The japanese announced a conceptual toyota vira

Японцы анонсировали концептуальную Toyota Vira Officially, its conceptual development двухдверного кроссовера Toyota Vira The Japanese are going to present at the near January motor show, which will be held in the capital of the country of the Rising Sun. And yesterday, the first photos of this car appeared in wide access. The prototype was derived from two models - compact Toyota ViTZ SUV (it is also known as Toyota Yaris in some countries) and Toyota RAV4 crossover. For the same reason, the name of the concept is a composite of the first two letters of the names of these cars.

The concept, although it is the addition of two cars, but outwardly from them is very different. The developers deliberately gave this futuristic-prompt appearance to the new product, since this model is planned exclusively for young people. Nothing specific to the specifications Toyota Vira the developers have not yet reported. Японцы анонсировали концептуальную Toyota Vira Toyota RAV4 has a fairly high popularity, and, accordingly, demand in Russia. That is why at the St. Petersburg facilities Toyota will soon produce this crossover. Most of the work has already been done; a couple of months remained before the lines were started. Last year, Japanese cars of the Toyota brand were leading in terms of sales in Russia. They became more popular than Mercedes, Kia, Hyundai, Lad and Nissans.