Do i need to register the hitch on a car in the traffic

Every year, our beloved State Duma adopts new projects and laws. Here we have already reached the innocuous towbars. Let's try to figure out a little whether it is necessary to go through registration in the traffic police to put the hitch.

Hitch outlawed The official website of the traffic police says that it is necessary to register the hitch only in those cases if the design of the hitch fasteners will be made not by the car manufacturer, but directly, if the car owner makes changes to the design.

With regards to the tow bar, it is almost always allowed to be installed on the vehicle. It follows that it can not refer to devices that may change or disrupt the design of the vehicle.

In what cases can a hitch not be registered:

  • if the car manufacturer has provided this “option” on this brand of vehicle. You can learn it in car manual;
  • a passport or a genuine certificate from the tow bar;
  • the installed hitch complies with all instructions given in the passport of the hitch;

Purchased hitch - what documents you need to have with you:

  • certificate for the tow bar (you can copy which must be certified by the company that sells the hitch);
  • payment receipt for the tow bar;
  • passport with a mandatory mark on the date of sale and installation;

Now let's see if it is necessary to register a hook-on device or not.

Registration of the tow bar is not required, but if you have any questions from the traffic police, you can simply provide all the above-mentioned documents, thereby proving that you didn’t make changes to the design of the car and don’t wrestle with how to avoid the tow bar penalty.

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What does a fine need to be paid for?

If the hook-on device for any reason provokes dangerous situations on the road, in this case you will have to pay a fine for the tow bar in the amount of 500-hundred rubles, but in practice car owners mostly get off with a fine.

If it is proved that the hitch was installed with obvious changes in the design of the car, then according to Art. 2.5 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation, the fine may reach 5 thousand rubles.