Avtovaz marketers have determined the target audience of

Маркетологи АВТОВАЗа определились с целевой аудиторией Lada Xray Before starting to create the project of the future car, the developers usually ask themselves: and for whom this car will actually be targeted, which client is young, middle-aged, elderly, or at what step of the social ladder feels an urgent need for this car and, In addition, it is not able to buy it on credit. At a press conference yesterday, AVTOVAZ marketing specialists sketched a profile of the target audience for a car Lada Iksrey. For whom, first of all, created a new high hatch Lada? According to marketers, two groups of the population of our country will buy the novelty with great eagerness. The first group consists entirely of modern young people who are not yet mature enough for family ties, who receive or have just received a higher education, and in addition, earn enough money to buy lada xray not on credit, but for the savings already available. Маркетологи АВТОВАЗа определились с целевой аудиторией Lada Xray Marketers of AvtoVAZ are sure that modern Russian youth Lada Xray the best fit in its compact size and bright appearance. The bright design of the car will allow to stand out on the road and its owner. In addition to external advantages Lada Xray, the choice will be determined also by the reluctance to overpay a lot for the first car - just as the first car for this category of buyers, the novelty is positioned. Маркетологи АВТОВАЗа определились с целевой аудиторией Lada Xray To the second group of potential Lada Xray buyers Marketers refer to the so-called "dynamic urban drivers." This is the middle-aged category of citizens, which requires a comfortable driving environment, high quality and reliability of the purchased car. These are office workers advanced in the automotive theme. They do not aspire to innovative models, stuffed with hyper-modern electronic systems and assistants, although they can pay for some of them if they wish. For example, for a rear-view camera. Marketers believe that most of these two groups will be of the fair sex. Маркетологи АВТОВАЗа определились с целевой аудиторией Lada Xray Sell Lada Xray will start on the next Valentine's Day. Dealers have already gained a considerable package of pre-orders for this model. So far, under the hood of the new Russian high hatchback, only two engines can install: a 1.6-liter 106 or 110-horsepower gasoline engine and a 1.8-liter 122-horsepower. The price of a new product starts from 589 kilorubles. The upper ceiling of the price tag - 723 kilorublya.

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