Suzuki alivio will be sold in russia

Suzuki Alivio будет продаваться в России

The Suzuki company is going to promote a model of a new sedan on the Russian market, which was officially introduced at last September's Chendung Motor Show. This model is called Suzuki Alivio. The Japanese are not particularly in a hurry, there is information that this sedan will appear on Russian roads somewhere by the fall of 2016. If this information is correct, then we definitely have time to carefully consider it at the Moscow Motor Show, where, by tradition, automakers officially represent cars that they are going to sell in our country.

Suzuki Alivio будет продаваться в России The Suzuki Alivio sedan can already be bought in China and in India. However, in the Indian automotive market, this model is positioned under a different name - Suzuki Ciaz. The length of the Alivio is 4 m 49 cm, the width is 1 m 73 cm and the height of 1 m 48.5 cm. The wheelbase is 2625 mm. It can be concluded that the Alivio belongs to the “C +” class, but it still has a good trunk, the volume of which is 510 liters, and a ground clearance of 10 mm (at least, this is the case with the model that is currently sold in India).

Suzuki Alivio будет продаваться в России Very soon, in June of this year, Suzuki Alivio will begin to produce in Thailand, at one of the subsidiaries of Suzuki Motor. Most likely, these cars will be delivered to us. In Thailand, Suzuki Alivio will be collected on a 1.25-liter gasoline engine, its power can only be guessed, since there is no official data yet. In India, this model is sold in two versions: with a 1.2-liter and 1.3-liter engine on board, with the first having a capacity of 89 horses, and the second - 92.

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Suzuki Alivio будет продаваться в России Such parameters correspond little to the needs of our market, therefore, it is unlikely that cars with such engines will be produced for Russia. But those that are produced in China, most likely and will begin to deliver to us. The “Chinese” today are available in two trim levels: some have a 1.4-liter heart under the hood, which develops the capacity of a herd of one hundred heads, others - a 1.6-liter engine with 120 horsepower. It seems that soon, in order to warm up the interest in advance, the manufacturer will share with us more detailed details.