Hyundai creta: description, modifications, specifications

Hyundai Creta went on sale in the summer of 2015 at prices up to 1 million 360 thousand rubles. This is a car, made in the back of a crossover and in fact is a renamed and slightly improved model ix25 of the same manufacturer. Apparently, this is due to the company's refusal of such designations, especially since in addition to China, the ix series cars are no longer sold. Hyundai Creta has the technical characteristics that can be attributed to the now fashionable category of “urban crossovers”.


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Henday Kreta: description models

This class of car brings big profits to automakers. So Hyundai decided to snatch his piece of the pie of consumer demand. Well, regarding Russia, this is a 100% hit. The car turned out much fresher than its closest competitors in the form of Ford EcoSport and Renault Duster, from a marketing point of view, representing a more profitable product, equipped with many useful options.

Hyundai Creta has the following dimensions, which can be seen in the photo:

Hyundai creta

  • Length - 4270 mm;
  •  Wheelbase Hyundai Creta (ix25) - 2590 mm;
  • Clearance - 185 cm;
  • Width - 1.78 m;
  • Height - 1.63 m.

Fuel Hyundai Kreta is about 8.2 liters, depending on the type of engine. Car weight - 1752 kg.

Motor 1.6 is really good in the city, does not require the driver to often shift gears. Truly, the car starts to give pleasure at 2000 revolutions per minute, pleasing with a powerful “pickup”. That's just the pedals at this moment begin to vibrate noticeably, which is not very pleasant.

The Korean crossover suspension consists of McPherson struts in the front and rear torsion bar. This system faithfully absorbs road irregularities, fully justifying the car as a crossover. True, Creta's permeability is somewhat worse than that of Duster, who is close to him, and even on some irregularities, the car body begins to sway. But clearance allows you to not be afraid of bad roads.

Hyundai creta

It is very interesting to look at this SUV in a modification with a diesel engine and “automatic”. The gear shifts are smooth, which makes it equally comfortable to “crawl” through urban traffic jams, and rush to full speed. Calm and smooth diesel behaves both on narrow streets and on the highway, for 10.4 seconds accelerating the crossover having rather big dimensions to “hundred”.

The Hyundai Creta fuel system includes a filter integrated into the engine that can be easily replaced and a fuel tank located above the rear axle. Rumor has it that a car with a gun will “eat” fuel over the prescribed official figure of 8 liters, but this can only be established when the car is in Russia. Tests in China did not reveal this.


Concluding the review, briefly describe the car. Before us was a multifunctional SUV, equipped with a large number of options, among which there is not one useless. It has its drawbacks, but in general it turned out not worse than its fellow classmates. The car turned out to be moderately attractive and relatively comfortable, except that a little pumped up the parameters of the terrain. This subcompact urban crossover is expected in Russia at the end of this summer, and orders are opened in early July.