Replacing antifreeze on ford focus 3 do it yourself

Certainly the correct operation of the engine depends on how often you change the antifreeze in the cooling system. According to Ford Focus 3 engineers, antifreeze changes every 40-45 run This, of course, affects the inadmissibility of overheating of the engine during its operation.

When antifreeze replacement is needed

If the mileage of your car from the last coolant change is less than 40 thousand km. In this case, you can wait with the replacement. Although Ford engineers suggest changing antifreeze every year. Pure antifreeze prevents corrosion in the engine. It is possible to change the antifreeze or antifreeze in the near future rather rarely (100 thousand km of mileage), the manufacturers of these coolants closely engaged in the improvement of their compositions.

A new fluid must be poured into an absolutely clean cooling system, since the anti-corrosion properties of the old fluid have lost their properties, and when interacting with the new fluid, the anti-corrosion properties deteriorate sharply. Today, auto shops have on sale test strips that can easily determine the quality of antifreeze. These tests are accompanied by instructions with a special scale that will show you the condition of the antifreeze.

Antifreeze replacement

You can change the antifreeze on the Ford Focus 3 as with the next maintenance, and with your own hands in your garage. Try to choose a place so that you do not interfere with children or animals. Follow all safety measures, as antifreeze or antifreeze is very toxic, do not drain it into the environment, especially in rivers, lakes, etc.

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Change antifreeze is only on a cold engine. Remove the cap from the expansion barrel, unscrew the drain plug or open the drain cock, pre-substituting the container under the antifreeze jet. After draining the fluid, check the tubes and hoses of the cooling system; if they are damaged or cracked, replace them with new ones. After that, flush the cooling system with a special liquid, which can be bought at any auto shop. This will allow the engine to get rid of various deposits and rust that interfere with good engine cooling.

Before washing the radiator, tighten the drain plug in the radiator, the entire bank of flushing liquid is poured into the radiator and demineralized water is added. The radiator is poured right under the neck. Close the radiator cap.

Start the engine and turn on the heater at full power. Wait until the engine warms up to its normal operating temperature of 90 degrees. Then stop the engine and let it cool. Then drain the flushing fluid, as well as antifreeze.

Then twist the drain plug again and pour plain water into the cooling system, start the engine and let it idle for 15-20 minutes. Again, wait until the engine cools down, drain the water, and fill in the new antifreeze. Do not forget that the concentration of antifreeze in the cooling system should not exceed 70%.

After pouring new antifreeze, do not forget to start the engine and turn on the stove at full capacity. This will allow the antifreeze to be evenly distributed throughout the cooling system. All voids in hoses and nozzles must be removed. Just press on them, the air will be removed in the expansion tank. Check the level of antifreeze on the mark on the expansion barrel. Best of all, when the level reaches the mark "MAX"

That's all. The nearest 40 thousand., Be sure that the engine cooling system is in order.