How long does alcohol get excreted?

In the automotive world, there is the problem of drinking alcohol. Motorists of all countries, and especially Russia, often ask themselves: how much alcohol is in their blood.

Some drink intoxicating drinks to relax and try to get away from the problems, others just want to be brave. But you should always remember that excessive consumption of alcohol not only has a detrimental effect on health, but also can lead to negative and terrible consequences.

Drunk driving is dangerous to others

Drunk driving is dangerous to others

Today, information on the removal of alcohol from the body and how long it lasts, anyone can read. For example, a special table in which the permissible level of alcohol consumed is indicated may help.

Driving drunk driving

It has been proved and tested for quite a long time that the content of 0.5 ppm of alcohol in a person’s blood causes his reflexes to become significantly dulled. This level of alcohol does not allow the driver to accurately recognize the speed of moving objects and accurately determine their size.

Suppose a car enthusiast took a hundred and fifty grams of vodka or drank 2 bottles of beer (from about 0.5 to 0.8 per mille), then in this case his eyes will become much worse to evaluate the red color and will be long switched to different light sources. And if the dose of alcohol exceeds the norm, then the driver has a reduced view, as a result of which he does not see what is happening on the sides. Of course, this leads to the fact that the driver loses the ability to control their cars. How much time is needed for the release and withdrawal of alcohol from the blood, we consider below.

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Norms of consumption of alcohol

Analysis of the table of the presence of alcohol in the blood should start with a study of the individual characteristics of the human body. For some, alcohol in the blood lasts a long time, for others, it goes out and disappears much faster. Also, for example, women are more affected by alcohol than men. The time of alcohol alcohol breakdown and its withdrawal depends on various parameters:

  • age of the person;
  • weight;
  • floor;
  • frequency of consumption;
  • the presence of diseases and ailments.

So, approximately how long does any alcohol or alcoholic drink last in human blood? For example, a 6% beer is derived from a male body weighing 60 kg in about 1-4.5 hours. Four percent beer takes less time. The term of its removal from the body will be 0.5-3 hours. Champagne strength of eleven percent is derived or weathered from such an organism within 1.5-8 hours.

Now consider a man weighing 100 kg. In this case, the time of withdrawal of six percent will be 0.5-2.5 hours. Four percent beer is displayed in a period from 20 minutes to 2 hours, champagne - 1-5 hours.

Below is a table of alcohol withdrawal from the body. This table will help you to find out how long the alcohol is weathered and how long it lasts.

Time to remove alcohol from the human body

Time to remove alcohol from the human body

Standards of alcohol content in exhaled air

Doctors say that the oxidation of alcohol and the process of its decomposition are carried out in the human body. Alcohol persists for a very long time and disappears, as noted earlier, after a certain time. Drunk coffee or tea, adopted invigorating shower does not affect the alcohol content in the blood. Even running in the fresh air and walking cannot force resorption or elimination procedures. All this is a known misconception about the removal of alcohol from the body.

A considerable number of different factors influence the rate of weathering and elimination of alcohol from the human body, for example, the amount drunk, its origin and quality. Unfortunately, even dense food is not enough to remove alcohol from our body. Many people think that having a drink or a tight snack, you can sit behind the wheel of your car without any problems and worries, because it will be impossible to identify alcohol. But this, of course, is not true and does not affect the speed of its removal.

Reflexes are dulled by alcohol

Reflexes are dulled by alcohol

Important for motorists is not only the level of alcohol in the blood and ppm, but also its approximate time in the air. So all the traffic police inspectors and establish the status of the driver: he drank or not. The alcohol content in exhaled air is also unequal and depends on the type of drink.

Below is a table showing the level of alcohol and how long it lasts in the exhaled air.

Breath Detection Alcohol Detection Time

Breath Detection Alcohol Detection Time

Technical means and devices

After talking about the withdrawal of alcohol from the blood, it is worth mentioning its detection. There are a significant number of various devices that are used to correctly measure how much alcohol is currently in the blood. They are called breathalyzers. But the numeric readings, for example, a portable breathalyzer may not be entirely accurate. In contrast to the devices that traffic police inspectors have, the number of ppm portable devices is determined with a high error.

The principle of operation of the device for the determination of alcohol

The principle of operation of the device for the determination of alcohol

Device for remote determination

If the driver of the car drank a certain amount of feverish and is not firmly convinced that he has left the body, then it is not advisable for him to carry drunken passengers with him. It should be remembered that the complete removal of alcohol from the body you have to wait a lot of time. The development of technology and science made it possible to create a new device that allows you to remotely record the level of alcohol drunk. He received the name alkolyzer. This device can analyze information from a distance of 10-20 meters and determine the percentage of ppm.

On the front side of the chassis of the alkolaser there is an optical opening through which the laser beam emerges. Near it is a video camera, designed to determine the drunk driver. In essence, the operation of the device is based on spectral analysis. If it is simpler to say, the laser beam starts scanning the interior of the approaching machine, recognizes ethanol vapor, and then issues a corresponding message.

Video of the “Buton” alkolaser:


Questions about the removal of alcohol from our blood are very relevant. In Russia, it is customary to celebrate any holiday, sitting at a table in a large company with the obligatory attribute of a feast - alcoholic beverages. Many then lost the right to drive a car in this way, because they were caught drunk while driving. Therefore, we should not forget that you are responsible not only for your own, but also for many other people's lives. It is important to know about the withdrawal of alcohol from the human body, how much it is kept in our blood, to understand what the ppm index is and to imagine the permissible level of alcohol consumed, which a special table will help determine.