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Korean cars are gradually gaining prestige in the Russian market. If at first they were not taken seriously, then thanks to the activities of the Hyundai concern, the situation begins to improve. Many will not only be able to correctly pronounce the name of the Korean manufacturer, but also have the power to talk about its model range and car features.

Hyundai Solaris 2014-2015

Hyundai Solaris is nothing but the fourth generation of the Accent model, which at one time was very popular among Russian car enthusiasts. The car was presented in 2010 at the Beijing Auto Show. He was announced as a model Verna new generation. Most automotive professionals and ordinary lovers agreed that the exterior of the model turned out to be a bit "Chinese."

For the first time the car was presented under its new name at the opening of the plant in St. Petersburg in September 2010. In early 2011, mass production began. At first, only the cars in the sedan body went off the conveyor, but from mid-2011 the hatchback version became available.

The car began to quickly gain popularity, in fact, creating a new market segment and becoming its symbol. Nice appearance, good performance, low price - these are the main components of the success of Hyundai Solaris.

New Hyundai Solaris 2014-2015

What is your name to us? Marketing in action

The origin of the name Solaris is interesting. The company's management began to adhere to a new strategy, according to which the car should have the status developed specifically for Russia. Despite the presence of the i-concept, according to which the model was supposed to receive the name Hyundai I25, marketers decided to invent another name.

The name was selected using all available methods, including Internet voting. Users voted for Solaris - and the new model began to be called that way. Of course, the car is far from the rational ocean from the work of the same name, which materializes the most painful memories. If he materializes something, then only dreams of an inexpensive, but comfortable car.

Salon updated Hyundai Solaris

Korean automakers have been very sensitive to all changes in the Russian market, closely following the popularity of their models. In just six months, hatchback production was set up, and a year later the car underwent the first restyling, while the minimum. The appearance of the car has become more stylish and dynamic.

Demand for the model has remained at a constant level for almost 4 years. But Korean developers do not calm down on this. Restyling is the work of marketers. When interest in the model begins to fade, the car is not sold for the first year, and the market is already saturated, the next update does not take long.

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Rumors Internet is full

From the beginning of 2014, rumors began to spread about the upcoming presentation of the new generation of Hyundai Solaris. Various photos collected on the Internet were collected, if without risk to life, then with the help of spyware.

Hyundai Solaris new lineup

Details about the novelty had to be collected literally on scraps of information. Despite the fact that production in St. Petersburg has already started, what kind of updates are expected, no one really said. Such an atmosphere of secrecy only further spurred interest in the car. Production Hyundai Solaris 2015 photo It became a real craze for auto experts, and any information about the new product immediately became the subject of wide discussion.

If you read the news of those days, you can see that the car intelligence officers were right in almost everything. No camouflage and other precautions could not hide from motorists the main thing - significant external changes are not expected.

Fly a car is not taught, as well as swim. The developers left all the best, took into account some wishes of customers, worked a little on updating the design, did not bother replacing the power units and presented a novelty to the public.

Hyundai Solaris in Russia


In the case of Solaris, small changes were only beneficial. Old customers are saved, new ones appear. Before restyling the car was more youth. Now the design has more traditional features. In addition to the updated model, those who used to believe that the clearance of the car is too small for Russian roads will reach out.

Everything looks very organic. Visually, the headlights extend the “face” of the car. Externally, the car seems to be a class above. New Hyundai Solaris 2015 in general, looks nicer than its predecessor. Of course, this is subjective, but many motorists agreed in this opinion.

As well as people in the know assumed, the car is a slightly modified and turned version of the Chinese model Verna. Here are just the cars presented in the showrooms, a little different from those whose pictures went on the network after the first tests in the Middle Kingdom.

Hyundai Solaris 2015 photo

Engineers decided to keep the familiar shape of the car. Specialists made only minor changes to the design, which refreshed the exterior of the car. Hyundai Solaris 2015 received a new grille, a modified front bumper with integrated fog lights. Regardless of the configuration, the front bumper is also equipped with daytime running lights. In more expensive versions of the optics presented in the LED version.

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Careful examination of the appearance suggests that the creators are trying to follow the corporate style used in the Hyundai model range. Solaris 2015 in front resembles another model of the Korean concern - Sonata.

Expanded and available colors palette. The car can be ordered in pearl-blue, orange, brown colors or choose a beige metallic. These are complementary colors, standard colors remain unchanged. Buyers also have the opportunity to choose a 15 or 16 inch wheels. The latter are distinguished by a new design, giving the car attractiveness and refinement.

Exterior Hyundai Solaris Painting

Car interior

Korean engineers did not make major changes to the interior Hyundai Solaris 2015. Salon and before restyling was fairly balanced and comfortable. Some changes were the result of taking into account the views of owners of models of the previous generation. This is especially true for materials: instead of cheap polymer, which caused a lot of disgruntled reviews, now more expensive plastic is used.

On the rear doors pockets of things appeared. With their size they do not amaze the imagination, but they can easily accommodate some small things or a bottle of water. Door handles are now trimmed with artificial leather - it is strange that for this we had to wait for the 2015 model line.

Changes affected the audio system. Inside, you can now find a powerful player equipped with a touch screen. The dashboard lights were also upgraded. New upholstery got seats. As options:

  • multi-function steering wheel
  • second heated glass
  • electric driver's seat
  • interior glass with a monitor to which the image from the camera is transmitted

Hyundai Solaris 2015 steering wheel and control

In the top-end configuration, the car can boast of decorative elements made of wood. Another question is whether such additions will be in demand among buyers in the budget segment.

Use in finishing more expensive materials combined with high-quality assembly. The cabin has become much quieter, and new plastic elements, according to representatives of the concern, do not creak and do not emit other unpleasant sounds familiar to owners of previous versions of the car.

Car capacity

The cabin quietly accommodates the driver and four passengers. The front seats are comfortable enough, but you can make your stay even more comfortable by using various adjustment options. There is also a lot of space on the back seat, but on a long journey it is better not to accommodate more than two passengers here.

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Speaking of travel. The trunk fits 465 liters of luggage, if we talk about a sedan. The hatchback's trunk volume is slightly lower - 370 liters, but the transformational possibilities and configuration of the body make it even more practical than the sedan.

Hyundai Solaris 2015 photo

Powertrain and suspension

Hyundai engineers decided that the engines with which the model is completed, and so are quite modern and technological. Therefore, under the hood of a motorist, the well-known 1.4 and 1.6 liter gasoline engines will meet. Both engines in the combined cycle do not differ in particular gluttony - 6 liters per 100 km. In the acceleration of the car is quite willing. It is light, small, and therefore 107 hp, which gives the engine 1.4 liters, it is enough, not to mention the 123 "horses" 1.6 liter power unit.

Along with traditional gearboxes, the manufacturer offers the installation of two new transmissions: a six-speed automatic and a mechanical one. But you can order them only by purchasing a car with a 1.6 liter engine.

Suspension remained unchanged. Ahead is an independent design that includes springs and a stabilizer. Behind - semi-independent beam with traditional shock absorbers. For wheels, designers have provided a system of disc brakes, of which the front pair is ventilated.

The engine of the new Hyundai Solaris

Dealer offer

Regardless of the configuration of the body, the car by Russian dealers is presented in three configuration options:

  • initial Active,
  • average comfort
  • maximum elegance.

There is a choice of several optional equipment packages. The minimum grade sedan will cost 473,900 rubles. Hatchbacks cost 10,000 less - 463,900 rubles.

This video review will help you to feel yourself at the wheel of the Korean novelty, which demonstrates the maximum equipment of the Hyundai Solaris car: