How to replace wiper blades yourself

Wear rubber products in the car is a natural process. This applies not only to the sealing elements, but also to the “wipers” that ensure the cleanliness of the windshield. Timely replacement of the wiper blades allows the driver to maintain good visibility and does not damage the surface of the triplex.


  • 1 Need to replace
  • 2 Signs of production
  • 3 Immediate replacement process

The need for replacement

Before you remove the "wipers" from the car, you need to know some facts about them. Any indicator that determines the need to purchase a new pair, this product is often absent. Understand the need to reinstall in this situation can only empirically, when the products cease to fully or partially perform their function of cleaning the surface from pollution.

It is important to timely remove the wiper blades that have worn out, and put new ones in their place, since this element maintains the safety of the car when operating in extreme weather conditions.

how to remove the

Poor rubber cleaners can even provoke an accident. Wear occurs not only from mechanical abrasion, but also due to loss of performance due to external negative factors.

Signs of production

Before installing wiper blades, it is worth making sure that the old pair does not fully perform its functions. The main factors that should be guided, are such signs:

  • after passing in some direction there are large uncleaned areas;
  • in the process of work, dirty stains and strips are not completely removed from the surface;
  • narrow vertical stripes are visible on the glass.

Replacement is carried out quickly enough, but inexperienced drivers are afraid to break something or damage it by applying an effort during disengagement. These are vain fears, since the operation takes a few seconds even with a minimum of knowledge and skills.

how to replace wiper blades

Перед тем how to replace wiper blades yourself, нужно определить тип замочного соединения, чтобы при покупке новой пары он был идентичным. Узнать его можно на сайте автопроизводителя. Важно также ориентироваться по длине изделий, чтобы получить оптимальный по габаритам продукт.

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Classic rubber brushes consist of three basic elements:

  • lower arm, originating from the bottom of the windshield;
  • metal holder docked to the lower arm;
  • rubberized double-sided brush.

how to replace wiper blades yourself

It should be borne in mind that in most cases there are two unequal in length along the length of the cleaner in the pair. Typically, the price tag on them does not exceed 700-800 rubles., But branded products can cost more.

Immediate replacement process

To change the "wipers", you need to perform a step-by-step algorithm in the following order:

  1. For the metal mount we take the janitor from the windshield to the extreme stable position. Since there is a spring in the construction, the lever should be lifted carefully while holding the structure without throwing it on the triplex. Otherwise there is a risk of damage to the glass.
  2. Disconnect the obsolete element at the interface where the rubber blade connects to the holder. There is a plastic stopper, which you need to press to detach the brushes.
  3. In some models, you have to change the position of the “flag” that holds the brush in its position.
  4. It is important to lower the lever after disconnecting to the initial position smoothly, so as not to create mechanical damage. In this case, a towel or rags that are used as shock absorbers or fuses on the glass will help.
  5. Now we mount frame or frameless "wipers". We put them in the holders, turning in such a way that the hook took its working position.

In advance, you need to check which of the janitors is left and which one is right.

how to install wiper blades

On the rear wiper there is usually an extra cap that hides the nut with the washer. On the "Kalina" to unscrew the structure you need a key to 10. Slightly turning the old janitor, pull it towards you to release.

Using a screwdriver, unclip the retainer holding the design on the lever. Further the brush is easily dismantled. In its place we attach a new rubber part, satisfying the motorist.