаном Camry

Американская Toyota Camry текущего поколения

In the photo, which was spread by the managers of Toyota, you can see part of the stern of the sedan, LED brake light, vertical ventilation grill and a small spoiler on the luggage cover. In addition, the spoke wheel is noticeable, on which low-profile tires are stretched, and of the rear pillar, originally conceived by the designers and embodied by Japanese workers.

Looking at the teaser, you mentally draw the body lines of the model, and these lines seem to be completely different from those of the previous generation sedan. the fact is that the Japanese are positioning Camry just like a business sedan, which is specific to the peace and reliability of classic design. Here, it seems, it was decided to part with the classics. The model will be outwardly brutal and aggressive. This is a challenge to the conservatism of taste, grafted over the years to this model. And maybe this is not bad, everything should change, at least, this is unlikely to adversely affect the popularity of the model. The car is really good.

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Российская Toyota Camry текущего поколения

New Toyota Camry, most likely, outwardly it will be performed by its own toyot tuning agency TRD, which loves to “hang up” cars with aggressive parts, exhaust pipes of at least four and exclusive design with light-alloy wheels. It is not excluded that под капотом Toyota Camry 2018 establish a 3.5-liter "six" with the issuance of more than three hundred horsepower. But this is for the coolest set. And in the database Camry get a four-cylinder engine. The current 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, naturally upgraded, will also be included in the new engine range. Probably a two-liter turbocharger, too.

Toyota Camry current generation in Russian dealerships Toyota can be bought at prices ranging from a million three hundred and sixty thousand to nearly two million. Under the hood of the current Camry the above-mentioned engines are installed - a 2.5-liter aspirated and a two-liter turbo engine. All of them are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Дилеры Toyota объявили, что до конца года они скинут на текущую версию Camry up to one hundred and fifty thousand rubles.