Mazda 3 bm: car maintenance costs

The first-generation Mazda 3 (BK) appeared in 2003 and looked very similar to the Volvo and Ford, the Mazda 3 was built on the Ford C1 platform, which was designed by employees of Ford, Mazda and Volvo.

mazda 3 bk

For the Russian version of the Mazda 3 (BK) are intended gasoline engines: with a volume of 1.6 liters and a capacity of 105 liters. with. or 2-liter 150-horsepower engine. Transmission - 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic. In 2006 they made a restyling - slightly changed the appearance and more expensive equipment appeared. There was an opportunity for a 2-liter engine to put either a 6-step mechanics or a machine with the same number of steps.

mazda 3 bl

In 2009, the first generation was replaced by the second generation (BL). The platform has not changed much. Mazda3 BL was released until 2013, and in 2011 they made restyling. After 2013, the third generation (BM) was released, and it has changed significantly compared to the 1st and 2nd generations, because in the 3rd generation they began to use their own new Skyactiv platform.

Mazda 3 BM in Russia can be bought with engines of 1.5 and 1.6 liters, which are also called Skyactiv. There are more powerful engines, they are not yet available for the Russian market, and the manual is also. You can choose between 4-speed or 6-speed automatic.

mazda 3 bm

The 1.5 engine, by the way, is more powerful than the 1.6, because the 1.5-liter is more modern and complies with the Euro 5 standard.

Maintenance costs

For calculations, we take the most common situation when the cost of spare parts and repairs - dealerships. When the car is still under warranty, and the owner does not want to risk and go to be repaired by garage specialists.

mazda 3 2014

Change of oil

It is not difficult to change the oil with your own hands, but if you do maintenance at the dealership, you will need to spend a little bit of money. It is necessary according to the instructions to pour oil 0W20, 5-liter canister costs 5150 rubles, only 4.2 liters of oil will be required, therefore a 4-liter canister will be small. You can save - pour oil 5W30, it is cheaper, but is allowed under the rules. The filter costs 615 rubles, you do not need to save money on it, also, when replacing, you will need to change the drain washer, which costs 167 rubles.

The air filter costs 1 623 rubles, it also needs to be changed with each oil change. The cost of replacing the dealer costs 520 rubles, for this money is included cleaning the duct. To change the filter, you will need to flip 4 latches and loosen the clamp to remove the air inlet.

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Mazda 3 engine

Initially, there are iridium candles in the car, which can run for about 100,000 km. A new set of candles costs 7,000 rubles, you can change it yourself, but you can pay 1,300 rubles and change the candles on the service.

The motor uses a chain, there is no timing belt here, it is not necessary to change the chain if it does not stretch. The chain will begin to stretch no earlier than 150,000 km. While all the engines are new and have not yet had to change the timing chain, so there are no such statistics. But there are belts in the car that need to be changed: a pump belt for 850 rubles, an air conditioner compressor belt and a generator belt, these 2 belts will be pulled over 2800 rubles.

These belts are usually changed every 80,000 km. But the belt tensioner can fail every 150,000 km. and it costs 16,500 rubles. But not always, it happens that it lasts longer. So, for those who are going to buy a Mazda 3 with mileage, you need to look at the place where the chain cover is attached, if there are oil leaks around it, then you can lower the price a little. In general, the engines on the Mazda 3 are quite reliable, if you pass MOT with oil and filter changes in time, there will be no problems for very long.

mazda 3 new body


Manual transmission in the Mazda 3 does not happen for the Russian market, so on all cars there is an automatic transmission, the most popular - FW6A-EL - 6-speed. The box is quite reliable, created by Aisin, especially for Skyactiv motors. If you drive quietly, it will last a long time, and if you drive aggressively, the double friction clutch of the torque converter lock will wear out faster, dust will appear, due to which the hydraulic unit will quickly fail.

According to the regulations, the oil in the box should be changed every 100,000 km. But you can look at the condition of the oil at about 60 000 km. If the oil is not red, but darkened, it means that there is already a lot of friction dust in it. Therefore, it is better not to wait for 100,000 and immediately change it. To control the condition and level of oil - is for this dipstick. It will take 10 liters of oil to replace, the price is 1000 rubles per liter. The cost of work - 5300. Total, changing the oil in the box machine will cost 15,300 rubles. But if you change the oil in time, the box will easily serve up to 300,000 km.

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mazda 3 2013


You can change the front pads yourself, but with the rear ones you just won't be able to. In order not to turn sour calipers, it is necessary to clean and lubricate them. Pads and discs can be put different. Original pads cost about 5000 for the whole set, and the brake disc - 5000 for 1 pc.


Suspension, in general, reliable 100 000 km. will serve for sure. But it all depends on which road the car is operated on. Before all require replacement rear Hb arm. It can be changed in the assembly with a lever, but you can also repress, which will turn out a little cheaper. If you change the levers, it will cost 3,000 rubles plus the cost of the lever. And just repressing costs 1060 rubles and the cost of silent blocks is 2500 rubles. After replacing the levers or repressing the silent blocks, it will still be necessary to do toe-out, it will cost 4,000 rubles for all wheels.

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There are cases that on the rear suspension can not put the correct camber, because the breakup bolts in bushings silent blocks quickly sour. But this situation can be simply rectified: once every few years, grease these bolts and turn them. And if you can’t unleash them, then you have to cut the levers, install new ones, and you can change other parts of the rear suspension for one thing, in general, you need to spend about 50,000 rubles. Therefore, it is better to deal with these bolts somehow, than how much in vain to spend 50,000.

By the way, the car is not particularly well protected from corrosion from below, so it makes sense to spend 15,000 rubles on an anticorrosive, this money includes insulation. Then the body will be long in good condition. Under the bottom there are still plastic anthers that protect the body from dirt, they can be easily broken, especially if you drive through forests and other off-road conditions. A new boot is worth 4000 rubles, and replacement work costs 500 rubles.


Since the cars in this body have been produced not very long ago, it is clear that bugs, chips and other paintwork damage have not yet appeared on the body. And in general, the quality of the body and paint is quite high. Bottom protection can be made anticorrosive, and then with the body just will not be problems.

Mazda 3 bm salon


After 3 years of operation, the side mirrors can no longer fold, this malfunction can be repaired under warranty. There may also appear malfunctions from the MZD Connect multimedia system, it may require a flashing, it is usually done under warranty, but in general, this service costs 2,600 rubles.

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cabin filter mazda 3

Who does not want to pay 500 for the replacement of the cabin filter, you can change it yourself. To do this, simply open the glove box, squeeze its side walls and fold it down. Then at the top of the filter will be visible, it must be pulled out and put a new one, which, by the way, costs 2000 rubles. Those who want to save, can put any similar filters, from this particular harm to the car will not.

Another useful advice: after buying a car, it is better to immediately put the mesh in front of the radiator, so it will be less polluted.

Over time, the lamps in the headlights may require replacement, but this is a rather complicated process, so it’s best not to do this yourself, because getting to the lamps is not very convenient. In general, LED lamps serve a long period. And the rest, the cars are reliable, and on the cars of 2013- year of release in the near future nothing will break if properly used.

mazda 3 salon

Mazda 3 is a pretty good car, it has a decent appearance, has its own corporate style. Sufficiently compact size, but the car attracts attention. In terms of safety, there are also no problems with cars. Also, the car is good in driving, accelerates quite quickly, the suspension is moderately hard, combines sport and comfort.

The interior uses good, durable materials, so sitting in the car can be seen that this is an expensive car. Especially weaknesses in the car was not detected. True maintenance costs are quite high, so you can not consider this car budget. And each of those. inspection will be costly, but it is natural for any car.

This car is more suitable for young people, and for those who want a more solid car, it makes sense to pay attention to the Mazda 6, it contains everything that is in the Mazda 3, only its dimensions are larger and it looks slightly more effective.

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