The best models of car refrigerators in 2018


In the hot season, without leaving the car, to enjoy the cold water, every motorist dreams, and it is not only about those who travel long distances, but also about those who, doing things, reels mileage in the city. Of course, for the transportation of food in the car and their safety, you need a special device. Such a device should be not only functional, but also small-sized. To help the ordinary motorist created compact autorefrigerators. The list of goods on the Russian market is replete with diversity and prices, which vary depending on the volume, energy consumption and capabilities (different models have different temperature storage conditions).

Ranking of the best car refrigerators

TOP best car refrigerators.

В нижеприведённом рейтинге представлены только самые популярные модели, изучив которые, любой желающий сможет найти свой лучший автохолодильник. При выборе стоит отталкиваться от функциональности устройства, в магазинах есть масса моделей, качественные агрегаты стоят вперемешку с товаром, от приобретения которого стоит отказаться из-за слишком низкой степени надёжности. Приведённый перечень автохолодильников поможет отобрать из всех существующих агрегатов те, которые заслужили доверие пользователей и экспертов.Читать далее про рейтинг лучших автомобильных холодильников-->

How to choose a car cooler?

If the car owner does not know how to choose a car refrigerator in the car, he must take into account the opinion of experts who will point out the important features of this product, given which, it will be possible to quickly and easily make a choice. If a motorist chooses an optimal refrigerator for his vehicle, he must take into account the duration of his upcoming trips or future journey. If there is a short walk ahead, for example, a picnic, it will be quite reasonable to buy a cooler bag that has thermal insulation. Such a unit is capable of preserving in a cooled state practically any dish for 8 hours.

When a motorist plans a longer trip, about a day, a bag-container will be useful, which will operate from a car battery, electricity or gas.

No less important in choosing the optimal auto-refrigerator is such a criterion as the conditions of the trip (the car owner must take into account not only the air temperature but also the conditions of the road surface). If it is too hot outside (the thermometer rises above + 35 ° C), a relatively long trip will require a refrigerator, which will be compression or absorption. True, it is worth considering the fact that the specified types of cooling products of the units cannot transfer vibrations. As practice shows, when traveling off-road, they will become a worthless acquisition.

How to choose a refrigerator

The next important parameter of choice is the volume of products necessary for travel. The amount of future equipment depends on the amount of food and water transported, as well as on the number of people participating in the journey. If only one person is going on the road, he can buy a car refrigerator for 5 liters. At the same time, a family of 3 to 4 people needs a unit of much greater capacity, for example, 30 liters.

The main criteria for choosing the most convenient auto-refrigerator are its volume and power. Among other things, the motorist should pay attention to the temperature to which products can be cooled. If the unit has a freezer compartment, it should indicate the temperature of deep freezing.

A high-quality auto-fridge must resist vibrations, its operation cannot be subject to malfunction due to the inclination of the vehicle. Any refrigerator makes noise during operation, weight depends on its dimensions. If we talk about the cooling unit is too large, it is important to consider that it will take a lot of space in the car, so you should first think about where it will be installed and whether the parameters of the acquired device correspond to the space allocated to it. Only overall auto-refrigerators can hold two-liter bottles with soda.

When choosing a refrigerator for a car, you should ask about the material and its cost, some also take into account the exterior of the device, its color and the shape of the camera itself, however, these figures can be called secondary.

Types of autorefrigerators

Making a rating of automobile refrigerators, it is impossible not to take into account the type of device being purchased. The most important difference between refrigerators for a car is their separation according to the principle of operation. According to this feature, compressor, absorption, thermoelectric and isothermal models are distinguished. The latter type includes cooler bags and containers.

Compressor auto-refrigerators function in almost the same way as usual home-use refrigerators familiar to any man in the street. Like a household counterpart, such a device is capable of lowering the temperature of any product through the use of a refrigerant. The main advantages of such a model can be considered its cost-effectiveness (low power consumption), greater capacity, the ability to cool products to -20 ° C. At the same time, sensitivity, exposure to any vibrations, and overall dimensions are considered significant drawbacks of the model. This type of auto-refrigerators is usually preferred by foreigners. Smooth road surface in Germany will allow the unit to function in full, while the compressor device will quickly become unusable when traveling on domestic roads.

Compressor auto-refrigerators

Thermoelectric refrigerators for cars представляют собой агрегаты, температура воздуха в которых понижается за счёт электричества. Для этих устройств характерна возможность держать продукты не только в замороженном виде (-3° С), но и разогревать их. Автовладелец может разогреть пищу до 70° С. Эта функция позволяет термоэлектрическому автохолодильнику работать в режиме печки. Основными преимуществами таких моделей считаются практически полная независимость по отношению к дорожной тряске, возможность разогреть продукты, бесшумность в процессе эксплуатации, малогабаритность. Среди значимых недостатков стоит отметить существенный расход электричества, относительно медленное охлаждение, небольшой объём резервуара.

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Absorption models of auto-refrigerators are different from the previously described devices by the method of cooling products. The water-ammonia solution acts as a coolant in such units. Due to the absence of moving particles, the car cooler of the type in question is resistant to road woes, it does not frighten any potholes. The main positive features of the device are the ability to be powered from several sources (electricity, gas), energy savings, virtually complete noiseless operation, large volume (capable of holding 140 liters). Despite the positive side, absorption devices are quite expensive, and we cannot exclude the possibility of failures when tilting the machine.

Absorption auto-refrigerators

Bags-refrigeratorsи термобоксы относятся к так называемым изотермическим моделям. Эти устройства производят из специального пластика, в них предусмотрена изотермическая прослойка. Такие агрегаты самостоятельно не генерируют тепло или холод. Их преимущество в возможности определённый промежуток времени поддерживать продукты в том состоянии, в котором они находились изначально. Такие приспособления имеют низкую цену, они малогабаритны и неприхотливы. Из минусов стоит отметить непродолжительную сохранность холодных продуктов и напитков в жару, а также небольшой объём резервуара.


Recently, portable freezer refrigerators have become increasingly popular. These devices are more like a camera that operates on the principle of a compression model. The unit helps to cool products to -22 ° C, has a large volume. True, however, he has great weight and a rather high price. If a motorist cannot decide on which car cooler to buy, he must match his needs with the capabilities of each model. Sometimes it is quite enough for short outings with a family outside the city of a simple cooler bag or thermobox, which are several times cheaper than a good compressor or absorption device.

Freezer car refrigerators

Which auto cooler is better to choose?

If someone is interested in a car refrigerator, the rating of the best models of 2018, which is presented in the material below, will easily help to determine the optimal model.

The most affordable low-end models of auto-refrigerators in 2018

The given rating is started by low-end models, which are affordable to any average Russian. As a rule, if the budget is limited, or there is no desire to buy an expensive device, you can purchase the option of a cooling unit product in just 6-7 thousand rubles. Such devices can be installed even in small cars, although they have a small volume and belong to thermoelectric or isothermal models. They are easy to operate, do not have a large "acceleration" in the temperature, are deprived of a beautiful exterior.

Start top budget autorefrigerators capable model Ezetil E16. A thermoelectric device, which one of the Chinese organizations presents to the Russian consumer at a relatively budget price, will not smell unpleasant (like many other typical products). Users claim that they rarely encountered serious breakdowns, as a rule, Ezetil E16 is a stable functioning auto-refrigerator, which has a two-year warranty. Among the drawbacks, it is worth noting the small capacity and relatively average performance. In this case, the unit will be optimal for those who prefer a compact device that does not take up much space in the car. This high-quality product of Chinese origin has an extremely simple design, a pleasant exterior, while allowing you to store food, cooling at 18 ° C.

Ezetil E16

The second, more attractive device for low-cost auto-refrigerators is the AVS CC 24NB 12 / 220V model. Some experts call this unit optimal in terms of price and quality. In 2018, this car refrigerator can be purchased for a little more than 5 thousand rubles. Another representative of Chinese origin, related to thermoelectric models. This unit is characterized by excellent characteristics. Its main advantage is the volume of the camera, in which you can fit 24 liters. It should be noted that the unit is compact, which saves space in the car. Like the previous model, AVS CC 24NB 12 / 220V is able to cool / heat products at 15 - 18 ° C.

VS CC 24NB 12/220V

This presentable and inexpensive auto-refrigerator is equipped with a “pocket” in which the power cord is located, has a convenient handle and thermal relay (by means of which the modes for heating or cooling products are switched). The model is acceptable for its price, quality and availability to any consumer. It is possible to pay attention to the AVS CC 24NB 12 / 220V car cooler due to its small size, ergonomics, the ability to heat food, the budget price and sufficient storage space. Buyer should take into account the practical absence of minuses.

Considering the best thermoelectric and compression models of auto-refrigerators in 2018, you can not ignore the model Mobicool G30 AC / DC. The German device of the average price range is a high-quality auto-refrigerator, which is made of impact-resistant plastic. This feature allows the unit to remain intact even after falling on a hard surface. Thermal insulation is achieved through the use of a loose layer of polyurethane foam. The unit of more models described relative to the volume of the storage chamber, it can hold up to 29 liters. Such a device will be interesting to those who want to buy a quality low-cost model of the auto-refrigerator for their own small vehicle. Together with the quality of the motorist will appreciate the low cost of the product, durable body, capacity, and the absence of significant drawbacks.

Mobicool G30 AC/DC

The best thermoelectric models

As practice shows, not all motorists are guided only by the price of the purchased auto-refrigerator, for the majority, ergonomics and quality of the goods are put in the first place, its ability to quickly heat food or cool products to minus temperatures. Thermoelectric refrigerators, which can be installed in the car, have a banal design. Any of the housings of such a device hides a fan that works depending on the battery. This feature does not allow warm air to penetrate inside the unit, maintaining the low temperature of the products. Despite the fact that the unit cannot provide too large a range of adjustable temperatures, the properties of the chamber are enough to keep everything in the right state.

Begins rating the best thermoelectric models of auto-refrigerators model AVS CC 22WA 12 / 220V. This unit of Chinese origin costs about 9 thousand rubles, in contrast to its more budgetary analogue, its temperature range is larger, which makes it possible to warm / cool products by 22 - 25 ° C relative to the initial state.

AVS CC 22WA 12/220V

Adjustment of the modes is carried out by means of the LED display. This auto-refrigerator has an attractive cost in relation to its capabilities, it is worth highlighting the opportunity to work not only for cooling but also for heating. The only disadvantage of the autorefrigerator, containing about 22 liters - infrequent failures that may appear after prolonged use of the display.

The second acceptable model of thermoelectric auto-refrigerator is the Unicool 28L device. Choose this unit is at least for the sake of roomy luggage storage. The unit with a price tag of about 10 thousand rubles. - A nice suitcase that is equipped with wheels (which allows for quick and convenient transportation). The Unicool 28L case is fabric, internally assembled with thermal insulating polyurethane foam. The device is able to cool products at 19 - 23 ° C. Motorists who have already used this unit in practice speak of its good functionality, roominess, low price, and the availability of ergonomic handles and wheels for transportation. True, some were faced with an unpleasant smell emanating from the new chamber, which publishes synthetic finishing material.

Unicool 28L

The leader in the ranking of the best thermoelectric models of auto-refrigerators is the Indel B FRIGOCAT 12V TB007NT1 unit. This device has the best quality at a price of 15 thousand rubles. With a relatively small storage capacity, the Indel B FRIGOCAT 12V TB007NT1 allows motorists to better cool products described earlier. The fan fixture reduces the temperature by 30 ° C. An aggregate volume of only 7 liters. has the best technical characteristics, almost perfect exterior, shows high reliability in operation. The main advantages of the model are the use of only quality components, a metal case, the maximum degree of cooling products and convenient fasteners.


The most convenient and optimal compression auto-refrigerators

If a motorist doubts which auto cooler is better to buy from the compressor models on the market, he should take into account all their advantages and disadvantages. These devices are considered refrigerators that have thermostatic control. The main advantage of such units is the ability to cool products to -18 ° C. Notable is the capacity of the storage chamber, which can be huge due to the installed powerful compressor. Any product status data is monitored via a liquid crystal display, which allows you to manually set the preferred temperature value. Compressor models are considered the most expensive, but also the most practical.

The top best autorefrigerators of 2018, which belong to compressor models, start the ARB Freezer Fridge 47 unit. This device can rightly be called a premium model with an excellent feature set. The device of the Australian production can be bought for 72 thousand rubles. ARB Freezer Fridge 47 is a truly gigantic device from the kind of compressor refrigerators for the car. The device has gained popularity due to the high quality components, functionality, the introduction of advanced technologies.

ARB Freezer Fridge 47

The model is famous for having a swing-motor system, which, when interacting with a compressor, saves energy considerably, despite the overall size and weight of the unit. For such an impressive price, a motorist will receive a 47-liter car refrigerator, which is distinguished from other devices by the presence of proprietary technologies, an exquisite exterior, a comfortable pen and a display to control.

The second place in the ranking of the most optimal models is WAECO CoolFreeze CF-40. It is the device with the best combination of price and quality in the category. German device for 56 thousand rubles. provides the motorist with a storage room for 37 liters. By means of a thermostat, food can be heated to +10 or cooled to -18 ° C. The unit functions as a full-fledged regular freezer. The manufacturer gives a guarantee for 15 months, during which it is possible to check all the properties of a high-quality unit with effective cooling of products.

WAECO CoolFreeze CF-40

The first in the ranking of the best compressor type refrigerators was the Indel B Cruise 049 / V CRR049N1P01P0AAB00. The unit with the best price belongs to the Italian company. With a storage capacity of 49 liters. it can be easily installed in any large car or motor home. Products in such a device can be stored for a long time at a temperature of +4 - - 6 ° C.

Indel B Cruise 049/V


To select the best auto-refrigerator in 2018, you should take into account all your requests, compare them with the capabilities of the models presented in the rating. For the main selection criteria is to take the volume of the device, the duration of travel, the temperature range of the unit with its technical features, as well as the cost.