The best gps trackers to protect the car


Cars with navigators, alarms and all kinds of cameras will surprise no one. But it is important to ensure safety in the car, not only while driving, but also to protect the car itself from being hijacked. Many put simple alarms, although in fact they are inferior to the capabilities of beacons. Choosing a GPS-beacon for a car, you need to find the best one and correctly dispose of the selected device, that is, install it in the most hidden place.

gps car beacon

Gps beacon will locate the car

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Acquaintance with GPS beacons

Автомобильный GPS-трекер для машины является маяком, который определяет местонахождение объекта, то есть транспортного средства, на значительном удалении. То есть, даже если машину угнали и отвезли далеко за пределы вашего города, с помощью lighthouses можно ее отыскать.

The beacons have the function of informing about the presence of the machine in certain time intervals. They are established by the owner of the car. The rest of the time, the trackers are in sleep mode, so as not to waste extra energy. It also allows you to hide the beacon from special scanners that auto thieves often use to make the search for a stolen car impossible.

gps tracker will find the car in the hijacking

Car theft

The GPS tracker for the car is based on the main element. This is the module through which the device receives and transmits information via satellite and mobile communications. There are two types of beacons, depending on the module.

  1. GPS and GLONASS. The difference is that the former are American satellites, and the latter are ours. But it is better to buy car trackers that use two satellite systems.
  2. GSM module. Information transfer is carried out using GPRS, SMS and voice messages.

Also, when choosing, it is worth looking at what type of power source the car tracker uses. It can be a device with a built-in battery, or a device of a universal type. The latter can be connected to the power supply from the car itself or use its own power supply. The longer the device is able to work autonomously, the better it is.

The best devices for cars

Everyone wants to use only the best machine protection system. A good tracker is one that efficiently transmits information, works offline for a long time and has a high quality of performance.

Чтобы выбрать лучший из доступных на российском рынке lighthouses, рекомендуем познакомиться с лидерами сегмента.

There are several leading manufacturers in Russia whose products have gained a high level of customer confidence. They have all the qualities and characteristics to protect the car from theft. Which GPS is better for you, you will determine based on the parameters of the devices.

Among the leading manufacturers are the following companies:

  • Avtofon;
  • UltraStar;
  • iRZ Online;
  • IkKiper;
  • Vega Absolute.

If you need GPS-beacons for cars, and you do not know which one is better to choose among all the represented companies, then focus on domestic manufacturers.

The cheapest are Chinese devices. They cost from 1 thousand rubles, but they are completely unable to provide reliable protection and durable work.

Есть аналог в лице европейских или американских lighthouses. Но такие трекеры хоть и эффективные по своим функциям, но очень дорогие и не адаптированы под российские климатические условия. В некоторых регионах они просто не выдержат низких температур и влажности.

Therefore, the Russian manufacturers are the best choice. They are reliable, efficient, functional and comfortable in our climate. Plus, they are much cheaper than European and American counterparts. We recommend choosing a device among the voiced companies, having considered the best models from leading Russian manufacturers.

Vega Absolute

sober-chip lighthouse

The best tracker from the Novosibirsk company

This is a Russian company, which is based in the city of Novosibirsk. A kind of veteran in the domestic market, since it has long been producing anti-theft beacons for cars.

The current range includes 4 models. The differences between them are purely constructive and the difference is:

  • mounting method;
  • dimensions;
  • battery life.

But these devices do not monitor, but only help to find the car in case of theft.

The best tracker in the company's range is called SOBR Chip 12. It is equipped with a durable battery (about 2 years of service) and a system with which the coordinates are determined with a high level of accuracy.

Not without flaws.

  1. The software is rarely updated.
  2. The case has a weak level of tightness.
  3. The device has no alarm button.
  4. Connect the device to external power sources can not.

Это простой вариант lighthouses, который поможет в экстренной ситуации. Ставить его на дорогую машину не стоит. Лучше взять что-то более функциональное. А вот для бюджетного недорогого авто маяк за 5 тысяч рублей станет дешёвым, но полезным приобретением.

X Kiper (X-Keeper)

lighthouse x-keeper

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Russian manufacturer that sells one interesting tracker. Its price is about 6.5 thousand rubles.

The model is called Invis Duos. In standalone mode, the device is able to work for three years. To obtain data on the coordinates of the car, use a pair of SIM cards.

The main advantages of the lighthouse:

  • high accuracy of determination of coordinates;
  • long service life;
  • reliable and durable battery;
  • sensitivity to satellite signals;
  • intuitive menus and settings;
  • useful apps for smartphones and tablets;
  • adaptation of the device to low temperatures;
  • low operational cost.

But the tracker is not protected from moisture, and also there is no motion sensor on it. Plus, it works only on an autonomous battery, that is, it cannot connect to the network from the machine.

iRZ Online

find me

Search system for determining the coordinates of the car

If you have never seen a tracker called iRZ Online, do not be surprised. There is no such. The company releases these devices under the FindMe brand.

A distinctive feature of the devices is the high accuracy of determining the coordinates of the car, excellent workmanship and reasonable price.

All models that are included in the rating, combine common flaws.

  1. Autonomous operation of devices does not exceed 1.5 years. This is not so critical, but it is important just not to forget to change the battery in time.
  2. For the tracker to work, you need to install a SIM card. This is also quite normal, because you cannot call it a critical shortcoming.
  3. Free operation is provided for 2 years. To protect an expensive car money should not be a pity. Moreover, paid operation is not so expensive.

As for the best trackers for cars, here two models are considered leaders.

  • Beacon from FindMe, which is distinguished by its ease of operation and excellent airtightness, which is extremely important for the tracker. The device is easy to install, has a large number of functions, an attractive design. Weaknesses include large size, lack of audio connections, as well as fast battery consumption. The tracker itself costs about 5.7 thousand rubles;
  • This is an improved version of the previous tracker, which received a heat-resistant SIM card, built-in microphone and the function of connecting to the car power grid. 24-hour support is not available here. Users also note periodic interruptions in GPS signals. The device costs about 7 thousand rubles.

Ultra Star

satellite monitoring cars

Starline search engines

Another company whose GPS beacons are produced under a separate brand. You can recognize him by the name of StarLine. All of them instantly transmit information, accurately show the coordinates, are suitable for use in all weather conditions and have simple, intuitive settings.

The dimensions are not the most compact, but you can hide it in the car. On average, models of trackers from StarLine cost 5-7 thousand rubles. There are a lot of models, but it is better to choose which GPS-beacon for the car, decide for yourself.

Judging by the reviews and the study of characteristics, the best among the trackers are two models.

  • M15 Autonomous beacon with reliable case tightness, uninterrupted operation in GPS and GLONASS systems, as well as LBS function. Software update takes place via the Internet. Some users complain that the battery charge indicator gives incorrect information. The response service is free, but sometimes it does not work enough quickly. But with such advantages the price of 5.3 thousand rubles looks very attractive;
  • M17. One of the best trackers on the market in general. This is due to a wide range of functionality, among which is the fixing of the speed of the car, and the function of starting the motor via SMS only. Tariff plans are very profitable, smartphone applications are useful, effective and easy to understand. The disadvantages include rare cases of false alerts, as well as the likelihood of an audio controller not working correctly. But it can rather be attributed to the factory marriage. Similar problems recently were not observed. This tracker is only 5.8 thousand rubles.


gps lighthouse autophone

Gps tracker car

Among all Russian lighthouses products of this company are in the highest demand. It is not surprising, because AvtoFon is the largest company that manufactures trackers in Russia.

A very wide selection of devices somewhat complicates the selection process. But all of them are reliable, durable, with a long-running battery, special thermal SIM cards, built-in SIM-chips, are offered with economical tariffs. That is, the manufacturer has created all the conditions to be considered the best company in this field.

Пока AutoFon уверенно удерживает лидирующие позиции. Особого внимания заслуживают две модели трекеров:

  • AlfaMayak. The device is a new generation of incredibly compact size. It has the functionality of a quick start, it has a built-in chip with a prepaid tariff for the entire period of operation. The owner of the tracker receives ongoing support, the response service — free when it is stolen. Plus, the free support center and service. You will be able to set up a device there, help you understand the functions, install applications, etc. At the same time, AlfaMayak costs only 6,000 rubles;
  • SE Lighthouse. The device is somewhat simpler, but it is made in a waterproof, waterproof housing. Informs the owner of the beginning of the movement of the machine, can not be suppressed by GSM or GPS-signals. Also, the device can not be found by the scanner. The device has a built-in microphone, because the owner of the car can turn it on and listen to what is currently happening near the car. The cost of the tracker is about 5 thousand rubles.

Это лидеры среди отечественных lighthouses, и они достойно конкурируют с зарубежными аналогами. Но преимуществом российских моделей является их доступность и полная адаптация под наши условия эксплуатации. Многие зарубежные трекеры стоимостью 10–15 тысяч рублей уступают по эффективности работы в России моделям отечественного производства за 4–6 тысяч рублей. Так что нет смысла тратить больше. Выбирайте наше, и не ошибётесь.

Installation Tips

Even buying the most expensive and functional trackers will be meaningless if you don’t find the right place to install them.

Experts advise several options:

  1. Underhood space, fenders and bumper. But here you can put only models with good protection from moisture.
  2. Internal lining. It can be chairs, dashboard, door inserts, ceiling.
  3. The trunk. Reliable option, where there are many hidden places.
  4. Internal devices. Audio system, steering wheel, gear lever, air conditioning or stove. This is one of the most secluded and difficult to find places where you can mount the tracker.

With the selected device, you must first read in detail, read the instructions, instruction manual. It will not be superfluous to consult with experts.

And how do you feel about GPS trackers, do you put them in your car? Write about this in the comments and ask current questions. Do not forget to subscribe!